Lust Shackles

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Layla's POV

The fucking bed breaks.

"Fuck." Adam and I groan at the same time. I look at him, my eyes popping out of my socket as my heartbeat skyrockets. Adam looks at me the same way, not believing for a second that the fucking bed broke. This is going to be one embarrassing situation to explain if anyone sees us like this.

That thought pulls me out of my shocked state and I push at Adam to get him away from me. He tries getting up but his hand slips on the cover and he ends up landing on me and we both groan again with the impact.

"What is going on here?" I hear my dad's confused voice and both of our heads snap towards him, only to find everyone else right behind him. Four pairs of eyes look at us with suspicion clear in them. Adam gets up abruptly and thank God that he didn't slip again.

He stands straight correcting his clothes before helping me get up too. I right my dress trying to breathe normally as I avoid any eye contact with these people. What are we suppose to say? Sorry for disturbance, we were just trying to fuck while you guys were sitting downstairs.

"Nothing uncle Noah. Layla slipped and fell on the bed while taking me along with her. You know how clumsy she is. I think we need to change the bed mom." Adam lies smoothly and I wonder how he managed to compose himself so quickly while I can feel myself going all red. But I exhale in relief anyway at his excuse.

"Are you guys okay? Did you get hurt?" Uncle Ron asks trying to show concern but when I look at him, he has an amused smile playing on his lips. He is not even trying to hide it. I give him a pointed look silently telling him not to get me into hot water right now.

"We are fine uncle Ron, don't worry. Let's go downstairs." I urge everyone out of the room but Adam holds my wrist and pulls me back while everyone else files out of the door. I take notice of how uncle Ron's eyes lands on both of our joined hands and he raises a brow at us.

"Yes dad we are dating and nothing happened, it broke before anything could. Now get going, I need to talk to her." I gasp loudly at Adam's shamelessness and I glare at him for good measure before hitting his arm. Hearing uncle Ron's laugh my glare turns to him with a tomato like face.

"I was wondering when you guys would admit that. I knew something was different with both of you the moment you got in." He smirks at me before winking Adam's way and leaving us alone. Before I can make any type of comment, Adam covers my mouth with other hand as he is still holding my wrist.

"Now that dad already knows, I think we should tell the others too." He suggests or more like states it and I remove his hand from my mouth looking at him outraged.

"Are you being serious right now? If we tell them now they will know what we were doing." Adam just shrugs his shoulder at that, looking way too relaxed now. I even think that he is having fun at my expense.

"You really think they don't suspect anything? I can bet my entire money that they all down there are planning our wedding by now. Let's go, no point in delaying it anymore." I look at him dumbfounded when he mentions wedding. Fuck me. Things sure escalated quickly. These people, including Adam, will give me a heart attack by the end of the night.

He drags me along with him towards the stairs and I try resisting but obviously it's of no use. Why do I even try?

"Mom, dad, uncle and aunt. We'd like to tell you that Layla and I are dating and she will be moving in with me soon." Okay now that is new. Does he really have to drop that too right now? I can't even hit him in the shin like I want to since he has his arms secured around my waist hugging me tightly against him.

"I knew he was lying about slipping." My dad says in an accusing tone and I glare at Adam before hiding my face in his chest. "It's not like that. Nothing happened." I explain in a muffed voice since I still have my face covered. I hear everyone laughing along with Adam. I can feel his body shaking and I hit his chest lightly.

"Oh please sweety, we have been in your place once and we know what a broken bed means when two people are dating. And obviously nothing happened because it broke." My dad seriously has no filter.

"Oh my God! Shut up dad please." I shout at him but all he does is shrug his shoulder while grinning like a fool. Uncle Ron laughs too while my mom and aunt Sophie chuckle in delight.

"Stop embarrassing our daughter Noah. We are happy for both of you darling, just ignore your dad. He still has to learn how to behave his age." Mom says turning to me but dad simply ignores mom's statement and brings her close in his embrace. She goes in without resistance.

Mom opens her arms for me and finally Adam leaves my waist so that I can hug her. Dad wraps both of us in his arms and kisses on our forehead. I look over their shoulder and find Adam hugging his parents. I'm glad all of them are happy with this. I wish Mace could have been here. This scene would have been perfect.

"I wish Mace was here." Adam says still hugging his parents. He just stole my words. "I wish so too. You should let him know though. He will be really happy for you guys." Aunt Sophie says clearing her throat and uncle Ron squeezes her shoulder trying to comfort her. Being in the army, Mace misses many events but we make sure to keep him updated most of the time.

"That is if he doesn't kill you for dating her. You know he is more protective of my daughter than I am." Dad comments and Adam rolls his eyes not taking him seriously but it still gets him thinking.

"Then I'll just have Layla do it instead of me since she is the one who initiated this so she is responsible." Adam says with a smirk coming near me and this time I do kick him him the shin. Fucking idiot can't keep his mouth shut. They don't know what I did at the night of the party but he should know when to shut up.

After that the night goes on without a hitch and before we know it, we are saying our goodbyes to everyone. Adam drives us back to my apartment and I just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's a beautiful night.

"So, I didn't know I was moving in with you." I say with a slight accusing tone as I place my hand on his thigh and his immediately comes to take hold of it. Adam narrows his eyes at me as I move my hand up and down his thigh. He still has to show me what teasing is.

"Since you were taking too much time I thought it'll be good if I take matters into my own hands." I smile at that. I knew his patience was at breaking point.

"I was going to say yes anyway." I think he should know that much so he knows I'm into this as much as he is. Smiling, Adam pulls my hand and kisses my fingers in response. After that we just sit in a comfortable silence.

Few minutes later his phone rings and he leaves my hand to pick it up. "Hello." He says to the person on the other side then listens for a while. His facial expression changes every second while on the phone and he gets more and more angry at whatever is being said.

"How the hell did this happen?" He shouts at the person as he parks in the parking lot of my building. I immediately open my seat belt and turns towards him. "I'll be there as soon as possible and you better have some answers for me then." Adam growls throwing his phone on the console looking very much infuriated.

"What happened Adam? What's wrong? Talk to me." Holding his face between my palms I probe him when he doesn't say anything. Adam curses under his breath before turning towards me.

"I have to go. There has been fire in my office."

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