Lust Shackles

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Hot night Part 2

Adam’s POV

Before I can take this any further there is a knock on the door. I don’t know who the fuck could knock on her door at this time of the night.

I lift Layla’s hips up a little so that her pussy does not touch my dick. She groans in protest. I can see the sticky mess that her pussy and my dick has made.

The scene itself is enough to wake up my member again to it’s full height. I need her away from my dick so that I can attend the door.

“Babe, go in the room and put on something. I don’t want anyone to see you like this. I’ll be back before you know it.” I assure her and lift her off completely.

Layla complies like a good girl.

“Be back soon or you are going to bed with blue balls. I will fall asleep.” She says before walking towards her room jiggling her smooth tight ass. What I would like to do to her ass.

I shake my head and pull up my boxers. All this while the person on the other side keeps knocking. Bloody hell.

With a frustrated sigh I open the door to find a woman in her late twenties standing there while her face is all shades of red.

I'm still not fully sober. The alcohol is still running through my veins and affecting my head so her features doesn't register to me.

“What?” I ask her annoyed as she just keeps staring at me.. or more like my chest with her eyes almost bulging out of their socket as they land below my waist where my member is saluting her from behind the boxer and not to mention the wet spot on it.

“Ah.. w.. would you please keep it down a bit. You are way too lo.. loud. I.. I'm trying t.. to sleep.” She stammers out, face still red. She shuffles on her legs trying to look anywhere but me.

I smirk seeing her all flustered. “Sorry love, but my woman likes to be loud. Who am I stop her?” I wink at her and close the door on her face.

I am getting impatient now. I just want to bury myself in Layla as soon as possible so I don't bother with manners.

I speed walk towards Layla’s room to find her laying on her back on the bed. She is now wearing my shirt and her panties. But what stops me short is when I notice the position of her hands.

Her eyes are closed and one of her hand is playing with her breast over the shirt while another is under her panties. From the movement of her hand it is clear she has her fingers inside her where just a few moments ago my cock was.

I have to admit the site is extremely arousing that I almost cum in my boxers. My moan alerts her of my presence as she opens her eyes. She doesn't stop though. In fact she increases her pace and starts moaning loudly.

The wet spot on her panties is visible to my eyes and the fingers are now moving in earnest. I know she is teasing me again. So as soon as I see her arching her back, which indicates she is about to cum, I move to the bed in speed and take hold of her wrist. Moving her hand away from her privates I hold them above her head.

“Nooooo...” She shouts in protest and almost have tears in her eyes.

“Why did you stop me? I was about to cum.” She tries freeing her hands but I keep her body pinned to the mattress.

“That’s why I had to stop you. Only I have the right to bring you that ecstasy for tonight. Not even your fingers are allowed the pleasure to enter you. Only my dick will feel the warmth of your pussy.” I whisper in her ear and bite it a little hard to punish her. She shivers at the prospect.

I bring her hand, that was inside her pussy, to my mouth and suck and lick her fingers tasting her for the first time which has my cum mixed too. I take hold of both of her hands in one above her head and open the button of the shirt she is wearing to reveal her heavy mounds. All the while she is shaking and withering under me.

I start moving my lower part on her’s and dry hump her. She starts breathing hard. “Ohh... yeah.. just like that... just a little more.” Her eyes roll back and her back arches to get more friction.

I don't give her that. I continue teasing her by rubbing on her for a while then again pulling off completely. I can see she is on the edge.

“If you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to cut off your dick.” She threatens glaring at me and all I do is smirk her way. I have her pinned and she is the one threatening me. Not a good move.

In one swift move I take off her shirt from her body and tie both of her hands together, then to the head board of the bed. She keeps struggling to free her hands but I bite hard on her breast to stop her from moving. Then sooth the bite.

She again throws a glare towards me and is about to speak but I kiss her fully on the mouth. Her lips are already swollen from my earlier ministration but that doesn't stop me from kissing her and neither does she protests.

When she stops pulling at her ties I remove my body completely from her and stand at the foot of her bed. I admire my handy work all over her body where there my handprints and bite marks. Ahh.. the lovely and erotic site.

I stand there for almost five minutes just admiring her naked body on the bed. She still has her panties on but her breasts are pushed up and looks even more heavy stretched out in front of me.

Layla keeps twisting and turning. After a while her patience finally breaks, “Please Adam, I can’t take it anymore. Please.”

“That’s right baby. Beg for it.” She starts rubbing her thighs together in order to find some relief but I take hold of her ankles and part her legs as far as they would go. Then I place myself on top of her between her legs.

My hands roam all over her body while she quivers. I start muttering dirty words to her. “I am going to take you in every possible way and you are going to let me do you, over and over again. This sinful body is mine to play with.” I whisper to her.

Burying my head in her neck I lick, bite and suck it. I want to leave my mark all over her body.

"Beg me Layla and I will offer you relief."

I look up to see her eyes, only to find them closed. My hands seek her naked skin as they travel gazing the side of her breast to her naked waist then to the hem of her panties. I lightly gaze her skin and a gasp leaves her mouth. I want to see her eyes when I dive my fingers in her heat.

"Open your eyes beautiful." I command and she moans but she doesn't comply.

"Open your eyes Layla." I command once again while stretching and letting go of the fabric of her panties which earns me a hiss from her and she finally opens her eyes.

Her blue eyes loaded with lust are a sight to behold. My heart skips a beat and I hold my breath for a second.

Looking deep in her eyes I move my hand inside her panties and my middle finger finds her clit, I move my finger a little more to find her wet, which is a given since I just came inside her a few moments ago.

I drag my finger slowly inside her feeling every bit of her pussy. She pushes her hips up to get more but I stop.

"I'm going to decide the pace, so it's better you stay still while I do my job."

She is gasping for air. "T..too much... ca... can't take it." She closes her eyes again and I growl.

"Yes of course you can take it. You can take it and much more baby." I shut her up by kissing her again and finger fucking her at the same time adding another digit. I massage the walls of her inside. I curl my fingers and she leaves my mouth to arch her back. With a scream she cums on my hand.

She is trying to calm her labored breath and I let her breathe just for few moments while I keep trailing kisses all over her jaw, neck, breasts then her waist tasting her sweat until I reach her panties.

Taking the fabric between my teeth I slowly move down and smell her orgasm as soon as her secret place is out in open. I move until the wet fabric is on the floor. Then I stretch her legs apart and bend them a bit so that her pussy is on display for me. She tries closing her legs but I keep a firm hold on both of her thighs.

I lick my lips in anticipation. Her pussy looks so beautiful. Her vaginal lips part away, and the pink hole is inviting enough. Cum leaks through the hole. I would like to click her nudes someday. Just the way she is right now. Tied to the bed, glowing with the orgasm and her hole leaking both of our essence.

I don't wait further and dive my tongue on her clit. I lick and sucked her thoroughly tasting both of us. She keeps whimpering and tugging at her hands to free them. I start playing with her nipples, taking them between my forefinger and thumb and pulling them lightly while massaging her boobs.

Again I keep her on edge for a long time, playing with her pussy lips and clit. I wanted her to come hard and this time with me deep inside her where I can spill my load.

"Pl.. please.." I know this is overwhelming her too much so I give her pussy a last lick and move up to cover her whole body with mine. Grabbing her ass cheek I give it a good squeeze.

Words aren't needed so I just align my cock at her entrance and give a hard thrust and she cums immediately. She goes slack in my arms after the orgasm, eyes closed and on the verge of passing out.

I first planned to keep it slow this time but I just can't. She have had enough torture for today and me too. So I shake her a bit. She opens her eyes and they land on where we are connected, where I am still milking her orgasm.

"Keep going.. a.. as you said.. I.. I can take it." She says breathing heavily. So I keep going. But to wake her up, I turn her a little so I have access to her ass and then I give it a firm swat and her eyes spring open immediately.

I draw back slowly feeling her walls clench around my cock, then push hard inside her. My grunts now match her groaning. Both sweating as I kiss her neck and keep going in and out of her, fucking her hard bringing both of my hands on her waist to keep her still.

I keep going till I feel both of us on the edge again. As I feel myself nearing my orgasm I move my hand between us and slowly add my little finger along with my cock. Now my cock and finger fuck her side by side and soon we both cum hard.

I milk our orgasm till every tremor dies down and my cock slips from her. I lift my little finger up to her mouth and without any hesitation she licks it clean.

I feel exhaustion catching upto me so I shift on her side and free her hands. When I look at her she is already fast asleep and with her wild hair she looks thoroughly fucked. Just the way I like my woman after we fuck.

I don't bother cleaning us up. Shifting her close to me, breathing in her scent which smells of sex and spoon her. Her back to my front.

Then I fall asleep.

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