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My Housemate

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This is the story of Mesh and Romi, two inseparable friends who live together, have each other's back and a secret that could split them up for good! This is a BL. If you are not into it sop reading but if you love it, WELCOME READER. Being Gay Sucks! Literally and figurately! This is the story of Mesh and Romi, two of the most inseparable friends who live together, have each other's back and a secret that could split them up for good. No love story is without a villain and Mesh's own past is the one that is about to hamper him in each and every turn. No, he is not a good boy but when something good is about to happen his own past or pasts would show up and threaten his very existence. Romi is a mystery. He is a vocal homophobe and Mesh's best friend. He finds man t man romance unnatural and there is nothing that can change his opinion. What does this guy do when he finds out that his best friend is gay? Well, find out What happens next in the rest of the story! Keep on reading.

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Chapter 1- Awkward



Being Gay Sucks! Literally and figurately.

I am well past the age of having random sex with strangers but if you are gay then the chance of settling down in India with another guy is basically nonexistent. I have lost count of how many times I have tried to get someone to like me for me but when your father is one of the biggest jewelry merchants in India...

Well, it is what it is and there is literally nothing that I can do about it. At least I am not the only one in my own family who hates this. My eldest brother, RU (Short for Rudra), joined the army at the age of 21. He, rather be, in the frontiers than stay home to sit in an office.

I wish I was more like him the solid Army Major who even with his wild antics is still pride. If it was allowed he would have emancipated from our family long ago. Now our house is his vacation home.

While Ki (Short for Kirit) is married with 2 kids working with dad to build the empire. He is the pride of my Dad, married the girl dad chose for him and also is the one who is currently running his empire.

I wish I can hate Ki. Really! The guy is everything that my father wanted his sons to be and yet he is the one always threating to leave dad any and every time he threatens to cut me and Ru off his will.

I probably would have kept on reminiscing the past if the alarm on my phone had not gone off. Shit, I drag myself off the bed leaving Mr. Mehra there and hurriedly dress up.

“Leaving already?” Asked a sleepy Mehra.

“Yes. Work.” I explain while putting on the socks.

“Last night, it was good. Should we do it again?”

“Sure. Tonight?”

“Nahi... Nahi... (No...No..) When I am in town next time.”

“Sure give me a call. But no promises... I might not be free.”

“I doubt that who would not want a repeat of last night. He...He...”

Who would want it? You only got the chance as I was horny and my regular blew me off to spend time with his wife.

I know shameful. But at least he is young and fun. This guy fell asleep before I had a chance to do anything other than giving him a blow job.

Time to leave for office. I give him a false name and number to call me and rush out.

As I hail my cab, I mentally prepare myself of the lies I would tell Romi, my boss, and My housemate.

An Hour Later

I prepare myself as I step into the company. Not that I am scared of Romi it is just that I am in awe of his reach.

The Simple Truth is currently what it is because of the man who refuses to bow down. The news paper is one of the best in the country as We have no qualm to own up when we are wrong.

Take the dowry case for instance. While every newspaper in the country was working the sad girl angle only Romi opted for a two pong investigation where he would only post the great achievements of the girl in his paper while our other team would look into the possibility of it being something else.

And Romi won again. The girl was already married and to save their own asses the brides family threw the groom and his parents in jail.

Romi is perfect. If only he was not a homophobe.

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