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My Housemate

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Chapter 2 - Caught


Mesh POV

“Mr. Mahesh Amarkanth Duggal, please cite your reasons for being late this time.”

WoW! Someone is in a bad mood. I mean calling me by my full name.

“Well, Sir. I had a rough night pleasing the clients and then decided to take a break. You know cannot make a beautiful lady cry. I mean, Who would not want a taste of this.”

Romi just shook his head. He is not like your average man. In terms of looks, he is a perfect specimen for those Indian Matrimonial adds for the good looking and rich groom but his temper is legendary. This has ensured that no girl would stay away from him.

When he first started making a name for himself, he would ire secretary after secretary as most were aiming for the title of Mrs. Achariya. The poor guy was literally working himself to death when he chance met me at a pub one night.

I was homeless AGAIN! This is all thanks to my dad who thanks to my antics threw me out of his home for the fourth time that year. I was looking at my cell phone looking for a victim who would let me stay with them. You would not believe how difficult it was especially since most of them are married or have a girlfriend. Also, this is not my first rodeo.

In that dark time in the night club walked in Romesh Achariya. He tapped me in my shoulder and heard my grievances (Infusing Dramatic BackGround Music). Then, not only did Romi offer me a job, albeit as his secretary but also a room in his house to stay.

It has been 4 years but I am yet to spend a night homeless out in the street. No matter how angry he is with me I still have a roof over my head. I cannot lose him.

I was planning to explain things further but he rudely interrupted me and said,

“No time for your excuses get ready as we are going to meet with a client.”

“Anyone I know.”

“Probably not. Out of Towner. There he is Mr. Mehra this way.”

Shit!!! It is the old man again. He has seen me so no use of hiding.

Well, then how bad can it be. He cannot come out and confront me, can he?

2 hours later

Why do I never think things through? What was I thinking really? This creep is really perverted. He was eyeing me the whole meeting and trying every possible chance to grab my attention.

You are 29, Mesh. When will you grow up?

After the meeting was over I left the room in a hurry.

“Please tell me it was not his daughter you slept with last night?”

“No, it was not.”

“Then why did he was he so interested in you?”

“No clue.”

“I am warning you, Mesh...” started Romi in a hard tone, then sighed and added, “Be careful buddy.”

Yup, that is Romi for you the guy loves me too much to wish ill. Now, how to get out of this jam!

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