Lust Shackles

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Hot night Part 1

Adam's POV

As Layla's lips land on mine I almost have an heart attack. It is the first time we are kissing. I loose my balance and fall on my back while her naked body lands right onto mine aligned perfectly with my body.

Whole room sizzle with lustful air. My body is humming in pleasure by just feeling her weight on top of me. On their own accord, my hands travel on the smooth path of her creamy thighs.

My left hand stops at her calf as my fingers play with her soft skin. Her whole body shudders which I could feel too. My right hand continues it's journey and is very near to where I want to bury myself deep within her.

I want to dip my finger in her heat just to know how wet she is and if I take her now, would she be able to take all of me. But I hold myself still. I want to know where Layla wants to take this whole situation.

Her breasts are pressed against my chest perfectly in my line of sight and her bare wet pussy is on my clothed hard on. I can feel her heat and wetness seeping through my jeans. I'm going to have a case of blue balls if I don't have her now.

Making eye contact with me she brings her lips near my mouth. Just a little gaze on my lips and then they land on my cheek, pressing little kisses all over my jaw right up to my ear. She is teasing me and I am going to show her that two can play at this game.

With my left hand I grab her hair gently yet firmly and tilt her face so that she no longer have access to skin under my ear. I place my mouth near her ear and give her a little lick while pulling and biting it to tease her as she has been teasing me.

"Do you really want to play with fire? Because if you do, I'll show you what are the consequences." I whisper in her ear and I feel her body shiver against mine. I just tighten my hand on her thigh and pull her leg up.

I start to dipping my hand in inside of her thigh slowly. She gives me a groan like she is in pain. Grabbing my hand she starts moving it to her pussy. I guess that is it all the signal I need. Now even she won't be able to stop me.

Before I take this anywhere I need to get rid of my clothes. They are now just a hindrance to my cause. I remove my hands from her body completely and she gives me a disappointed look. Then I grab her by waist and flip us over with ease so that now she is lying on her back with me hovering above her. Her disappointment soon turns into a knowing smirk. Her eyes still hooded just as mine.

I don't wait any further and kiss her fully on her mouth. I kiss her like there is no tomorrow. I suck at her lower lip then bite it lightly, she gasps and I force my tongue into her mouth, she tries fighting with her tongue for dominance but I am having none of it. I am in-charge now and she needs to know that.

I gaze my hand all over her body till I find her breast and pinch her nipple. She feels the pain mixed with pleasure and the fight leaves her body. I lick every corner of her mouth. I want this kiss engraved in her soul. I want her to feel the effects of the kiss even in her sleep.

Her body starts surrendering in my hands while they roam all over her skin and it feels heaven to me. Both of us are breathing hard as I let go off her lips.

I push myself up a little to sit on my knees and pull my shirt over my head. Her eyes glazes seeing my well defined chest and her hands immediately comes up to survey them on their own. I am still straddling her.

I already gave her plenty of time to run from this but now, no more. It doesn't look like she wants to get away. Infact she looks like she has been waiting for this exact moment for very long.

She starts feeling my chest up and goes to dip her hand lower towards my pants then over my dick but before she could do that I take hold of both of her hands into my one hand and hold them up above her head. With other hand I open my jeans button and push down both my jeans and boxers in one go.

This whole night has been enough of a foreplay. It's been a game of teasing. I am not going to delay this round. This is going to be hard and fast. We can make sweet love later. We have all night. The fucking has just started.

As soon as I get rid of my clothes, I look at her only to find her staring wide eyed on my dick. I know I am well gifted there. Girls go gaga over it. But to see her lust filled eyes on my dick is strangely more arousing. I feel a satisfied smile creep on my lips.

Still holding her hands in one of mine, I wrap the other in her hair. Holding her firmly I tilt her head so that I can see her eyes. When she complies, I lower myself on her. It is pure heaven to feel her skin against mine. It feels so smooth.

Bringing my mouth down to her ear I speak huskily, "This one's going to be hard and fast. I want to fuck you so bad I can't wait for another minute. I will take my time with you after this one. I just want to know If you are on pills or not. I don't have a condom with me and I'm so far gone that I can't bother with one now. So please tell me you are on pills." I almost beg her to say yes.

She breathes hard before saying, "I want you to take me hard and fast. I can't wait anymore. Yes I am on pill, now fuck me already. You talk too much." That's all I hear before kissing her with all the passion I have.

"Open your legs for me baby. Let me in." I order her when I manage to tear away my mouth from her's.

She immediately parts her thighs and I align my cock at her entrance. She is drenched down there. I lubricate my cock with her wetness, moving it up and down against her clit, then with one hard push I plunge deep into her heat.

We both moan at the same time. Her warmth engulfs my hardness and her pussy feels like a glove on my dick. She starts withering under me as her legs come to rest on my bare ass. She tries to make me move but I needed a minute or I won't last very long.

To distract her from that I bite into the flesh of her breast to which she lets out a gasp and then moans when I soothe the sting with my tongue. I keep licking both of her nipples, switching from one to another, till they are hard.

When I feel ready for her I pull out of her all the way and thrust back in hard again. I let go off her hands and they immediately latch on to my back, her nails dig deep in my skin, scratching me like a cute kitten which only adds more fuel to my lust.

With both of my hands free now, I take hold of her neck and bring her mouth towards mine. My tongue invade her mouth again. My dick and tongue fucks her in synchronized rhythm. With other hand I toy with her breast for a while before moving it further down.

My fingers find there way to her clit while I still continue fucking her. I start rubbing it slowly at the start then a little hard with the pad of my thumb.

We both feel the lack of oxygen so I pull my mouth away from hers and continue kissing on her neck. I could feel her nearing her climax so I remove my thumb from her clit. I don't want her to come just yet.

I want to sync our climax and I am not there yet. I pull myself off her and get on my knees, still connected. She too get on her elbows but I push her down. With this angle I can thrust deeper inside her.

I grip her hips and pull myself out of her almost completely with the head of my cock on the tip of her pussy lips and I hear her groan at the loss. Again without warning I push inside her pussy with one thrust. She jumps in surprise so I guess I found her G spot. I have to again push her down holding her shoulders. I start thrusting into her again and again as sweat drips down both of our bodies.

The room starts to smell like sex.

She arch her back and I find myself close to climax. I bring my thumb to her mouth and part her lips, she catches on to it and suck my thumb in. I pull out my thumb and bring it down on her clit, rubbing it with an urgency.

From there it's all groaning and moaning mess, but a mess I would like to create any time of any day.

She cries out my name in pure ecstasy and with one last thrust we both orgasm at the same time. Cum oozes out of me and I continue giving slow thrusts till I am completely drained.

I collapse down on her and quickly flip us over so that I don't crush her with my weight. I don't want to ever pull out of her but as my cock softens it slips out and our cum spills out of her pussy on the carpet.

That's when I notice that we are still on the floor of the living room. It doesn't matter to me. I just pull her close to me as if fusing her body to mine and close my eyes.

After some time I feel her moving. I pop open my eyes. She places both of her hands on my chest and puts her chin on it. She looks at me with hooded eyes and I notice she is moving her leg up and down against mine.

The simple action has my dick stirring again and by the smirk on her face it is clear that is exactly what she intended.

"Ready for round two?" She whispers lightly but in the silence of the room I can hear her perfectly.

"Oh don't worry love, there is going to be a round two and three and four.... we have all the time and this time I'm going to take it slow. I need to know every inch of your body." A smirk creeps on my lips. This is going to be fun.

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