Lust Shackles

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I know you

Adam's POV

"What the fuck... my eyes, my eyes."

I hear a voice shouting behind my back and I freeze. I look at Layla and her eyes are wide open. I jump off the sofa in an instant and help Layla correct her clothes. My hard on has dramatically gone down.

But when I register the voice and turn around to see the back of this person, I snarl at him.

"What the fuck are you doing here? What the fuck is he doing here Layla?" I don't want to talk to him so I turn questioning glare at Layla pointing towards the son-of-a-bitch.

She immediately springs from her sitting position and stands in front of me placing both her hands on my chest. That is not going to stop me if I want to kill this bastard with my own hand.

"Calm down Adam please. Lets sit and talk okay. Ethan you can turn around. We are decent." She tells him while blushing and I narrow my eyes at her.

"There is not going to be any talking between us. Keep that in mind. Tell him to get out of here or I'll rearrange his face with my bare hands." I manage to say through my teeth trying to hold onto my anger as I breathe harshly.

Ethan turns towards us removing his hands from his eyes which he was covering and looks between Layla and me quizzically. I grit my teeth when he gives me a sheepish smile and rubs the back of his neck.

"Come on man I'm your best buddy. Can't you forgive me just this once." I raise my brow at him for using the best bud card. He has no right to show up like that and pretend to be innocent.

I try marching towards him but Layla stops me by wrapping her arms around my waist and placing her head on my chest. Ethan takes a step back when I glare at him.

"Get out right now." I don't feel like listening to him and I don't want to ruin my night with Layla because of him otherwise I would have stormed out of here the moment I saw his face.

"Adam..." Layla tries speaking but I shut her up too.

"Not now Layla.. not now." Doesn't she get it. I don't want him here and that's it. I can't believe he couldn't pick up my calls in all these two years but have guts to show up like this.

Layla moves her head to rest her chin against my chest and look up in my eyes bringing both her hands to cup my face.

"I know you are angry baby but please sit and listen to him. I am upset with him too but we know what situation he was in. People don't think when they are not in their right frame of mind and he is your friend no matter what you say. And I also know you have missed him very much. So keep your bruised ego aside for a while and talk to him. He is back. He is finally back, safe and sound."

I don't want to, but I give in reluctantly when she puts it like that because for all this time the only thing I prayed was for him to be safe. He is like my family and when he disappeared, my only fear was if something happened to him.

I nod and sit down on the sofa with a thump still completely ignoring him. If we are talking then he has to be the one to start. Call me immature but I don't care.

"Stop staring at us like that Ethan you are starting to creep me out." I hear Layla saying and I look up to see what she is talking about. I would have outright laughed at his expression if I were not this angry with him. He looks funny with his mouth hanging open and eyes bouncing on both of us simultaneously.

"Close your mouth Ethan for god's sake." She snaps at him and he finally sobers up.

"What the hell is going on between you two? Last time I saw you guys, you both were only best friends." Ethan exclaims before narrowing his eyes and pointing fingers at both of us. "First I find you molesting Layla while she was clearing trying to say something and now here she is being mushy with you." He makes a disgusted face and I enjoy his discomfort.

"Why the fuck does it matter to you what is going on between us? Go run away again." I snap at him and pull Layla on my lap. She yelps before her butt lands on my lap and I hold on to her so she won't get way.

"All I can say is I'm really sorry for disappearing like that and I regret it every day. Please forgive me." Ethan shifts from one leg to another putting both his hands in his jeans pocket.

"And also she already kicked me in the balls and I can't take any more pain in one day." He jerks his face to Layla and she flips him off. I look at her proudly and turn her face to bring her in a quick kiss. Hearing a gagging noise I leave Layla's lips to find Ethan making all those noises.

"Will you guys stop doing that. It's like I'm watching my sister making out and it's not a good site."

"Like I care what you think. I'm making out with my girlfriend and if you have any problem then you know the way to the door." I point towards the door and he scowls in my direction. This time I flip him off.

"I know you are still smarting out with my disappearing act but this is really starting to disgust me. Come Layla lets have dinner and leave him to brood in silence." He takes hold of Layla's hand and try pulling her but my hold is strong on her.

"I got dinner for Layla and me. You are an uninvited guest." I point it out and he pouts like a girl. I mentally shake my head at his antics. I have not seen him for two years but I can say he has not changed much.

"You are hurting me." He places his hand over his heart in a dramatic way. "And anyways, it's Layla's home not yours so fuck off."

Since he is unable to get Layla off my lap, he decides to raid on our dinner alone. I sigh once silence fills the living room.

"You have already forgiven him so why are you pretending to be mad?" She asks me turning her face towards me while one of her hand goes up to play with my hair and massage my scalp. I place my chin on her shoulder.

"How do you know I have forgiven him?" I have to smile at her because she is right.

"Because I know you." She says simply and I grin.

"That you do." I smooch her lips one more time before placing her on the sofa and making my way towards kitchen where I find Ethan opening the takeouts. Without warning I lunge at his back and hug him like I wanted to do when I first saw him. He gets surprised but turns around and returns my hug.

"It's good to have you back." I tell him patting on his back and he laughs.

"I know you missed me man but don't get all mushy with me. I'm not your girlfriend." I roll my eyes and try getting out of his embrace but he doesn't loosen his hold.

"Thanks man, I needed that." He speaks seriously as he let go off me and I frown.

"Everything alright?" I ask him placing my hand on his shoulder and squeezing it.

"Yeah. Everything is fine. It's just been too long." He shrugs his shoulder and I open my mouth to inquire further but Layla comes in at the very moment.

"You guys hugged without me." She complains and I chuckle. I will talk with Ethan when we are alone but for now I pull Layla in my arms and Ethan gets in for a group hug.

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