Ruin Me

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When Harry's past has come to take his daughter, he can't help but seek help from his dangerous bosses. He never thought things would go as far as his daughter being theirs. But he didn't even want to do anything about it, because they kept her safe and made her happy. If there's one thing Angel would've never thought about was her father lying to her. Will she be able to forgive him and let happiness enter her life, or will she always be the stubborn woman she's been for the past twenty years?

Erotica / Action
Mia R.
4.4 34 reviews
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A U T H O R S - NO T E & C A S T

Hi everyone!

Please make sure you vote, comment and share it with your friends! I just want to thank all of you for reading this book. It honestly means a lot to me.

All rights are mine, everything that happens in this book. Is mine. Yes, there might be names that you have heard before, yes there will be same models or actors you’ve seen before. But you can’t come and accuse me of stealing someone’s book, just because you saw the same name.

If you guys have any questions, you’re all happy to leave a question in the comments. Or if any of you need someone to talk too, I’m here. Mwah!

Thank you <3



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