Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

Monday morning comes and Adam drops me off at my apartment building, not before completely messing up my lipstick. He was in a hurry because we both got out late from his apartment so he drove off quickly.

I change in my apartment and get ready for my office. As I walk out in hallway I see my neighbor Emma and nod at her in greeting. Her face turns red before she looks away and I look at her in confusion. The other two time I crossed her in hallway, she blushed just like that. Whatever, I don't have time to dwell on it so I get on my way.

I ride the elevator of my office building to my floor passing several familiar faces along the way and wishing them. The moment I take my seat in my cabin, Jean peeks in. She and I became friends when I first came here. We are of same age and she is sweet only to people who don't know her. I'm sure there is a devil living inside her. She is also my boss's PA. Adam also met her when she and I hung out and sometimes we all three hang out together.

"My my... someone is glowing." Jean teases me and I give her a sly smile. She always wanted me and Adam to be a couple and hasn't been discrete about it. Everytime we all three hang out she runs her mouth loose on how we would make a great couple. I'm totally not going to tell her that we finally got together.

"What are you not telling me Layla?" She inquires after not getting any response from me on her comment. I can see she is burning with curiosity.

"Ohh it's nothing. Why did you come looking for me?" I try evading her question and she catches on as she gives me an evil eye.

"You just wait, I'll get it out of you. Right now Mr. King wants to see you in his office." Giving me a last glance she turns around and gets out of the door while I let a small smile slip on my face. I know she will get it out of me but it'll be fun watching her crave for any kind of information.

I don't waste time and get on my way to meet Mr. King, my boss. A year ago senior Mr. King hired me but he retired six months ago. Since then I have to work for his brooding son. He is thirty years old handsome guy but his attitude irks me all the time. I have never seen him loosen up or heard about him dating anyone. I think he needs a girl in his life.

At first I was rooting for Jean and him but there is no chemistry between them so I let that idea go.

I reach his door and knock to which I get a response to come in and I enter. He is working on his laptop and doesn't even spare a glance in my direction before stating, "Nice of you to finally show up Ms. Green. You are to meet this new client of yours on the site. Jean will message you the address and contact details."

I wait for him to go on but he doesn't. When I don't move he finally looks up, but just for a second, before turning back to his work.

"Get going Ms. Green, you don't have all day. He is an important client."

Just like that he dismisses me and I get out of his office. I release a sigh and promise myself that one day I'm going to take my revenge on him.

I pass by Jean's office and see her suppressing a chuckle. She knows exactly how I feel. I give her a stink eyes before going to my office. I gather everything I need and take it with me.

Getting in my car I check my messages and sure enough Jean messaged me the address. It's an hour ride away so I connect my phone to the car's stereo and select my playlist. I only got four hours of sleep and I don't want to fall asleep while behind the wheels so music is going to be my.

As I reach the given address, I see a private property board but I don't see any guards on the gate so I keep moving. I stop my car in front of a beautiful cottage. The garden around it is in perfect condition and gives it a good vibe but the cottage seems like it has seen better days.

I would love to work on it.

I move around a little, inspecting the property by myself but I still don't see anyone. After five minutes of no one in sight I take my phone out to see the client's phone number that Jean sent me earlier with the address.


My back was turned to the door of the cottage so I get startled when I hear his voice from behind me, my phone almost slipping out of my hand.

I turn around really fast and blink several times to confirm if he is really standing there wearing a three-piece suit with his hands in his pant pockets smiling sheepishly.

When he calls my name again, happiness bubbles inside me. I don't waste another minute before running his way and launching myself in his arms. He stumbles a bit but catches me before we both fall down. He wraps his hands around me and hugs me tightly before barking out a laugh.

"I missed you Layla." He whispers in my ear still holding me tight against himself. I almost tear up hearing him.

After a while as I start sensing the situation my happiness slowly melts away and anger starts building up. I loosen my hold on him and push him away. Standing straight I look him in the eye to find him looking back at me with confusion.

It's good he is confused. It's going to play to my advantage.

Before he could understand my intention I bring my knee to his dick in swift motion and hit him hard. I watch as his eyes pop out in horror and his face turns red in pain.

Good. He should feel the pain. He deserves it after showing up here after being totally MIA for two years without any information as to where he was going. We didn't even know if he was alive or dead. And now he shows up here like nothing ever happened.

"God damn it Layla! Fuck.. it hurts. Fuck... damn it." He groans in pain as his body convulses on the ground. He moves his body in fetal position and keeps cursing under his breath.

I scratch my head and look at him still groaning in pain. I think I hit him pretty hard. I internally groan. Now I feel bad.

I get on my knees to help him up but he shifts away from me.

"Stay the fuck away from me." He states in anger but I just roll my eyes.

"You shut the fuck up and let me help you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you that hard but I got mad at you."

He gives me a stink eye but lets me help him. I take him inside the cottage and help him sit on the couch. That is the only think without cover, everything else is still covered with sheets.

He is covering his dick trying to find a better position to sit and my lips twitch trying to hold back a smile. I take pity on him and ask him if there is any ice in here and he tells me he asked someone to stock the fridge yesterday.

I get him a pack of ice and he places it on his pained part. He rests his head on the back trying to relax and I make myself comfortable beside him.

Minutes pass by and I see him trying to hold in a smile. He fails at that because soon his face lights up and he starts chuckling before it turns to a full belly laugh. I couldn't control anymore and laugh beside him. He keeps laughing and wincing simultaneously and I laugh harder.

Ohh how much I missed him.

When our laughter subsides I sigh looking at him and moves to snuggle with him.

"Welcome back Ethan. I missed you too."

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