Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

I try shifting to a comfortable position in his car but it's proving difficult since I'm dripping wet and I'm sure my juices have already ruined my dress.

Adam on the other hand looks way too comfortable as he drives around the city at a turtle's speed. I squirm and he looks at me smirking, placing his right hand on my thigh. I know by that evil smirk that he is going to torture me all night.

"What happened love? You look like you are in pain." He is enjoying it way too much. I narrow my eyes at him as he slides his hand right under my dress. His thumb finds my clit and I think, finally some action.

His thumb rubs the bundle of my nerves very slowly as his finger gaze my mound. My stomach clenches in anticipation but he denies me a release when he completely lets go off me.

I hold my seat tightly and bite the inside of my cheek trying not to beg him to take me right there. I'm breathing like I've ran a marathon which I didn't even win. He continues teasing me in similar ways all the while driving and I don't know why we have not reached my apartment yet.

I find him taking a different route which doesn't lead to any of our houses and I look at him confused as he parks his car in dark. It looks like a small ground and the only lights I can see is coming from the car's headlight.

"Where are we?" I ask him as he turns towards me. His gaze is full of lust and promises and I clear my dry throat.

"You wanted sex in car right? Now we can have sex in car." He replies with a smirk as he hooks his finger in my dress over my cleavage and brings me closer to him. His lips immediately go to mine and the kiss turns heated, and just like that I give him just as much as I receive.

Adam's hand go around my neck and I feel him squeezing it, then he grabs my jaw to keep in place. Removing his mouth he pushes his thumb in my mouth and I suck on it like I do his cock before he goes back to kissing.

Between our kiss I slide my hands on his thigh and go for his pant but he stops me asking me to go to the backseat. I turn to get out but he again stops me and makes me go from between the seats. Which I realize a little late why he did so.

As I do that, I'm in between the seats so my ass faces him and upper body hangs on the other side. In all this I totally forgot that I have no panties on so he gets an eyeful of my pussy.

Taking hold of my ass he keeps me in same position and in swift motion pushes my dress up to my waist to reveal my soaked pussy while I'm stuck in between. His breath hits my pussy continuously which has me squirming.

"Adam let me go." I try pulling away from him to move to the backseat but he doesn't loosen his hold. Instead I feel a sharp slap on my ass and I gasp.

"Now let me devour your pussy while you stay just like this and don't you dare cum till I tell you to." His voice turns commanding which is so sexy but I'm also in kind of pain from being teased for so long. My clit is throbbing in need.

"Tell me your are going to fuck me please Adam." I somehow manage to say as his hands play with my ass and his thumb lightly gazes my pussy everytime, sometimes slipping his thumb in my hole just a little bit.

"Yes I'm going to fuck you. With my mouth." Before I can say anything his mouth lands on my wet channel and I moan out loud. The heat of his mouth combines with the heat of my pussy and burns me inside out.

He sucks my clit before blowing on it and biting the skin of my thigh. Then his teeth land on one of my ass cheek while a smack lands on the other.

With his every lick I scream his name and hold on to the car seat's headrest like my life depends on it. I feel his mouth leaving but just then a smack land on my pussy and it gushes as I gasp for air. What is he doing? I'm already on edge and he is not holding back.

"I... I'm a... about to cum Adam." I tell him as I feel my walls clench. Right now I can only think about cumming and nothing else. If he goes on like this then I won't be able to hold myself anymore. My legs feel like jelly and I'm barely able to stand.

"Don't cum." He orders again and I bite on my lip to divert my attention. He slows his lapping tongue and I feel like hitting something. I don't think I can wait anymore.

"P.. please Adam." I whimper as I somehow turn my face and see his buried between my thighs. He doesn't look up just keeps going.

"Cum now Layla." His words are music to my ears and finally I let go all my control, cumming hard. I move my hips to get more friction and a second orgasm hits me right after the first one which is just as powerful.

In my euphoric state I don't notice him getting out of the car and coming to sit on the backseat. I simply stay in same position as Adam starts removing his clothes which doesn't take much time.

After he is completely naked he pulls me to the backseat and I go without resistance. Till the time I come back to my senses he has already removed my dress and I find myself lying on my back on the seat.

Wanting to give him the same pleasure that my body is experiencing I pull him down in a scorching hot kiss with perfect amount of lips and tongue as I guide his cock to my pussy.

He thrusts in just as I push my hips and we both groan at the same time. The space is cramped so leaving my lips he gets on his knees and instead of letting me wrap my legs around his waist he pulls them over his shoulder.

Now that his mouth is free, while thrusting in my cunt he bites on the flesh of my leg which sends shiver down my body even though the temperature is the car is way too high.

He gives me few powerful strokes before plundering hard and fast. His grunts and my screams combine which are the only sounds in this silent land.

"I've waiting to do this since you walked out of your room in that dress. Your ass looked so sexy that I wanted to bend you right on your kitchen counter before fucking your ass. I'll do just that when we get back." He confesses still thrusting his dick deep in my belly.

He draws back completely and pumps right back in. Since my hands are free I move them to my tits and massage them playing with my nipples. His eyes darken and leaving one of my leg his hand comes around my neck almost choking me.

Feeling him move faster I move my hand where we are joined and rub my clit in urgency. He is about to cum and so am I. My orgasm hits me right before his and he leaves my leg lying down on me.

Burying his face in my neck he keeps thrusting till his balls are completely empty inside me. I hug him tight to my body as my heightened breathing and heartbeat starts slowing down.

His dick goes a little soft inside me but he is still connected to me as I lazily start drawing patterns on his back and place small kisses on his shoulder. I can stay like this forever if it's possible. Nothing, just him and me, like this. But I stiffen as soon as I hear his next words.

"Move in with me."

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