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My Housemate

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Chapter 3 - Boom!


Romi’s POV

He is Late! Again! He is lying, Again. If only this guy was not as competent I would have kicked his butt, a long ago. But no, He is the best housemate and employee a guy can ask for just a sexaholic if that is a word!

I can sense his lies that are the perks of living with him. From the time he has met Mr. Mehra is behaving awkwardly. I do not know why it is that he finds it necessary to lie but he does not tell the truth.

After office hours, as Mesh rush off again I decide to follow him.

Just for his own safety.

Mesh’s POV

Mehra is seriously freaking me off. I don’t know how he got to know my number now he is demanding me to meet him.

This is not the first time my one nightstand has walked into my office but it is the first time someone thought that they can fuck over me.

I never backed down from a fight and Mehra is seriously deluded to think that he has the power to do so.

Romi’s POV

Something is wrong Mehra met Mesh in the restaurant of his hotel and after a few minutes of his insane bravado my friend paled. After that, he seemed to threaten Mehra and leave but was followed by Mehra who did not seem to leave him alone.

What the heck Mehra pulled Mesh in the lift! Ok enough. I need to go in.

Mesh’s POV

The man is crazy. He has made a sex tape of me and him. Is he nuts? Does he even know that he would lose more if this comes out? I really want to know what he is playing at.

As he pulls me into the elevator, I go in with feigned reluctance as I want to know what his deal is.

“You may think that I am the one with much to lose but you would not be unaffected as well. After all your Daddy would not be happy at all if he sees the video.”

Shoot forgot all about that. Dad may be upset but mom would die. This is not happening.

“Come on just be with me now and then and no one but us needs to see it. Come on you know I am more fun.”

I really want to refuse him but am not really sure how to play the next few minutes. For the first time, I am in a panic.

“Come on do not make that face. I am not asking for much and do not even want you exclusively. Just make me a priority when I am round. Now give me a kiss.”

I am going to puke and no one can stop me from throwing up in his face.

He really is going to do it. I need to push him ... away ...

“Step away from him, NOW!!!”

Hi, as you all know Just Round The Corner is coming to an end! Do not panic as I have a good 8-10 or more chapters to go. This is my next story. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

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