A Few Short Tales of Trapped Females

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Child's Play

Kay underestimates the lengths her sons are willing to go to in order to get their own way.


Three boys’ voices whined - almost in unison - as their mother laid down the law.

“I’m not joking! The trip to the cinema this evening is cancelled, and so is your day at the beach tomorrow! I’m fed up with you disobeying my orders and running riot throughout the house! You need to be taught a lesson, all three of you! And if that means stopping your treats, then that’s the way it will have to be!”

“But mum, please....”

“That’s my final word on the subject! Until you learn how to behave, you’re all grounded! Now go and tidy your rooms!”

A trio of very disgruntled, not to mention crestfallen boys filed out of the room under Kay’s steely glare.

“And don’t come down again until I say so!”

Kay sat down with a cup of coffee and tried to calm down. The thirty three year old single parent was having a nightmarish week, and most of her woes could be attributed to her three sons; Lee (fifteen), Neil (twelve) and Aidan (ten). It was the second week of the school summer holidays and she’d planned a couple of outings for them all this week; first to see a film at the nearby cinema, taking in something to eat along the way, followed by a day out at the seaside. She’d thought they’d appreciate that.

But how did they repay her? By acting like the kids from hell. It was bad enough that collectively they’d flooded the bathroom, broken two cups and a plate, trampled on her freshly planted flowers in the garden, torn one of the living room curtains by swinging on it, and scratched the paintwork in the hallway by means unknown. But the final straw had been the breaking of the shed window with their football – especially after she’d forbade them from playing in the garden and told them to go to the local park instead. For a single mother working every available hour to make ends meet, each penny was vital – especially since her husband had walked out on her almost six years ago - so all the extra expense involved in repairs and replacements was just too much of a financial burden to bear. There was only one thing for it; she would have to claw the money back by stopping their pocket money and cancelling their days out.

Kay seethed for a good half an hour, but then she began to mellow slightly. She still felt she was right in curtailing this week’s activities, but when Aidan, her youngest, sheepishly poked his head around the living room door, instead of snapping at him and telling him to go back to his room, she smiled weakly, hoping that this would go some way towards healing the rift.

“Hi darling, sorry I shouted at you earlier, but I’m not changing my decision on the...”

He cut her off in mid-sentence, however.

“That’s ok mum, no problem.”

With hindsight, this nonchalance should have alerted Kay to the fact that he was up to something. But at the time she was just thankful that he didn’t start arguing and pleading for her to relent. She breathed a sigh of relief, before refocusing her attention back on the magazine she’d been reading.


Aidan’s voice sounded tentative, as if not sure how to broach the subject he had in mind. She looked up.

“Will you play a game with me?”

This wasn’t what Kay was expecting at all, and part of her wanted to tell him that she wasn’t in the mood for games, and to go and ask his brothers instead. But she didn’t want to alienate him by being unkind, and another part of her felt guilty at stopping his days out. So she gave in.

“Alright, what do you want to play?”

She was expecting him to choose one of his video games, or even one of the board games he was fond of. So his answer took her aback somewhat.

“Cops and robbers.”

Kay must have looked bemused, because Aidan immediately started to explain.

“You know, like you used to play with Lee and Neil when they were younger.”

So it was a role-playing game he wanted. Kay could vaguely recollect going along with some such game a few years ago, but the details were a bit hazy. For a few seconds she contemplated backing out, using the fact that she had housework to do as an excuse, but then decided to go along with his scheme. He’d soon get bored and wander off in search of more interesting pursuits, she figured.

“Ok, what part do I play?”

“You’re the robber and I’ll be the cop. I catch you robbing a bank and I arrest you. You try to get away and I have to handcuff you.”

From his pocket, Aidan produced a set of toy handcuffs which Kay recognised as originally belonging to Lee. Replicas of real, if slightly old fashioned, police handcuffs, these bracelets of steel appeared authentic enough to the untrained eye. But Kay knew that there was an easy release mechanism which the wearer could quickly activate to regain their freedom. She’d seen the boys putting the cuffs on each other in their games many times in the past, and had even been persuaded to try them on herself once or twice. So she knew that she could get out again, and therefore had no qualms about playing the villain. What harm could it do? Especially if it kept at least one of her offspring out of mischief for a while.

“Ok, so how do we start? I have to pretend to rob a bank, right?”

Aidan seemed to have the storyline already worked out, however.

“No need for that, mum. I’ve already caught you red-handed, so I’m going to take you into custody. You try to run away by going upstairs, but I catch you and put the cuffs on you. That ok?”

The bit about fleeing upstairs seemed a bit weird to Kay. But it was Aidan’s story, so who was she to question a child’s harmless imagination?

“Ok Aidan, but I can only play for a few minutes, as I’ve got lots of housework to do.”

Aidan held the handcuffs out in front of him. All of a sudden he was in character and talking in a deep, authoritative voice.

“I am arresting you for attempted robbery. You do not have to say anything...”

As he started reading her rights, Kay decided that this was her cue to abscond. Making a dash for the door, she hurried along the hallway, before mounting the stairs two at a time. From behind, she could hear Aidan following her, shouting “Stop thief!” But now what was she supposed to do? Kay stopped at the top of the stairs.

“It’s a fair cop, guv. You got me.”

She held her arms out in front of her, waiting for the cuffs to be applied.

“Not like that.” Aidan announced, now back to using his normal voice. “I need to call for backup, so first I have to make sure you don’t run off again. Sit down against the post.”

He beckoned to the stout wooden banister pole that stood directly at the top of the stairs. For a second or two, Kay baulked at the idea of being shackled to this immovable object. But it was only a game, after all. And even with this added hindrance, she was still certain that she would be able to free herself whenever she wanted. Not wishing to be a spoilsport, she complied.

“Put your hands behind the post.”

Again, Kay momentarily hesitated at the realisation that she was going to have her hands fettered behind both her back and the post. But in a flash, Aidan had knelt down beside her and was pulling her arms around the makeshift mooring point, and before she knew what was happening, the sound of two sets of ratchets clicking into place, one after the other, informed her that it was too late to back out now. Being toys, the cuffs were really meant to accommodate children’s hands, and dug deeply into her flesh, despite the fact that Kay’s wrists were slim. She was just glad that she didn’t have to stay manacled like this for too long. Aidan rose to his feet, and for several seconds stared down at his mother, a smirk of satisfaction etched on his face.

“Ok, so what happens now?”

Aidan turned and headed away from his prisoner along the landing.

“As I said, I need to call for backup.”

As Kay watched, Aidan knocked first on Lee’s bedroom door, then on Neil’s. He called out to his siblings.

“It’s all done. I’ve taken her into custody.”

At once, both doors opened and Kay’s two elder children appeared, both grinning from ear to ear. It was Lee who spoke first, however.

“Well mum, fell right into our little trap didn’t you? Looks like we will be going to the pictures this evening, after all.”

At first Kay assumed that this was all part of the game. But as she studied the three smug faces that looked down on her, she got the feeling that there was something sinister afoot. Twisting her wrist around, she tried to locate the button on the handcuffs that would facilitate her escape. Two things became immediately apparent, however. Firstly, the two bracelets seemed to be welded closer together than she remembered them, making it extremely difficult to manoeuvre her hand into a position whereby she could operate the release mechanism. And secondly, even when the tip of one finger of her right hand did manage to find its target, the expected push-button wasn’t where it was supposed to be; a solid metallic dome having taken its place. What had happened here? She tried again, this time contorting her left hand around to touch the cuff encircling her right wrist. But again she was met with the same result.

The way Kay remembered the handcuffs, was that the bracelets were connected to each other by a two link chain, approximately one inch in length. Each cuff was formed from slightly more than a semi-circle of gunmetal grey solid steel, onto one arm of which, a hollow, hinged cylindrical tube of the same metal was fixed. Close to the other end of this tube, a small hole was located, which, when pushed down, married up to the second, ratchet toothed arm of the cuff. Once closed, there were only two methods of releasing the ratchets and allowing the unfortunate victim to remove their hand. One was through the use of a small key, the corresponding hole for which was situated half way along the cylinder of each bracelet. The other was through the release button, located on the unhinged end of the cylinder. And it this latter technique that Kay had been banking on using to regain her freedom. As the boys were about to explain, however, certain modifications had been made to deter any such intentions. Lee, the eldest, seemed to be the mastermind behind the project, and was keen to provide details.

“You may notice slight differences to the handcuffs from when you last saw them. That’s because we’ve made a couple of alterations.”

Kay didn’t like the sound of this, and strained still harder to push down on the elusive button.

“You can struggle all you want mum, there’s no way out. As I was saying, we’ve made them escape-proof in two ways. Firstly, we’ve interlinked the two cuffs together, making them much more rigid and restrictive. But the really clever bit is that we’ve concealed the release buttons so that you can’t free yourself.”

Kay twisted her neck around as best she could, and tried to peer over her shoulder to view the cause of the obstruction. With such limited scope for movement, however, it was impossible to catch sight of her hands. Fortunately, Lee was more than willing to elaborate.

“Do you remember those aluminium tubes that great-uncle Tony used to keep his cigars in?..”

Kay did indeed recall that her now deceased relative had smoked Cuban corona cigars, which came in individual metal tubes. When he was quite young, her second son Neil had been fascinated by these containers, with their different brand names printed on the side, and his great-uncle had kindly given him several of these empty cases to keep. For a while they’d been displayed on his bedside table, but it had been a year or two since Kay had seen them, and she’d assumed that maybe he’d thrown them away. It was about to transpire that another purpose had been found for two of them, however.

“...Well we found a new use for them. We bored a small hole in each tube, close to the tip, then placed them over the arm of the handcuffs. With the hole lined up in the correct position, you can still close the cuff and lock it. The only difference is that the button to get yourself out again is now covered and no longer usable. In other words, you’re stuck like that. Clever, eh?”

So that was what the unyielding domed surface that her fingers had encountered was! But why had they done this? Kay tried to convince herself that this was all still part of a game. Ok, they were teaching her a lesson for cancelling their outings, but they’d let her go in a minute...wouldn’t they? Much as she wanted to believe that this was the case, a sense of unease was slowly creeping over her. But she was determined not to let this manifest itself, so tried to make light of the situation.

“Ok boys, you’ve had your fun. Now let me out of this please.”

Again it was Lee who acted as spokesman for the trio.

“I don’t think so mum. You need to learn that you can’t promise us things then suddenly change your mind and go back on the deal. We’re going to the cinema today, and you’re not going to be in any position to stop us.”

Three stony faces looking down at her, informed Kay that this was not a game, and that she was in big trouble here. Time to negotiate.

“OK boys, let me go and I promise you can go to see the film. Is that what you want?”

Aidan, it seemed, was willing to accept.

“Maybe we should let her go...”

But he was quickly dissuaded by his brothers.

“You can’t trust her Aidan. She’ll promise you anything to get us to release her, but the minute she’s free, she’ll reverse her decision again and forbid us from going out...probably for the rest of the holidays! We’ve come too far to back out now. We’ll have to leave her here while we’re out.”

At the realisation that her planned captivity was to be long term, Kay made a desperate attempt to get to her feet. She was thwarted from doing so in two ways, however. One was the horizontal handrail, running at right angles to the pole, which prohibited her from slipping her manacled hands over the top of her anchoring post. The other was the hands of three strong boys, who quickly subdued their mother/captive, pushed her back down into a sitting position and kept her there.

“Hold her down while I get something to stop her moving about.”

Lee rushed downstairs, whilst his brothers did everything in their power to keep their mother from struggling. With Aidan pushing down on her shoulders and Neil holding her legs together, despite her ongoing crisis, Kay found herself marvelling at just how strong they had become. But with her eldest son temporarily absent, she sensed an opportunity to work on her two younger boys, in the hope that they were less enthusiastic about this whole project, and could perhaps be persuaded to let her go. Neil soon brought her hopes crashing down, however.

“Come on boys, is this really the way to treat you mum? Please, stop this now and let me out.”

“No chance. We’re going out tonight and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Kay was just about to attempt to appeal to Aidan’s better nature, when she was interrupted by the sound of Lee bounding back up the stairs. When he entered her field of vision, Kay noticed to her horror that he was carrying a ball of garden twine and a reel of grey duct tape.

“Hold her ankles together while I wind this around them.”

Although she knew it probably wasn’t in her best interests to lose her temper, Kay’s level of anger, coupled with a severe panic attack which had been steadily building up over the past few minutes, now got the better of her. Bucking and twisting as best she could, she screamed at her three wayward children.


Her demand - or was it a desperate plea? - fell on deaf ears, as despite her attempts to hinder the binding process, within no more than two minutes her legs had been bound together , not only at the ankles, but at three further points higher up her legs; the taut twine biting into her flesh even through the soft but clinging fabric of her leggings.

“There, that should stop you getting to your feet. You’d only hurt yourself, so it’s for your own good anyway.”

Although both furious at the treatment being meted out to her, and fearful as to where this was leading, Kay managed to calm herself down enough to beg for leniency.

“Come on guys, please don’t do this to me. I promise I’ll allow you go to out tonight.”

Lee’s response, however, sent a chill rushing up her spine.

“Sorry mum, but we’re in charge now. You’re staying there until we decide otherwise.”

Kay’s fury erupted.


At this outburst, Lee turned to Neil.

“You know something? I’m getting fed up hearing all this noise. Go and get a face flannel from the bathroom, will you?”

Neil duly did as he was told, whilst Kay squirmed in her helplessness. Within seconds he was back and handing the requested item to Lee, who immediately scrunched the soft towelling material up into a tight ball. He knelt down beside his mother, whose voice now exhibited a slight tremor of fear.

“What are you going to do with that?”

It was a question that Lee answered with actions rather than words, as he swiftly brought the cloth up to Kay’s lips, and without warning pushed the offending object into her mouth. Kay tried to keep the slightly damp ball out, but in her present state she was powerless to prevent the insertion of the gag into the cavity behind her teeth.

“Quick, give me the tape.”

Neil handed the thick, elephant-grey tape to his brother, and both he and Aidan watched as their elder sibling swiftly covered Kay’s mouth with the instantly bonding strip, before wrapping it several times around his shocked and terrified mother’s head. Ripping the tape from the reel with his teeth, he smoothed down the end to ensure it wouldn’t come away from the layers beneath.

“That should stop you making a commotion and drawing attention to yourself.”

Kay tried to protest and recommenced her screaming. But now the volume level produced was merely a pale echo of her former attempts, and came out as nothing more than a muffled, incomprehensible whisper.

“Not so loud and bossy now, are you?”

Kay leant backwards against the post and despairingly tried to rub her swathed head against the wooden anchorage, in the hope that maybe she could snag the tape and thus remove it from her flesh. It was a forlorn hope, of course, and would probably have taken hours to actually remove the sealant entirely. But one thing it did achieve was to alert her sons to a weakness in the overall design of their mother’s bondage. Ever the inventive one, Lee soon had a remedy for the problem.

In a state of shock, Kay could only look on as he briefly entered her bedroom. He must have quickly found what he was looking for, because in an instant he’d returned carrying something black and limp in his hands. Before Kay knew what was happening, one leg of this pair of her own tights had been placed on the crown of her head and swiftly pulled down to her neck.


Kay’s long, drawn out despairing plea was once again ignored, as Lee looped and knotted the unused leg around the post at the back of her neck, thus further securing his victim to her berth.

“There, that should prevent you from working the tape loose.”

Now with the fight well and truly knocked out of her, Kay gazed out through the mesh of her own hosiery at the hazy image of three figures who seemed delighted with their handiwork.

“Come on, let’s leave mum to ponder the error of her ways. It’ll soon be time to be off. We don’t want to miss the start of the film.”

The boys returned to their bedrooms to get ready for their outing, leaving Kay to struggle and yell for her freedom. But it was hopeless, and before she knew it her offspring were heading downstairs.

“Oh, by the way mum, we’ll need some money for tickets and our meal, so I’m going to have to raid your purse. Hope you don’t mind!”

Whether Kay minded or not was an irrelevance, of course, and seconds later a chorus of “Bye mum” and “See you later” accompanied much laughter at her expense, as the stricken woman made one final appeal for mercy.

“Where do you fancy going to eat? McDonald’s? KFC? Pizza Hut?”

Lee’s words were the final thing Kay heard, before the slamming of the front door informed her that she was now alone.

Shock, anger, fear, despair, bewilderment, dismay; Kay experienced all these emotions over the next few hours, as she continued to do battle with her bonds. They’d certainly done a thorough job in ensuring that she stayed exactly where they’d left her, that was one thing she couldn’t dispute. But how could they do this to her? Where did they get the idea of holding her captive from? Was it a spur of the moment thing, or had this been planned in advance?

Kay couldn’t believe that her own sons - who she still thought of as her little boys - could be so cruel and heartless that they’d leave her trussed up with no way out for...well, how long would it be? Kay tried to work out how long it would take them to get into town on the bus, get something to eat, walk to the cinema, watch the film, then walk back to the bus stop and get home. It was difficult to gauge with any degree of accuracy, but Kay came up with a guess of around four hours. FOUR WHOLE HOURS! During which time she would remain completely and utterly trapped; unable to move or summon assistance, and with her sight restricted and blurred by a pair of her own tights worn in unorthodox fashion. So if they’d left the house at around four o’clock, that would mean they’d be back around eight, wouldn’t it?

Although not able to see a clock from her vantage point, Kay tried to keep track of time as best she could. After what she optimistically assumed to be about four hours had come and gone, however, she began to wonder if she’d miscounted. But when, after what seemed like two more interminable hours had elapsed, the light from the landing window began to fade and they still weren’t back, her sense of unease, which had been present throughout her time in bondage, began turning to dread. Even through the obscuring mask of nylon, the fact that this summer’s evening was fading into night let her know that it was by now at least nine o’clock. Where were they? Had something happened to them? All manner of scenarios played in her mind, none of them of a particularly pleasant nature.

Kay tried to stay calm, but as the minutes ticked by, and the light declined still further, she started doing something that she’d given up on an hour or two ago, namely struggling and pulling on her manacled wrists, in the hope that - somehow - she could now achieve a freedom that had earlier proved elusive. Supplementing her endeavours with the occasional scream for help, Kay fought on until she had exhausted herself. Yet still the house remained silent.

By the time the sound of voices finally reached her ears, it was almost completely dark and Kay was in despair. Her joy and relief at hearing the door open and three high-spirited voices entering the house knew no bounds. They were safe, that was the main thing. And now, at last, they could release her.

But would they?

The light being switched on blinded Kay for a second or two, as the sound of three boisterous boys running up the stairs thundered in her ears. From their laughter and good humoured banter, she guessed that they’d enjoyed themselves. Should she ask to be let out straightaway? Or was it best to bide her time until they were ready to release her? Torn between these alternatives, Kay let out a whimper which she hoped would play upon their consciences. Unfortunately, all this seemed to do was increase their mirth.

“Have you had a good evening mum? We certainly did. The film was great, and there’s a funfair set up in the park behind the football ground, so we decided to go on a few of the rides before we came home.”

So that explained their lateness. But what Kay desired now was her freedom, not excuses for staying out until after dark.

With hindsight, Kay should have realised that things weren’t going to go as she would have wanted. The fact that no effort had been made to remove the tights hood, strip the tape from her face or retrieve the flannel from her mouth, should have set alarm bells ringing in her head. But such was her relief that she was no longer trapped here all alone, that she at first failed to read the signs that release was not imminent. And even after several minutes, when none of her restraints had been touched, Kay still expected that, at any moment, one of them would kneel down beside her and begin untying her legs, whilst another would let her out of the handcuffs. They were still in such high spirits, letting her know all the details about their trip out, that they seemed to have forgotten about her stricken state. Maybe a little reminder was needed, in order to jog their memories.

Through her extremely efficient gag, Kay tried to relay the information that she’d really appreciate being set free now please. But it soon became apparent that anything of this nature was most definitely not on her sons’ agenda. As had been the case earlier in the day, it was Lee who spoke for all three of them.

“Sorry mum, but I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news for you. We were discussing your fate on the way home, and we all agreed that, if we let you go, you’ll cancel our day out at the seaside. So, I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay like this until we get back tomorrow night.”

At first Kay assumed this was a joke... and not a very good one! But she should have known by now that, when it came to her current predicament, they were always serious... albeit with a dash of humour thrown into the mix from Neil.

“And anyway mum, how do you expect us to get the handcuffs off? The key got lost years ago, and even if we could find it, the keyholes are covered by the cigar tubes, so we couldn’t open them that way...even if we wanted to. And as you already know, the release buttons aren’t available. So at some point in the future we’ll have to find a way to cut the tubes off.”

But it was Lee once more, with an air of smugness in his voice, that delivered the verdict that caused Kay to thrash and twist in her bonds like she’d never done before.

“But it’s much too late in the day - and we’re all much too tired - to think about how we’re going to do that tonight. We’ll mull the problem over tomorrow when we’re on the beach and - hopefully- by the time we get home, we’ll have devised a plan to get you out.”

He turned to his brothers.

“Right guys, let’s get some sleep. We’ll catch the 9:15 train to Felixstowe in the morning, so we’ll need to leave here by 8:30.”

How much of this message the two younger boys heard was debatable, because Lee was competing against the hysterical screams of his very unhappy mother at the time. And despite her gagged state, Kay won this noise making contest hands down. But Lee remained unimpressed by his parent’s vocal prowess, and was ready with a bit of gentle persuasion in order to convince her that quietening down might be in her best interests.

“You know what mum? If we don’t get any sleep because of that racket you’re making, we’re not going to be in the best of moods in the morning. Which in turn could lead to your sentence being extended beyond tomorrow evening.”

Shell-shocked beyond belief, Kay whined and whimpered while her sons in turn used the bathroom, then closed their bedroom doors for the night; each yelling out “goodnight mum” as a parting shot. Lee, being the last to retire, switched the landing light off, leaving an incapacitated and deeply troubled woman alone with her thoughts in a sea of blackness.

Too scared to call for help, lest the threat of an extension to her misery be put into practice, Kay resigned herself to a further elongated period of immobility and helplessness.

The events of the day churned around in her head. What had actually happened today? How had a relatively normal family life suddenly turned into something so sinister? When had her boys - not so long ago carefree and innocent - turned into cruel sadists, who cared not a jot for their mother’s feelings or well-being? And what had been the catalyst for this change? Had she missed the telltale signs that would have forewarned her that something of this nature was in the offing? Kay racked her brain, trying to find credible reasons for why they’d suddenly turned into monsters, yet could come up with nothing to explain this change of attitude towards her.

But that was all in the past now. What about the future? Was this how things were going to be from now on? Had a precedent been set? Had her sons realised that they now ruled the roost, and all they had to do was tie their mother up and gag her whenever they wanted her out of the way? Was she destined to be a virtual prisoner in her own home from now onwards; never quite knowing when, or for how long, she would be held in inescapable restraints? She had no answers to these, or the myriad other questions that swam around her perturbed brain and forbade her from getting even a minute’s rest.

One thing was for certain, however. The balance of power had irreversibly shifted, and life in her household would never be quite the same again.

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