A Few Short Tales of Trapped Females

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With Friends Like These...

Rule number one for anyone into solitary self-bondage.....Be carefully that you don’t get caught!

“So this is what you get up to when you’re alone!”

These words, uttered by Andrea, were the first spoken since the trio of unexpected guests had entered the room. For the preceding thirty seconds or so, the speaker and her two companions, Zoe and Megan, had stood frozen in the doorway, open-mouthed and speechless at the sight that confronted them.

Stephanie, the fourth occupant of the room and the one towards whom these words had been addressed, felt her face flush. How was she to explain the strange little games she played when she was on her own; games which she had always tried to keep a secret from the rest of the world? She racked her brain frantically, in an effort to come up with some explanation less embarrassing than the truth of the matter, but couldn’t think of anything that would hold up to scrutiny. There was nothing for it. She would be forced to let her three closest friends in on her little obsession. Nervously, she began to relate the truth to the still shocked trio standing over her. But it wasn’t simply nerves that caused her story to be garbled and difficult to decipher, but also the fact that, stuffed deep within her mouth, Stephanie sported a rolled up pair of tights, which in turn had been sealed in with several circuits of grey duct tape that had been wound around her face and lower head.

Fortunately, Andrea decided to help her friend out at this point. Sitting down on the bed beside her, she began to unpeel the tape from the flesh of Stephanie’s cheeks. It was a slow, painful process, but the removal of this layer of sealant revealed Stephanie’s lips, between which the silky smooth material of a pair of opaque, black, fifty denier hose could be seen poking out. Stephanie began working the gag out with her tongue, but in this pursuit she also received assistance from Andrea, who helped her ease the damp tights out.

“So what’s this all about Steph? Why have you done this to yourself?”

Stephanie gazed down her body, laid out as she was on the bed, and imagined how things must look to her three uninvited guests. She was wearing nothing but a skimpy black bra and matching panties, plus a pair of sheer black tights. But it wasn’t so much her attire that had stopped her friends in their tracks, as the accessories which she was also modelling at that moment. For apart from the gag, there was also the little matter of the handcuffs, which she’d used to manacle her wrists together behind her back. And then there were the leg shackles, which locked her ankles, not only in close proximity to each other, but also, because she’d wrapped the connecting chain around the ornate metal railings, to the frame of the bed. In other words she’d chained herself up in a state of self bondage and tethered her feet to the furniture, so that she was unable to move away from the spot.

Stephanie realised immediately, though, how it was that her friend had cottoned on to the fact that this was all her own doing, and not the work of some fiend who had broken into her apartment, tied her up and gagged her, then abandoned her to struggle helplessly. The big clue lay in the fact that the keys to the handcuffs and other shackles she wore were lying right on the mattress beside her; hardly the actions of someone intent on keeping her in a state of captivity for a long stretch.

Stephanie stuttered and stammered as she attempted to give her explanation as to why her friends had found her in this state. It was sort of a hobby, she begun to splutter; a bit of an obsession; something she found enjoyable; that the feeling of being helpless excited her; that she’d always had fantasies about being tied up; that she often bound and gagged herself when she was alone in her apartment; and that she was living out her dreams.

By now, all three of her visitors were standing beside the bed, gazing down at her with a mixture of incredulity and amusement etched on their faces. Stephanie looked up at each in turn and found herself blushing self-consciously. Awkwardly, she began sliding her body towards the key-ring, situated only inches away to the left. But Andrea was too quick for her; leaning across and picking up the ring with its two tiny release mechanisms before Stephanie’s stretching fingers could grasp them. For several seconds Andrea held the keys up in front of her and examined them, showing no signs of using them for their intended purpose.

“Could you help me unchain myself please?”

At this stage, Stephanie innocently assumed that Andrea had her best interests at heart, and that her request would be willingly granted. However, it soon became apparent that events were about to take a disturbing twist.

Andrea looked at Stephanie for a few seconds, a slight smile playing at the corners of her mouth, before her gaze turned away and her eyes scanned the room. She seemed to find what she was looking for almost immediately. Without a word she stood up and walked across the room, before stretching upwards to place the key-ring on top of the wardrobe – a height in excess of six feet from the floor. Now it was Stephanie’s turn to stare open-mouthed.

“What are you doing?”

Even as she asked the question, Stephanie already had some inkling as to what Andrea had in mind, and she knew that it didn’t bode particularly well for her.

“I thought that maybe we’d make things a little bit more interesting for you, Steph. I wonder how long it’ll take you to work out how to get to the keys.”

As the enormity - indeed impossibility - of the task suddenly hit her, Stephanie tried to tell her so-called friend that there was no way in the world she could ever reach up there, given her current predicament. This had to be a bluff, right? Andrea was just playing games with her and would relent and give the keys back in a minute or two, wouldn’t she?

“Come on. You can’t be serious. How am I supposed to reach up there when I’m all tied up like this?”

Andrea seemed unfazed by the stricken woman’s plight, however, and as the minutes dragged on, it became clear that she wasn’t joking.

“May I remind you Steph, that it was you that chained yourself up voluntarily. You obviously quite enjoy playing the helpless heroine. So now it’s down to you to get yourself free whenever you’re ready. All I’ve done is added a bit of spice to your dilemma.”

The now rather disconcerted Stephanie once again pleaded for Andrea to put a stop to this nonsense.

“Come on Andrea, you know there’s no way I can get free without those keys. And no way I can get to them without help.”

Andrea smiled her most devilish smile.

“Now now Steph, don’t be so defeatist. Remember the old saying ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’. I’m sure if we leave you here long enough you’ll hatch a plan to get free. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

‘Leave you here?’ The implication inherent in those three words was enough to ensure that Stephanie’s voice had developed a slight tremble of fear as she voiced her next question.

“You’re not thinking of just abandoning me here like this, are you?”

Andrea was still in no mood to show leniency, however.

“May I remind you Steph, that this is the way we found you. We’ll be leaving you in an identical state to the one we discovered you in, so what are you complaining about?”

It was Zoe, who along with Megan had been watching this unfolding drama with fascination, who finally found her voice. But if Stephanie was hoping to find an ally to help her out of a situation that seemed to be spiralling out of control, she was to be bitterly disappointed, as it transpired that Zoe’s contribution to the debate was merely to inform Andrea that she was slightly in error on this score.

“Actually, it’s not quite how we found her, is it Andrea? Because when we arrived she was all gagged and unable to make more than a few muffled sounds. If we’re going to leave her in a similar state to how we found her, then we need to put the tights back in her mouth and wind some more tape around her head.”

As if to illustrate her point, Zoe picked up the massive reel of duct tape from the bedside table and threw it onto the bed. And it appeared that Andrea agreed with her partner-in-crime’s reasoning, as almost simultaneously she retrieved the still scrunched up tights and sat down besides the squirming Stephanie’s head.

“You’re right Zoe. We do need to put things back the way we found them. After all, Steph clearly likes being gagged, so it would be unfair to deny her the pleasure of being silenced once again.”

As the tights made their way towards her mouth, Stephanie tried to back away from Andrea’s approaching hand.

“No wait, this isn’t fair. Please don’t gag me again!”

Unfortunately, not only did her bonds prevent her moving quickly enough, but the fact that both Zoe and Megan were on hand to hold her still, meant that within seconds the still moist hosiery was back in the cavity behind Stephanie’s teeth, and fresh tape was being wound around her head in what seemed like endless circuits. And Stephanie’s argument that, because the keys weren’t in easy reach any longer she wasn’t actually being left in the same condition she’d been in prior to the trio’s arrival, fell on deaf ears; either because the newly reinserted gag made her words incomprehensible, or because they chose to ignore this detail. Taking the previous few minutes into account, she guessed that it was probably the latter.

“There, that should keep you nice and quiet. After all, this is such a peaceful neighbourhood, I’m sure the other residents wouldn’t want their evenings disturbed by some silly girl who decided to bind and gag herself, then found she couldn’t escape, would they?”

Stephanie threw herself across the bed with as much force as she could muster, in the hope that her actions would bring home the fact that she was extremely unhappy about the way events had unfolded. This only seemed to make the errant threesome laugh, however.

“Look, she’s really getting into the swing of it now. She really does love playing the damsel-in-distress, doesn’t she?”

Andrea, Megan and Zoe sauntered nonchalantly towards the door, their sense of mirth uncontained.

“So how long do you think we should leave her here for girls? Twelve hours? Twenty four maybe?”

It was Megan who came up with the answer to Andrea’s enquiry, which all three seemed to agree on.

“I reckon that, as she’s so into being chained up and gagged, it would be cruel to let her out too soon. I would think she’d appreciate forty eight hours at the very least, so that she can really get into the role of being the helpless kidnap victim. We wouldn’t want to spoil her fun, after all.”

With the duration of Stephanie’s sentence agreed upon, the three filed out of the room, and against a backdrop of desperate but muted begging sounds, not to mention much strenuous wriggling and struggling, it was left to Andrea to deliver their parting shot.

“We’ll be back to see how you’re getting on in a couple of days time Stephanie...”

“...That is, if we remember...”

“...Or we haven’t got anything better to do!”

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