Lust Shackles

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Unexpected Visit

Adam's POV


No. No. That is what she answered.

It's been over two months since I asked Layla to move in with me and she rejected. According to her, everything was moving very fast with us and we needed to slow down a bit, so I had to give her time to think on it.

I'm not particularly happy about it but I understand her point.

I would have demanded she move in with me but I didn't because I admit it's a major step and I want her to take it with me, willingly. But damn if the wait is not killing me.

She was suppose to think about it for a week or two and then move in but no, she has been dragging it for two months now and I'm very much tempted to just move in with her in her apartment. I practically do live there, might as well make it official.

Layla and I have been with each other all our lives but in these past two and a half months we have explored our physical relationship which has been a total bliss. Even though both of our work has been demanding, we were able to make time for each other.

When we were friends, time was not an issue because we could go without seeing each other for days or weeks or even a month or two and we would be just fine but now I can't seem to be away from her for more than few hours.

Right now I'm sitting in my office buried in my work while all I can think of is burying myself deep inside Layla, but it will have to wait a few more hours since it's only twelve in the noon right now. My phone rings and I answer it without seeing the ID which definitely is a mistake because I have to pull it away from my ear as I hear shouting on the other side.

"Calm down mom you're going to burst my eardrums." I wince as I say that. This lady can be very loud when she wants to, otherwise she is a sweet heart.

"Good. That'll teach you not to ignore your old parents for more than three months. I want you over for dinner tonight and I won't take any excuses. Green's are also going to be here and I'm sure Layla is getting an earful too right now from her mom." Atleast I'm not the only one getting scolded.

"Okay mom I'll be there I promise, love you." I hang up after we say our goodbyes and immediately shoot a text to Layla telling her I'll pick her up for dinner. She replies me back with an 'Okay' and I get back to my work.

On my way to Layla's apartment I grab some flowers for both my mom and my girl. I've missed my parents very much and I'm glad mom called for dinner. It will be a great opportunity to tell everyone about me and Layla.

Since I already have the key to her apartment I just waltz in like I do every other day with a grin on my face which quickly vanishes when I see Vicky sitting on the couch beside Layla.

While Vicky has a pleasant smile on her face, Layla looks like she wants to commit murder, particularly mine. I try to play it cool and smile at both of them.

"Vicky, what are you doing here?" I ask her not trying to hide my surprise as I move further in. She stands up and unexpectedly hugs me. I have to move my hand away so that she doesn't ruin the flowers. I pat on her back awkwardly with another hand while Layla's face contorts in displeasure.

"It's been a while since I met Layla so I thought why not drop by and fortunately she was home. I hope you don't mind." She says cheerfully but both Layla and I don't share her sentiments. She gasps loudly looking at the flowers in my hand with wide eyes.

"These flowers are so beautiful. Who are they for? You never gave me any." She gushes over them before accusing me playfully.

"For mom." I tell her simply before clearing my throat but she doesn't let go of the topic.

"But there are two bouquets." She points out and I look at Layla who has yet to say a word. I don't like the expressions on Layla's face so I decide I have already delayed the topic more than necessary and I should open up now.

"Those are for Layla, my girlfriend." Layla's face immediately lights up and I thank God thinking I said the right thing but Vicky's face looses all it's color and I internally sigh. I don't think it should be any of her concern since we broke up almost six months ago.

"G.. girlfriend?" She stutters but my attention is only on Layla.

"Yes, girlfriend. And now if you'll excuse me I would like to greet her properly before I take her to dinner to my parent's house." I don't want to be intentionally rude to Vicky but I am just stating a fact. Also, I'm a little miffed that she showed up here unannounced.

I move towards Layla and hug her tightly to my chest before kissing her soundly on her lips and giving her the flowers. She takes it from me and smells them before smiling. I never noticed a simple thing like this before but now that I pay attention, my heart does a flip everytime she smiles at me like that.

"They are beautiful, thank you. I'll just put them in a vase."

She goes to get a vase and I look at Vicky who is throwing daggers at me which I don't understand since she doesn't know the cheating thing yet. Which reminds me that I have to come clear about that too. I will always feel guilty about doing that to Vicky but not about being together with Layla.

"Vicky, can we talk outside for a minute?" I ask her and she reluctantly gives me an affirmative nod. I guide her outside because I don't want to have this conversation in front of Layla. Vicky stands with her hands folded in a defensive posture and I place both my hands in my pant's pocket.

"What is all this Adam? When you broke up with me, I thought I was coming on to you too strong and you needed a little time away from that so I gave you space but here I see you are already dating Layla." I don't know why she would think something like that since I made my intentions clear that it was over between us.

"I think you got it all wrong Vicky. I told you I can't see a future with you, which is one of the reason for our breakup. And it would have happened eventually, if not that day then a little latter."

"What is the other reason?" Her question is immediate and I wait for a few seconds before answering.

"I cheated on you the night before our breakup. With Layla." There, finally I told her, I think as I release a sigh. And the slap that comes after that doesn't shock me because I deserve it so I take it silently. My cheek stings a little.

She cover her mouth with her palm, her eyes tearing up, and leaves without saying another word. I don't know what to do so I just stand there for a little while before going in again.

"She slapped you?" Layla asks as soon as I set my foot inside her apartment where I find her sitting comfortably on the couch. I nod and rub my cheek almost pouting. She laughs at my antics and I'm glad she is no more upset about Vicky's visit.

"Well, you did deserve that but I was a part of it and I should have apologized too." She says as she walks towards me before wrapping her arms around my waist and kissing my cheek where it stings.

"You don't have to, it was all my doing. I should have broken up with her before anything happened. Now lets go before mom calls again." I change the subject and hurry up since we are already a bit late.

Reaching outside my parent's house I kill the engine before taking off my seat belt and turning towards Layla. She was in the process of getting out but I stop her, pulling at her wrist.

"Want to tell our parents about us?"

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