Lust Shackles

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In Charge

Layla's POV

"Get naked."

I demand authoritatively when I get frustrated by the way Adam has been toying with me. When I decided to serve his breakfast naked I thought it would distract him from his bad mood and it did, but now I am on the verge of being in bad mood seeing as he doesn't make any move to strip for me.

"I think we should skip it this time love since I've to be at my office soon and I feel like taking a nap before going. I'm just going to go to our room." He smirks saying that and I get momentarily distracted by the way he calls my bedroom as our bedroom but I narrow my eyes at him when he actually starts getting up.

"Sit your ass down or this will be the last time you see me naked." I resort to threatening him and fold my hands in front of me which, I realize, doesn't make my intended impact as I'm naked but it still gets a reaction from him since he eyes my boobs while absentmindedly gulping and licking his lips.

His ass touches the couch again and I internally smile. That's right baby. This time you do as I say. Lightly smirking I move towards him and slowly bend down till I reach his eye level and my breasts hang in front of him. He takes in a sharp breath and my smugness just increases.

I can still get such reactions out of him.

"Either you remove your pant or I'll be very happy to do it on my own." I whisper to him but his whole attention is on my tits. I place my right hand on his shoulder and slowly start moving it towards his stomach which clenches under my hand and then I move to his waist.

With my left hand I play my tit and tug on my nipple while moaning loudly. That earns me a groan from him but even then he stays still. So leaving my nipple I take hold of his pants with both hands and meeting his eyes I silently ask him to raise his ass.

He does that and I pull his pants and boxers down to his ankle in one go. His dick springs to attention and I lightly gaze it with the back of my hand.

"Do you want my pussy or my mouth baby?" I ask seductively licking my lips while my eyes are trained on his hot poll. When he doesn't answer I look up at him. He has his head thrown back and his eyes covered like he is in pain. I smirk and trace his cock with my nail very, very lightly as to not hurt him, just to get his attention.

"My pussy or my mouth babe?" I ask again smirking when he looks down and glares at me.

"Your mouth. Put it in your mouth before I explode in your hand." He grunts out through clenched teeth and I grab his cock fully in my hand and give it a few tugs. Adam visibly withers in front of me as he clenches his hand on the couch. I can clearly see the veins in his cock pumping.

Releasing his cock, I sit down on the floor in front of him on my knees and with my legs wide open then bend down and give the head of his dick a quick lick. I can taste his pre-cum on my tongue. He groans again loudly and grabs my hair with one hand to push himself in my mouth but I move my face away and pry open his fist.

"No babe. This time it's me in charge. You lay back and enjoy." He reluctantly lets go of my hair and covers his eyes with his palms.

"For God's sake.. you are killing me love." He whimpers and I enjoy the power I have over his body. "Then don't interrupt me again or I might just change my mind." I say and he just grunts and nods at me while still covering his eyes.

I push his legs apart so that I can easily settle down between them. Leaving his cock alone, I directly dive for his balls, I know my man likes that. I suck on one ball while fondling with the other and with other hand I play with the tip of his dick. His thighs shake and his cock throbs in my hand.

Moving away from his balls I bite his inner thigh. He moans when my hand rubs his dick at the same time. Moving on to the other thigh, I give it the same treatment. He breathes heavily and when I look at him, I find him looking down at me with pure adulterated lust.

I maintain the eye contact as I come face to face with his dick, move my hand away and finally take him in my warm mouth. He puts a fist in his mouth and bite it to stop himself from making any noise but I can't allow that.

He is finally at my mercy and I want to hear him moaning my name. I want to hear him scream my name as loud as he can so I grab his wrist and pull his hand away from his mouth.

"Fucking hell Layla.. baby.. suck harder.. yeah like that..." He moans, throwing his head back and shaking it from left to right. I bob my head up and down and suck on his dick some more before twirling my tongue around it's head and popping it out of my mouth.

Wetness leaks my pussy and on the carpet below me, making a complete mess. My clit throbs painfully so I push my left hand between my legs and pinch it lightly. Sensations run down my spine at once and I shudder.

I insert two finger in my pussy just as I take him again in my mouth. I groan on his dick and he bucks his hips to get more of me. My knees are starting to hurt but I'm not letting him go till he cums in my mouth.

So I deep throat him. Relaxing my throat muscle I go to take all of his length. I have given him enough blowjobs in all our time together but not after so much of buildup. The tension has been building between us since last night and I know he will explode within few minutes.

The tip of his dick hits the back of my throat and curses fly out of his mouth. "Oh fuck... love.. let me.. fuck you.. please.. " He begs but I simply pull back and lick his whole length, then again deep throat him at the same time playing with my pussy.

As I sense him nearing his climax, I stop playing with myself and place both my hands on his thighs for support, then I increase my speed.

Everytime his tip hits the back of my throat, he curses out loud making me want to go on and on but when he tenses under my hand I dig my nails in thighs lightly and pull back just enough for him to shoot his load in my mouth.

Jerking and groaning, he fills my mouth and I swallow until his balls are empty. Then Adam goes slack on the couch for few minutes while I stand up slightly wincing from the pain in my knees and sit beside him breathing heavily.

My legs are all shaky and my body is hot and bothered but seeing the smile on his face brings one to mine. I'll deal with my aching pussy later.

My smile turns into grin when Adam praises my mouth. "That mouth will be the death of me someday Layla. I never knew about your blowjob skills or I would have seduced and fucked you much sooner." I laugh and he looks at me smiling then pointing at my face.

"You have my cum on your lips." He says with a smirk and I roll my eyes at him before he traces his thumb on my lips and pushes it in my mouth. I lick it before sucking it the way I sucked his dick and his eyes darken again.

Since I've not cum yet, I simply lie down on the couch on my back with my legs on Adam's lap and my head on the other side. Parting my thighs just enough to make space for my hand I slide my right hand over my clit. I put pressure where I want and my hips buck against my finger.

Then there is suddenly a little more pressure on my clit as Adam puts his thumb over my finger and guide the pressure and speed. Smiling, I open my eyes and moan as his eyes collides with mine just as his thumb slips into my wetness.

That must be only him teasing me because he removes his thumb from my pussy then picks my left leg and bends it to my chest. He then slowly moves to hover over me. His thing dangles over my thigh gazing lightly and my thighs quiver but before covering my body he removes his t-shirt and throws it away.

Without any warning he slams right into my pussy and bites my neck as my nails dig into his shoulder. My back arches against him and after that it's just a constant thump of him slamming into me and me moaning his name.

His hand sneaks behind me neck and squeezes it right before I fall over the edge heaving for air as he keeps going to reach his finish. Soon he is cumming too and we both lay connected in the aftermath.

Enjoying the intimacy of the moment I play with his hair and kiss his forehead till our breathing gets normal and he lies there with his head resting on my chest as he sighs contently.

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