Lust Shackles

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Her place

Adam's POV

I call for taxi since we both are drunk. She more than me.

As soon as the taxi stops I push her on the back seat. She tries getting out mumbling something but I am stronger than her so I keep her in place.

Only problem is, she won't let me close the fucking door. I am starting to get frustrated. Sexually.

Her dress is riding high. Just a little bit more and I will be able to see her panties. And now I am imagining what she likes to wear under that dress. Just simple underwear or maybe lingerie. Definitely lingerie. Maybe black, but she seems to be the red type. She has always been the one to go bold.

I'm just torturing myself. I let out a groan when I notice where Layla is looking at.

She is admiringly looking at my hard on that is pushing through my jeans.

I silently pray for some self control because right now my self control is at its breaking point.

I somehow manage to shift her inside so that I could sit beside her before closing the door. She lay her head on the opposite window and close her eyes. I think she is finally asleep.

Sometime later I hear her groaning. I try making sense of her words while she is going on and on about something like, "My place... close by... your's... far... too tired."

I get the gist that she wants to go to her place instead of mine as it will take almost half an hour to reach my place. So I give her address to the taxi driver. I don't know how she is talking sense when she is under alcohol influence.

Soon we reach her apartment building. I turn towards her only to find her sleeping like a log.

I pay for the taxi then come out pulling Layla along with me. I pick her up bridal style and the first thing that my mind registers is how the bare skin of her back and thighs feel so soft in my rough hands.

She sleeps through the whole ride of the elevator.

I stand there looking at door as if it will open itself. Well now I will have to wake her up since I don't have the spare key with me. But then I remember she didn't have any purse in her hand when I took her to the party. Where the fuck are her keys?

I sightly shake her and she opens her eyes slowly and sensually. Someone save me from this hard on. I mentally groan, again.

"Where are your keys Layla?" I ask her but she looks at me like I suddenly started speaking Italian.

"Keys... Layla... we need your keys to get in your apartment. I don't have your keys." I drawl slowly so that my words could register in her brain.

She realize what I'm talking about asking me to put her down. And I do. My eyes nearly pop out of my socket when she starts moving her hand inside her top. You know in front of her top. Her eyes are half closed and her dress is dipping dangerously low. Her boobs are going to spill out soon if she doesn't stop.

I don't know if I want to stop her or let her continue just to see all that white skin and that big globes of hers.

This is so wrong. She is obviously drunk and here I am having perverted thoughts about her. I shake myself out of this haze and move her hands away from her body holding them with mine.

"What the hell are you doing Layla?" I ask her, somewhat angry with her for being so drunk. If only she would have done that when she was sober. Then I would have made sure she remembers what happens when you play with fire.

"My keys... here..," she points out on the side of her breasts. "Take it out.." She mutters almost falling asleep again. I put my hand on her waist to help her keep up.

This is pure torture. If I touch her skin now I'm not sure if I can pull away. As I look down, I find her already passed out. We are standing so close that she would have registered my hard on if she were sober. Good God, save me.

I haven't prayed that much in my whole life like I prayed in the whole night.

I move her a little so that I can securely hold her with one hand. I hesitate for a second before I let out a sigh and put my hand in her dress. I just wish no one sees us like this. That would really look like I'm taking advantage of her.

I put my hand on the left side and feel the side of her breast. It is so soft that I don't want to let go. She moans out and I realize that instead of finding the key, I am massaging her boob. A shudder passes through my whole body.

Before I maul her in the corridor of her building, I find the key and open the door.

Throwing the key on the nearby table I drag Layla to the living room sofa. I lay her down gently and start getting up, but I forgot that she had her arms around my neck that are still holding me tightly.

She doesn't let me go. I try waking her up with no success.

My attention shifts for few seconds and she pulls me down with so much force that I stumble and fall all over her. Thank God for my quick reflex that I don't crush her with my weight. I can feel her soft body molding against mine.

She opens her one eye but when she sees me looking at her she quickly shuts it and pretends to sleep.

I close my eyes letting out a harsh breath. I can't believe this. She has been pretending the whole time. Even when I was unknowingly massaging her breast. Does she want something to happen between us. If it is so, nothing is going happen between us while she is drunk.

She is my friend and I am not going to take advantage of her. My friend or not, I won't take advantage of any drunk girl period.

I remove her hands from my neck a little bit harshly and stand up, but it seems that she actually fell asleep this time. She will not be comfortable on the sofa so I pick her up and put her in her bed removing her heels. Her legs are so smooth.

My mind wonders to what it would feel like to have her naked thighs wrapped around his waist when I am balls deep inside her.

Come on Adam, behave. I admonish myself.

Covering her with a blanket I make my way towards the kitchen. I need a drink, or two. I am definitely going to crash on her sofa.

I find what I want and take out scotch. Sitting on the chair near island, I pore myself a generous amount of drink to calm my libido. It doesn't help. So I keep pouring drinks till the time I can barely feel my legs.

I don't know what time it is when I stumble towards living room sofa and lie down. It feels like I just closed my eyes for a second when I hear Layla's voice.

I try to find my sane thoughts and open my heavy eyelids but my mind is in drunken euphoria.

I again hear her voice. I can't make out what she is saying, but I finally manage to open my eyes and look towards her bedroom door. What I see there, make me tumble down the sofa and fall on the floor with a thud.

Layla is standing right there in front of me. The only difference since I last saw her is that then she was atleast barely dressed but now she is standing there naked.

When I say naked, She is totally naked. Not a piece of clothing on her beautiful body. Her full body is on display for my pleasure. I gulp at the site of her heavy breasts.

Yes, we men are obsessed with breasts.

Maybe I'm sleeping and this is just a dream. A wet dream. I didn't have one since I passed my teenage years.

My mind is playing games. It has to. I am the one who tuck in Layla in her bed. She is still sleeping and the Layla standing in front of me is just a figment of my imagination, I keep telling myself.

Well, if it is imagination, I can look at her for however long I desire.

My eyes leave her breasts and trail down her body. As my eyes reach down, I see she is completely bare down there. She doesn't have any pubic hair and I instantly look down in my lap. My libido is dancing in joy seeing her like this.

I raise my head to look at her and to my immense pleasure she is standing just a step away from my reach. I am still on the floor so when I trail my eyes up from her sharply legs to her thighs, I can almost see her pussy lips peeking.

She climbs onto my lap and look me in the eyes. I don't know what is going on. If it is reality or dream.

If it is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up. And if it's reality I don't ever want to leave this moment. I can happily die in this movement.

I am still struck with the view of her boobs in front of me that I don't see her lips when they descend upon mine.

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