Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

We didn't have time to inform Evan about Ethan till Wednesday since my boss wanted me to start on the project immediately as I have other projects lined up. So in two days I assess the site thoroughly and discuss few plans with Ethan.

We prepare a rough plan and decide to finalize everything till Friday. He wanted to meet Evan first so I called all of them and arranged to meet at a club.

So here we are in the club with Adam standing behind me with his hands wrapped around my waist. Evan and Ethan are running late. There are tables for us to stand around so we waiting there.

I am wearing a backless dress whose back rests just above the swell of my hips and it is driving Adam crazy. Exactly like I wanted. He also didn't want everyone watching so he is covering my back, not even moving an inch from there.

"Just let me know when your done being jealous and possessive so I can have some fun on the dance floor." I tell him rolling my eyes at his behavior. He has been like that since we left my apartment where he spends his nights now-a-days.

"I'm not jealous and you can have all the fun you want right here in my arms. I'm not letting you go anywhere. Who in the name of devil told you to wear that? I'll rip it off you tonight. I have been walking around with a hard on since I saw you in it and I'm trying hard to hide it." He hisses in my ear and I gasp at his words even though his words directly reach my groin turning me on. He pulls me closer to let me know how hard he is.

"I won't let you do that. It's a gift from Jean."

"All the more reason to tear it off. That woman knows how to play with a guy's head." I turn to look at him and shake my head when I see his serious face.

"Yeah she knows how to play with guys other head." I tease him as a chuckle leaves me. I shake my butt to the rhythm of music and discretely rub against his dick. That doesn't last long as he holds me still, tightening his grip around me.

"Do you want me to bend you right over this table and fuck you?" His growl sends shiver down my spine and I stop breathing. At this rate my panties will be soaked by the time we reach home. My pussy is already starting to ache due to lack of action.

Deciding against teasing him, I sip on my drink to cool down my temperature. I'm hot all over. Adam too moves away giving both of us time to breath.

Suddenly I feel a pull on my hand and I leave the drink as I land in someone's arms and a pair of lips land on mine in a quick kiss. I dumbly stare at the person since the kiss is not from Adam. And it's not even a kiss, just a peck on my lips but still.

"What the fuck man.. leave her." Adam pulls me in his arms at once and growls at Evan. Evan unaware of anything laughs at my expressions as my face is still fixed with a dumb look.

"What happened? It's just a friendly peck on the lips. You and I do it all the time." Evan asks confused shrugging his shoulder. Yes, we do it all the time but I don't think Adam will like it now even though he has seen us do it many time before.

"You guys used to do it when she was single. Now she is my girlfriend and I will very much appreciate it if you keep your hands off her." Adam glowers at him and I don't listen anything after he mentions me as his girlfriend.

We never discussed our relationship status but when he called me his girlfriend in front of Ethan that night, my heart thumped against my chest and the same thing happened now leaving me giddy inside.

Evan's laughter brings me out of my happy state and Adam and I look at each other in confusion.

"That was a nice joke." He alone continues laughing and we keep staring at him silently.

"You guys are joking right? No? What the fuck Adam, she is like our sister." Evan almost screams and Adam shuts him up with a hit on the back of his head.

"What the fuck is wrong with you guys? She is not like my sister, never was. She has always been just my best friend. But she is definitely a sister to you... so stay away." Adam warns him and Evan's eyes grow wide but soon he grins looking our way.

"You are jealous of me? That's gold." Evan laughs but before Adam can do anything, we see our remaining party entering the club. It's our time to have fun with him.

I tell Evan to turn around and his laughter stops at once when he sees Ethan standing there with his arms wide open for a hug. Evan don't even have time to react when Ethan hugs him tightly and I laugh when Evan still can't react.

"Long time no see my friend. You should get out a little more often and meet your friends. Don't deprive us of your company for too long." Ethan comments casually like it's Evan's fault and Adam and I chuckle.

"What the hell kind of night this is? Why am I getting these surprises in single night? And you better stay away from me." Evan asks incredulously before warning Ethan away.

"Look man we all know you are eventually going to forgive me just like these guys did, so let's save our time and skip to that part already." Evan muses for a while before bringing him for another hug. After that it is only fun and teasing especially from Evan as he keeps poking Adam with constantly touching and kissing my cheek.

"Ohh fuck me!" Evan exclaims before he pushes me, literally pushes me in Adam's arms and runs out like hell is on fire.

"What's gotten into him?" Ethan asks and Adam just shrugs in response bringing me closer to his body and I feel his heat against the skin of my back. A content sighs leaves my mouth before I stiffen when Adam lightly bites my ear.

"I see you were enjoying teasing me, playing along with Evan. We'll see if you'll like my kind of teasing when I'll have you begging all night. You have been a naughty little minx all through the evening and your ass is going to pay for that." Even though the music is loud, I can hear him clearly.

I bite my bottom lip and tilt my face to look in his eyes. There is hell fire in his eyes which eventually manages to completely soak my panties. I yearn for his touch so much that a whimper almost spills out of me.

"Keep doing that and we might not even reach home." He warns me again but I'm well past my sanity.

"Maybe car is a good place to start with. We can always pull over for a quickie." I whisper in his ear and hear a growl.

That growl comes from Ethan and not Adam. I glare at him for interrupting us and he returns the same look.

"Damn you guys, get a room already. I'm out of here anyway." He throws his hands up before turning around and leaving without a backward glance.

Taking it as a clue Adam holds my hand and pulls me through the crowd. The gate bursts open and we move out in fresh air where he pulls me for a heated kiss as his hands go around me to grab my ass. My back hits against a wall and somehow he manages to slide his hand inside my dress.

I feel his palm against my bare ass as he covers my body from any prying eyes and he grinds his hips on mine. He moves my hair away with other hand and bite on my neck. I moan when his finger finds my clit under my panties before plunging his finger in.

Removing his finger from my pussy he takes hold of my panties and slide it down right there in the middle of the sidewalk. I come to my sense and push him just a little to see if anyone is watching. Thankfully there is no one around but I glare at him none-the-less.

"What are you doing?" I hiss at him but he just smirks before shutting me up with another kiss and continuing what he was doing. My eyes widen as he keeps going and is able to slide it past my thighs then they automatically fall down to my feet.

Finally he moves away and sit down picking my panties up and stuffing them in his pocket. Then he stands up and grabs my hand pulling me to his car.

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