Lust Shackles

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The party

Adam's POV

It is Evan's birthday and me and Layla were suppose to be there half and hour ago. But obviously girls are never on time. They like to be 'fashionably late'.

I am sitting in my car waiting for her to show up. Vicky called saying she will be taking her own car as she needs to leave early for her family dinner.

She invited me along for the dinner but I don't think I am ready to meet her parents just yet. I still need time for that.

Just as I was about to call Layla again, I hear her saying, "How do I look?"

I was busy looking at my phone that I didn't notice her approaching figure but as I hear her voice I look up.

What I see, takes my breath away.

I know she is beautiful but... but tonight she looks absolutely stunning. She is wearing a black dress with long net sleeves. The dress reaches just an inch above her knees with a V neck that shows her cleavage. She is wearing her hair down which reaches her waist and have very little makeup on.

She looks like a model with her black killer heels. The dress hugs her assets perfectly. In my opinion, she is not chubby but she is filled in all the right places.

I was so busy checking her out that I forget to open the door for her. I usually have more manners than that, but something is different with Layla today as I'm unable to take my eyes off of her.

Opening the car door she sits beside me putting on her seat belt.

She clears her throat to grab my attention and I come out my reverie. I realize that all this time I have been staring at her cleavage.

I get a little embarrassed and feel glad about the dark interiors of my car that hides my embarrassment. But then again I internally shrug, what can I do, she has perfectly round globes and I can't help but admire them. She is my best friend but she is also a beautiful lady and I'm a red blooded man.

"Ahh love, you look absolutely stunning." I say as I start my car. We are already late and I don't want to waste anymore time explaining why I was staring at her like a pervert.

She has a smirk on her face which indicates that I have been caught but she decides not to bring that up.

"Where is Vicky? I thought you were going to be her ride." She speaks after five minutes of total silence.

"That was the plan before. But she needs to leave early for her family dinner so she will just be there for a little while." I reply as I switch lanes.

"Family dinner huh. And you weren't invited?" I know she is provoking me. She knows that I'm not ready to settle down. Me and Vicky, we are good for now. That doesn't mean that I'm going to say 'I do' soon.

I give her a glare and she bursts out laughing hard.

"Chill dude. You know I like to pull your leg. But anyways, Vicky is a nice girl and you are not getting any younger. I think you should consider meeting her parents." Her eyes dances in amusement.

I grunt in response.

"You know what? You don't sound like my best friend anymore. Infact, you sound like my mother, always nagging at me to get married. Why can't you all let me live a little?"

Rest of the ride is silent. We reach Evan's house and I go to park my car a little away as the whole parking space near his house is completely occupied.

I get around the other side opening the car door for Layla and take her hand to help her. Closing the door behind her I slightly push Layla placing my hand at the small of her back. I keep my hand there till we reach the door where I find Vicky waiting for us.

I leave Layla to greet Vicky and she comes running in my arms. I hug her before kissing her hard on her mouth. I start nipping at her lower lip and licking it so she opens her mouth. My tongue enters her mouth trying to find some spark in our kiss, but it's absent. It's been that way for a while.

So I lightly remove my lips from hers trying not to hurt her feelings. She takes hold of my right arm and I remember about Layla. She must be giving us space, well, as much as she could while we make out in front of her. I take her hand and we make our 'fashionably late' entrance.

Once we get inside the house, we see the same scene we have seen at every other party of Evan's. Whole house thumping with the music, people getting drunk and having sex anywhere and everywhere.

We meet Evan, who was busy eating some brunette's face sitting beside him on the sofa, and wish him happy birthday as he goes right back at making out with the brunette.

Layla leaves my side to get a drink and mingle while Vicky and I go to grab our own. Before Layla leaves I warn her not to drink much since she is the designated driver. While I grab my drink Vicky stands beside me without one since she has to leave for family dinner so she won't have any drink.

Vicky leaves after an hour and I kiss her goodbye. I am already half drunk but I still don't get aroused by the kiss. Maybe something is wrong with me.

Wow. Now I'm doubting myself.

Soon after that I find Layla and let me tell you what she is doing.

She is on the table that has a pole and, she is performing. By the looks of it, she is all the way drunk. And all the pervert males are gathered near the table.

Not only that, what I failed to notice earlier is that her dress is completely backless and all the skin is on display for everyone to see. And with her kind of moves, her dress is riding up while the back is dipping even lower.

God! At this rate there will be nothing left for imagination of these perverts.

Suddenly I feel possessiveness and jealousy surge through me.

So without giving it any other thought, I get on the table and grab her hand before throwing her over my shoulder and jumping down. Thank goodness I don't stumble or we both would have been hurt, badly.

Layla starts hitting me on the back with both her fists but I don't feel anything.

"Leave me you brute. Adam will kill you if he finds out that you are manhandling me." She groans out.

"Also my head is spinning. Put me down." She keeps hitting me.

When I get enough hits from her, I spank her ass twice in succession. She only muttered an 'oww' and rub her ass to sooth the sting.

"You are so drunk you can't even tell that I'm Adam." I scold her, getting a little angry. I really don't know where this anger is coming from. I have seen Layla drunk too many times and it didn't bother me then. Then why now?

"You can't be Adam. He doesn't have such sexy ass. Or does he?" Her words are slurred but I could make out most of it. Looks like she is talking to herself, that too about me, or about my ass.

"I would like to see your ass. Please show me your ass." She shouts suddenly and I find my libido getting rock hard.

What the fuck? Vicky's kiss didn't do a thing to my dick but just a little dirty talk from Layla and I'm all hard and ready to fuck.

I mean really. What the fuck?

I knew it then that it was going to be a long night but I didn't know it was going to be a long night with Layla.

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