A Few Short Tales of Trapped Females

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Quite Voluntarily Captured

Imagine if the top UK teleshopping channel QVC (which stands for ‘Quality Value Convenience’) started selling bondage equipment. Here’s how the programme might be broadcast.

The characters in the fantasy you are about to read are both real QVC presenters.

“Ok, now this is a first for QVC. For the final part of this hour we’re going to be showing you something we’ve never brought you before.”

As always, Chloe Everton spoke with enthusiasm about the products she was about to introduce to the viewers of her evening show.

“Tonight, for the first time, we’re going to be bringing you a range of products from Heaven Bound, one of the world’s leading producers of bondage clothing and equipment.”

For a second or two, the blonde presenter’s bubbly demeanour vanished, to be replaced with a look of seriousness.

“Now I realise that bondage isn’t to everyone’s taste, and for some people the thought of tying someone up, or being bound themselves, might seem abhorrent. But there’s a big market for the items we’ve got to show you today, so please try to put aside any preconceptions you might have and judge what we have to offer with an open mind. Please try to remember that these products are designed to be used by consenting adults who want to put a bit of spice into their lives.”

Suddenly the warm vibrancy was back in her voice, and a mischievous smile played on the young woman’s face.

“And I’m delighted to tell you that one of my fellow presenters, the lovely Catherine Huntley, has agreed to model some of the products today. Although I’m not sure she realised exactly what she was getting herself into!”

The scene changed from that of the presenter to a shot of the studio floor. And there, sitting on a yoga mat, was the said Ms Huntley. Bare footed, and wearing a white t-shirt and tight black leggings, a plume of the voluptuous presenter’s dark brown hair issued from the top of her head. But this was the only part of her visible from the neck upwards, as covering her face and head in its entirety was a shiny black hood that appeared to be manufactured from form-fitting rubber. Further down, Catherine’s arms were invisible to the viewers. But belts pulled tightly around her chest and stomach spoke of the fact that her hands were somehow restrained behind her back, as did strapping that issued from her armpits and criss-crossed her shoulders. Further down still, her legs had been bound stringently at the ankles and on either side of her knees with multiple circuits of white rope; the studio lights highlighting these in stark contrast to her black leg-wear.

Briefly, the camera once more focused on Chloe’s still beaming face, then panned out to show her standing over her trussed and motionless colleague.

“Ok, so let me run through the items that Catherine has been put into for you.”

For a few seconds she knelt down and addressed the hooded woman.

“Are you alright in there Catherine? Are you comfortable?”

A muffled, affirmative “aha” and a nod of the head - neither of them totally convincing - issued from the hood. Chloe returned her gaze towards the camera, and as she did so, cupped one hand up to her mouth and whispered, mock-theatrically,

“We told Catherine we’d let her out after the show, if she couldn’t escape on her own...That might have been a little bit of a fib!”

She winked, and faint laughter could be heard in the background from the studio crew, although it was noticeable that the helpless Catherine shifted uneasily when she heard this announcement.

“But anyway, back to the items that Catherine is modelling. Let’s start with the hood. It’s fashioned from wonderfully soft latex, and as you can see it fits snugly around her head.”

Chloe put her hand on Catherine’s chin, and gently got the sightless woman to turn around, so that the back of her head could be seen.

“As you can see, it laces up at the back of the head and buckles shut at the neck. Apart from the gap at the top for her hair, the only other openings are these two tiny holes that align with the nostrils. That’s why it’s important to make sure the laces are really tight, so that the holes don’t slip away from the nose and stop your prisoner breathing. If you look closely at Catherine’s face, you’ll see that the fabric adheres to the contours of her skin.”

As she said this, she urged her compliant cohort to turn her face frontwards again, just as the camera zoomed in to highlight the fact that Catherine’s cheek bones and eyelids were clearly visible beneath the tight fitting mask. This image remained for several seconds, before cutting away to the show’s host once more. During this time, Chloe had retrieved an identical head sheath from the worktop behind her, and was holding it for her audience to inspect.

“Another feature which you can’t actually see on the one Catherine is sporting, but which I’ll show you now, is this foam padding built in around the areas of the mouth and ears.”

As she spoke, she turned the unused hood inside-out, to reveal the wadding.

“This ensures that both incoming and, more importantly, outgoing sounds are muffled.”

She looked down at her colleague.

“Isn’t that right, Catherine?”

From somewhere beneath the hood, an incomprehensible reply informed the watching public that the latter was indeed the case. Chloe hardly seemed to notice, however, as she launched into her prepared sales spiel.

“137713 is the item number if you’d like to order this fantastic addition to your bondage gear. If you buy this in the shops it will cost you £75.00, but we’re offering it to you today for just £68.49 plus £4.49 postage and packing. Or if you’d prefer to spread the costs, you can get it on three easy monthly payments of £22.83. Don’t forget, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it within thirty days and get a full refund. All you’ll pay is the postage.”

Without a pause, Chloe began describing the next item.

“Now, believe it or not, Catherine is also modelling this next piece of bondage equipment, although you can’t actually see it.”

She held out something in front of her for the camera to zoom in on. It was a bright red rubber ball, approximately an inch and a half to two inches in diameter, from opposite sides of which two leather straps sprouted; one punctuated with several holes, the other finishing in a metal buckle.

“It’s a ball-gag, and it’s the main reason why Catherine is having trouble speaking right now. Let me demonstrate how it works. You just slip the ball between your teeth, like so...”

As she spoke, she pushed the hard rubber sphere as far as it would go into her mouth.

“...and then do the straps up at the back of your head.”

The last part of this instruction was far from coherent. But fortunately her actions conveyed the message clearly, as Chloe pulled the straps as tightly around her head as they would go, then secured the buckle. Another stifled message followed.

“As you can tell, speech is almost impossible now.”

She quickly released the buckle and pulled the ball from her mouth.

“So this is a must for anyone who wants to keep their partner or playmate quiet. I should warn you though, that it can make your jaw ache after a while. Isn’t that right Catherine?”

For the first time in a couple of minutes, the camera focussed on the hooded and helpless Catherine, still sitting on the studio floor. She attempted to answer her fellow presenter’s enquiry, but her words came out even more muffled than Chloe’s had; a consequence, presumably, of both the ball-gag and the hood’s padding acting in tandem.

“Now this item is on offer today for just £12.00. The item number is 137714 and delivery is normally within three to five working days. You can order on line at qvcuk.com, by phone, or on our automated Q-Cut service, using the numbers on your screen right now. Or you can simply ‘tap the app’.”

There followed a brief break, during which upcoming programmes were highlighted, featuring jewellery, cosmetics and gardening products. Then it was back to Chloe’s beaming face once more.

“Welcome back. Tonight I’m showing you some of the wonderful products from Heaven Bound, one of the UK’s leading producers of quality bondage and fetish goods. The next item I’ve got for you is the mainstay of any good tie-up experience. It’s a must-have for any true bondage lover. Catherine earlier kindly agreed to model this wonderful garment for us, and it’s the main reason she can’t get out of her bonds right now.”

The image on screen shifted back to the bound woman, still sitting on her yoga mat. Only now, instead of facing the camera with her hands hidden behind her, she was facing away, with her back and arms in full view. At least her arms would have been visible if it wasn’t for the black sheath-like object that swathed her upper limbs from the fingers nearly all the way up to her shoulders, in one continuous envelope of black leather. As always, Chloe was keen to explain this strange device’s restraining properties.

“This is what is known as a single-sleeve arm-binder. As you can see, both Catherine’s arms have been placed inside the mitten, which is then laced up tightly to ensure she can’t escape. For extra security, there are two attached straps which fasten around the wrists and elbows, plus two more that secure around the shoulders, to make it impossible to wriggle out of. On top of that, we’ve added two further leather belts to lash her arms to her body - one at the waist, the other just above her breasts - to make this ultra-secure. I’ll tell you now, Houdini himself would find it difficult to get out of this predicament.”

Inserting her fingers under the strap at Catherine’s elbow, Chloe gave a tug.

“You see how tight and secure this is?”

She then stroked the leather tunnel that veiled her colleague’s forearms.

“And the leather is so gorgeously soft and smooth, pliable yet unbreakable. Am I right Catherine?”

From somewhere a stymied ‘mmphing’ sound rent the studio air, although whether the stricken woman was agreeing with her co-presenter, or begging to differ, remained a moot point. Chloe, however, was keen to show the viewers how effective the restraining powers of this unusual arm-wear could be.

“OK Catherine, if you wouldn’t mind showing the prospective buyers just how trapped you really are...”

On cue, the hindered Ms Huntley began struggling against the unyielding leather sleeve that embraced her arms. Wrenching and writhing, it was clear almost immediately to anyone watching that it was a forlorn endeavour, and that her chances of freedom without assistance were virtually nil. And she must have realised this too, as after no more than a few seconds she ceased her futile struggle and shook her head in defeat. Chloe, however, was already starting to give details of how the potential customer could purchase one of these leather encumbrances.

“The product number for the arm-binder is 137715, and it usually retails at £175.00. But today only, we have a special introductory price of £159.99, plus postage and packing. Or you can pay in three easy instalments of £53.33 if you prefer. The belts you see around Catherine’s torso are sold separately at £10.00 each, and the item number for these is 137716. As with everything, if you get this home and decide it’s not for you, you’ll get a full refund if you return it within thirty days. And even if this isn’t your idea of fun, maybe you know a friend who’s into the kinky stuff. If so, this would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas present.”

She briefly stopped her sales patter and put her hand up to her earpiece.

“I’m just hearing that the hood we saw earlier is almost sold out, so if you fancy this seriously fantastic addition to your bondage wardrobe, then you’ll need to act fast before they’re all gone. And the ball-gag too is now on limited stock, so order now to avoid disappointment. The phone lines are extremely busy at the moment, so your best bet is to use Q-Cut or order via the QVC app, which is free to download.”

Without pausing for breath, Chloe launched into the final item of the hour long programme.

“Ok, there’s just time to show you the final product that Catherine’s been modelling for us. It’s the soft cotton rope that’s been tightly coiled around her legs, before being cinched and securely knotted, so that it won’t slip or come loose.”

As she uttered these words, she helped Catherine adjust her position on the mat by shuffling around on her bottom, so that she was again facing the camera with her legs outstretched before her.

“Ok Catherine, show the viewers how unbreakable those leg bonds are.”

Catherine duly obliged by trying to force her ankles and knees apart, before attempting to slip her feet out of the unforgiving coils. Just like her exploits with the arm-binder, she made no headway, and soon gave up.

“As you can see, if these cords are tied correctly, there’s simply no way your prisoner can get out. And they’re manufactured from the smoothest possible cotton, so they won’t chaff or irritate sensitive skin.”

Then she was back in sales pitch mode once again.

“The item number for these is 137717. As well as the white that Catherine is bound with, they also come in black, blue and red. They are available in two metre, five metre and ten metre lengths, and the prices of each are on screen now. Remember delivery is normally between three to five working days.”

The time was fast approaching nine PM by this stage, and it appeared that Chloe was getting signals from the producer to wrap the show up.

“Well that’s all we’ve got time for this hour. Next up we have two hours of ‘In the Salon’ with Alison Young. I’ll be back at eleven o’clock with more brilliant products from Heaven Bound’s extensive fetish range, including handcuffs, bondage tape and a luxurious leather straitjacket. And if she can get free, my trussed up friend here will be giving her firsthand account of trying out these fabulously sensuous products.”

The camera cut to Catherine one last time. By now she was lying flat on her stomach, wrestling with all her might to free her arms from the leather casing, whilst simultaneously trying to prize her legs apart. Unlike before, these actions didn’t appear to be prompted this time, and seemed to be a genuine - or even desperate - attempt to break out of her bonds. But, of course, all to no avail.

“If she can’t escape...well then it looks like there’s a very long night ahead for Catherine!! And I have to say, it’s not looking good for her at the moment.”

Amidst the laughter audible from the backroom team and camera crew, a distinct squeal of dismay could just be discerned.

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