Lust Shackles

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Dinner with parents

Layla's POV

"Want to tell our parents about us?"

My heart leaps to my throat when he asks me that and I look at him wide eyed. First he asks me to move in and now he wants to tell our parents about us. I have never introduced any guy as my boyfriend to my parents before so I'm a little nervous about that.

But then, he isn't just any guy. He is my best friend and they know him so it should be fine.

I would have agreed to move in with Adam when he asked me but we had just been dating for three weeks so thinking with a rational mind I told him that I won't. Surprisingly, he gave me time. About a month ago I made up my mind about moving in but then I didn't because I have to admit that for the last month I have just been testing his patience.

He tries to hide it but I know he is frustrated with my decision. He tries to persuade me everytime we are in bed and that has become my favorite part of our routine. So I think of riling him up just a little more.

"I think we should wait." I say with a straight face but as soon as those words leave my mouth his eyes fill with disappointment. He turns away from me so that he can hide it from me but I already saw it. I thought teasing him would be fun but the sadness in his eyes makes me change my mind.

Just when I open my mouth to let him know I was joking, he speaks, "Okay whatever. I get it, you need time." I go to tell him again but he is already out of the car with flowers in his hand. Silently he helps me get out and pick up the cake that I brought for the desert.

"Adam wait listen to me... " Trying again I call him but he is already moving ahead of me and only stops when he reaches the front door and rings the doorbell. Damn his long legs. I'm at the door just in time to see aunt Sophie opening it and hugging Adam tightly before kissing his cheeks.

I didn't see my parent's car anywhere so I know they are not hear yet. I notice uncle Ron right behind aunt Sophie and as soon as he sees me holding the cake he smiles taking it from my hand before bringing me into a bear hug and kissing my forehead.

"You look beautiful my child. Come on in, I'll take this to the kitchen." He welcomes me in and aunt Sophie finally leaves Adam turning towards me. She too brings me into a hug and I smile hugging her back.

Aunt Sophie is a very sweet lady who finds happiness in little things while Uncle Ron is a ruthless man, for anyone beside his family. Here in the family, he is like a giant teddy bear. Mace is a copy of him.

In my teenage years when I was rebelling against everything my parents said, I used to run to him and he would listen to me blabbing about it without getting bored. Then he would make me understand things and send me back home to apologize to my parents. Adam used to run away to his brother or my father.

Adam goes in without even a glance at me but I stay back when I see my parent's car approaching. I decide to deal with him later alone as I wait for my parents to get out of the car and come towards me. Without waiting I launch myself in my dad's arms and he holds me, managing to save both of us from falling. He laughs at my antics while I hear my mom gasp.

"Layla you shouldn't do that. Your dad is getting old. His old bones won't be able to handle a fall." My mom reprimands me and I see my dad glaring at her while my mom's eyes shine with mischief.

"I'm not the old one woman, you are." I hear my dad say as I go to hug my mom too before kissing her on the cheeks. My mom snorts at him and he narrows his eyes at her.

"I'll show you how fit I'm at home." He states arrogantly and I pretend to gag getting the meaning behind his words. Dad ignores me as he takes mom his arms and I shake my head.

"Let's go in, come on." I interrupt, practically pushing both of them to the door. My parents have been an item since their college days and I think sometimes they forget that they are in the company of their daughter while showing their affection.

When we finally get in and everyone is done meeting everyone, we all settle down on the dinner table. Uncle Ron sits as the head of the family while aunt Sophie sits on his right side with Adam beside her. My father sits on the left side of Uncle Ron with my mom beside him so the only seat left for me is opposite to uncle Ron and on Adam's right.

Adam has not spoken a word to me since we got here and I know I've upset him too much because he has never given me a silent treatment before. I stare at him, silently urging him to look my way but he is busy talking to my father. If he keeps doing this then our parents are going to suspect something is wrong with us.

"How is everything going with you Adam?" My dad asks him and he gives him a little smile before answering, "Everything's fine uncle Noah. I just cracked that deal..." Adam and my father goes on and on about business so I tune them out and engage in conversation with my mom and aunt Sophie.

We are almost at the end of the dinner and Adam is still not looking at me which starts irritating me. He only gives me one syllable replies when I ask him something and I'm sure it is so our parents don't suspect anything.

When it's time for desert I serve cake to everyone and sit down taking one slice for myself. Having enough of Adam's mood I do the only thing I can right now. I remove my shoes from my right leg and move my feet slowly towards his. He stops speaking for a second when I make contact with his skin before recovering quickly and going on again as if nothing is bothering him.

I slip my feet a little up to his thigh and see his grip tightening around the fork. I smirk at that, he can pretend everything is fine but he can't hide his emotions from me. I rub my feet on his inner thigh before having enough and placing my foot directly on his semi hard cock.

Adam coughs and springs up in an instance before excusing himself to his room but not before glaring down at me. Everyone looks at him in confusion till he disappears then turn their eyes on me.

"What?" I ask them shrugging my shoulders trying hard not to laugh. Adam's face was all red and I loved the look on him.

"Did something happen? You guys are not your usual self and Adam looked distracted." Uncle Ron asks looking at me meaningfully and I roll my eyes at him. Nothing gets past him.

"There is nothing wrong. He is in one of his moods. Let me go talk to him." I don't wait for anymore questions from them and make a run to his room before he has a chance to come down.

Door to his room is open so I get in without a noise and find him standing in the middle of the room with his back towards me. I creep further in and slip my hands to his waist from behind hugging him while resting my face on his back.

He doesn't move or say anything so I bite on his back and he jumps slightly before turning around and pinning me with his intense gaze.

"I thought you didn't want our parents to know anything, then what was that downstairs?" He stands with his hands folded and I smile at him sheepishly before moving his hands away and hugging him again.

"I have something to confess but promise me you won't get mad." I say as I rest my chin on his chest and look him in the eyes biting my lip. Adam holds my waist with one hand while the other pulls my lip away from my teeth.

"I'm way too horny babe. Don't tempt me to fuck you right here with that lip biting. And I'll decide whether I should be mad or not after listening to what you have to say." Just like that my face heats up and my pussy gushes at his crude remark. For a second I forget what I was going to say.

"Umm... I don't mind telling our parents about us. I was just riling you up. You look sexy when riled up. And I tried telling you earlier but you were hell bent on avoiding me." I tell him after clearing my throat. His eyes narrow at me with a hint of anger and he pulls me closer to his chest. His other hand goes up to play with a lock of my hair.

"Teasing, you say. Let me show you what teasing is." Adam's voice hold so many naughty promises and a shiver runs down my spine. He starts moving us towards his bed and my eyes grow wide.

Is he planning to fuck me in his parent's house?

I think yes because soon I feel my legs hit the bed and I feel myself falling down on it with Adam above me. What happens next is what almost gives me a heart attack.

The bed breaks.

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