Lust Shackles

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Adam's POV

I get in Layla's apartment at five in the morning completely drained and find her sleeping on the couch. She might have fallen asleep while waiting for me. It was hell of a night. I thought I'd get to spend time with Layla but whole night I was busy figuring out what all got burned with that fire.

I'm glad I convinced Layla to stay home. She was not happy about it but I told her Evan and Ethan will be there with me so she reluctantly agreed. Dad and uncle Noah got the news too and were there in no time. I didn't want them to know but my assistant already made the call to my dad.

By the time I reached my office, the fire was put out but I found a good part of my office was already burned along with some important documents. There are still some documents that are unaccounted for and that is what took me whole night. Dad convinced me it could all be taken care of tomorrow and that I should go home, so I came back.

I walk further in and find Layla stirring in her sleep but she doesn't wake up. Moving near her I sit down beside the couch and gaze at her. She is a sight to behold. I can't wait for her to move in so that I can see her like this every morning. Kissing her forehead I get up and pick Layla up bridal style.

She stirs again and I find her opening her eyes while looking at me in confusion. She wraps her arms around my neck and places her head on my chest still sleepy.

"You okay?" She mumbles and I smile down at her. "I'm fine love. Go back to sleep." She nods her head before kissing my chest then dozing off. That small gesture is enough to make my heart flutter and I pull her even closer.

Laying her down on the bed I cover her with sheets before leaving to get a shower. I don't have any energy to do so but I don't want to get in bed with Layla smelling like ash and smoke. After shower I slip beside her and bring her close to my body. All the tension leaves my body when she snuggles upto me and before I know, I'm out like a light.

I wake up feeling rejuvenated but in a cold bed as I don't find Layla anywhere beside me. I look at the clock and it says ten, then my eyes roam around the room to find it dark. Layla must have drawn the blinds so that I get to sleep in. Rubbing my eyes I get up and go to use the bathroom.

After that I go in search for Layla and find her working on her laptop while sitting on the couch with her legs stretched on the coffee table. I walk towards her and remove her laptop before I rest my head on her lap facing her.

"Good morning." Layla says with a chuckle and I hum in response. My eyes don't stray away from her face as her hand goes to play with my hair. "You must be hungry. I made breakfast." I don't pay much attention to her words but study her eyes. They are a light shade of brown.

"Is everything okay? You are too quiet this morning." Worry for me is clear in her voice. I simply place my hand at the back of her neck and pull her down to place a soft kiss on her lips.

"You are beautiful." She looks at me in confusion but smiles anyway muttering a thank you. "And you were not in bed when I woke up." I mention accusingly to which she chuckles again.

"I woke up at my time but I guessed you must be tired so I let you sleep. I talked to Evan and he told me about the damage but I want to know from you the extent of it." My mood immediately sores and I release a harsh sigh.

"Almost all of it is replaceable so it's not a big deal but some important documents are missing and I don't know if they are all burned out or not. If someone gets their hands on it then we may suffer great loses so I have people looking into it and the CCTV footage. The cause of fire is still undetermined. It's good that it's Saturday so there will be no one in the office but I'll be leaving in an hour." Layla listens to me patiently as I vent out.

There are doubts bugging me in the back of my mind about this fire. Dad looked worried last night and I haven't seen him like that ever. He and uncle Noah were talking about something but they won't tell me about it.

"Do let me know if I can help you with anything okay? I'm here for you." I smile at her because I know she will always be there for me. "Yeah I do need something from you. Breakfast. I'd like it if you could serve it with your clothes off." I grin mischievously at her while she gives me a fake glare.

"Your mind is always in gutter." She chastises me rolling her eyes before getting up. "Don't pretend as if you didn't just get wet at my suggestion." I shout at her as she makes her way to the kitchen. She just turns around and pokes her tongue at me before turning back.

I laugh a little before sighing and turning to lay face down and eyes closed. It's going to be a long day and I'm not anticipating it even a little bit. If the fire was intentional then I'm going to make sure that the person suffers at my hand but I'm not going to pull Layla into it.

"Get up Adam. Have your breakfast." Hearing Layla's voice I blink open my eyes. I see her barefoot before my eyes trail up her long legs but my heart stops and kick starts again when I see her bare pussy. She actually is severing me with her clothes off which makes me groan loudly.

"Are you on the menu? Because now I'm completely different type of hungry." I say as I turn to lie on my back. My dick makes a prominent tent in my pajama when she bites her lip. "Maybe after you eat some real food." She says smiling slyly and I know she is teasing me again.

"Careful babe, I'm yet to teach you a lesson for what you pulled yesterday." I warn her with narrowed eyes as I don't make a single move to reach for her. I want her begging for my touch and not the other way around but she doesn't give up.

"Ohh fuck." I curse under my breath when she keeps one of her leg on the couch so that the wet juncture between her parted thighs is completely visible to me. She is one hell of a temptress.

"You were saying..." She says when I don't say anything as my sole attention is on her pussy. My self control slips and I grab her wrist and pull her down on my body. Yelping, she lands with a thud and I quickly flips us over, trapping her underneath me.

I go to kiss her on her lips but she stubbornly turns her face and my lips land on her neck, which I don't mind either as I suck on it. She mutters something laughingly but I completely ignore her as my right hand travels the length of her body till it finds her pussy and thrust a finger in, earning a gasp from her.

"Stop Adam. Have your breakfast first." My protest halts on my lips when she turns her face and gives me a pointed look. I huff in annoyance and get up but pull her along and make her sit on my lap facing me. She wraps her thighs around my waist getting comfortable on my lap.

"Feed me." I demand arrogantly and she laughs wholeheartedly before getting the plate from the coffee table and feeding me. Finding it the best opportunity my hands stay on her thighs making lazy circles on her skin but frequently lands in between them to flick her clit. She couldn't do anything but squirm everytime.

"Stop." Getting frustrated by my teasing Layla hisses at me which has me smirking. "What? This?" I ask her as I intentionally flick her clit a little harder. She moans before grinding her ass which results in her bare pussy rubbing on my pajama covered dick. Impatiently she feed me the last bite before jumping away from my lap and standing in front of me as she makes demand.

"Get naked."

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