Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

Ethan puts an arm around me and pulls me closer before kissing my forehead. I missed him so much. But Adam is the one who missed him more than anyone. They were like two peas in a pod before Ethan disappeared into thin air.

These two were a class ahead of me in school but I used to hang out with them all the time. I only had few friends throughout my school life and these were my constant. Then there is also Adam's elder brother Mace, he used to protect me whenever Ethan and Adam ganged up on me. Those were the perfect days.

I have no idea how Adam is going to react at the news of Ethan's arrival.

"Why did you leave Ethan? You don't know how Adam became when you left. He was so mad at you. Even I couldn't handle him." I tell him, looking at his side profile. He releases a long sigh at that.

"You know I was in a bad place that time Layla. Both of my grandparents had just passed away and the girl I thought loved me, walked out on me when I needed her the most. The only thing I could think of at that time was to get away from here." He looks at me and I can still see the sadness behind them.

"I can't say I know how you were feeling Ethan but are we not your family? We would have helped you through all of it and if you would have told us you wanted to get away we would have understood. But you thought it was a good idea to disappear without a word." We were all hurt by his act of disappearance.

"You guys are my only family left Layla. I'm really sorry for not contacting you guys but I just couldn't do it at that time. Then I met someone and she made me see reasons, so here I'm... back again." He ends with enthusiasm that I don't feel right now.

I roll my eyes at him, "Lets see if you will have that same enthusiasm when I call Adam and give him this news." I tease him and see him going pale in front of my eyes. The devil inside me gives an evil laugh in the background.

"I was.. kind of hoping.. you will save me from him." He finishes with stammering in between and I start laughing again moving away from his side and standing up. He is still not in any condition to stand up.

"Why would I save you from him? Infact, I'll also add the little information that his years of friendship meant nothing to you but a girl you met on your trip was able to make you see reasons."

He goes paler and I smirk his way. This is going to be fun.

"Let me just call him now. Maybe he'll make time to pay visit to his old friend." I reach inside my pocket to get my phone out which is snatched out of my hand immediately.

"You are the most evil person I've the unfortunate of meeting. You have already kicked me in the balls, what more you want. Do you want me land in hospital with broken bones?" He glowers my way and I hand there with crossed arms.

"Maybe that is what I want, to make sure you don't run away again." I return his look with a glare of my own and he groans.

"I swear I won't run away again. I am starting my work again. That is why I hired you. I bought this property from one of my grandpa's friend and I want you to remodel it. People are going pay fortune to get this place because of it's location and also after you do your magic on this place."

I narrow my eyes at him because I know he is buttering me up which, unfortunately, is working. What can I say? My work is something I'm proud of and he is using it against me. Bastard.

"Okay fine. I'll try my best to convince him not to do you any bodily harm. But I don't promise anything." I warn him beforehand.

He grins like a fool and pulls me over himself to again wrap his arms around me. After that he gives a tour of the cottage which turns out bigger than I expected. With kitchen, living room, a small room which looks like it used to be library on ground floor and four bedroom with attached personal bathrooms on the first floor. Then there is an attic for which I have ideas running in my head already.

When we are done with the tour it's already past lunch time. We munched on few snacks that Ethan got stocked but I'm still starving so we decide to get a late lunch and get into our respective cars to get back to the city.

Ethan told me he is staying at a hotel till he finds an apartment for himself since he didn't want to go back to his grandparent's home where he used to live before, taking care of both of them. His parents passed away when he was five and since then he has only lived with his grandparents.

Adam called me when I was in middle of the tour asking if I could be free for dinner and I asked him to come by my place. I also asked Ethan to be there so that we can get it over with both of them meeting.

So when Ethan and I are done with our late lunch we both get to my apartment. He freshens up in my guestroom and I report back to my boss about the meeting and also that I won't be back for the evening. Ethan talked to him saying our meeting would take time. Then we both settle down in living room talking about anything and everything.

He asks all that has happened in past two years and I tell him about everyone, including Evan and Mace. I tell him how Evan has still not moved on from his party phase and how Mace is still standing strong as an army man.

After we tell Adam that Ethan is back, we will have to tell Evan too. Even though he joined the group a little late, he is still pretty tight with all of us.

I didn't tell Ethan about me and Adam being together because I want to do it when Adam is here. And I also have my doubts whether Adam wants us to be open about our relationship or not.

I hear the noise of someone inserting the key in my front door and my eyes grow wide knowing it's Adam. Ethan looks at me nervously and I mouth him to run to my guestroom. We decided I'll tell Adam about him and cool him down before Ethan shows himself.

Just as Ethan reaches at the top of the stairs, my front door opens and I see Adam carrying takeouts in his hand. Looking at me he smiles before makes a beeline for kitchen then comes out and head straight for me on the sofa.

"Fuck I missed you love." He says and before I can manage to say a word, his lips land on mine in a heated kiss and I find myself on my back with him hovering over me. For a second I forget everything and wrap my arms around his neck returning his kiss but as I remember Ethan I lightly push him back.

"I want to tell you something." I manage to say before his lips are back and he silences me with another kiss.


"But.. it's... important..." I try saying in between but his hands travel under my crop top and grab my bra covered tits and just like that I forget what I was saying. He plays with my breasts for a while before moving one of his hand down to my waist and inside my pajama shorts.

"Ohh no.. Adam wait.. " I try again but his finger finds my clit and the only noise that comes out of my mouth is of moaning. He doesn't stop kissing me while plunging his finger in and I gasp at his hurried movements.

Damn him. He is not letting me speak.

Removing both his hands he gets in sitting position over me, leaving me gasping for air. He holds the elastic of my pajama shorts goes to peal it off me when we here shouting and we both freeze.

"What the fuck... My eyes, my eyes."

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