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Mia R.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Angel’s POV:

“Dad! You won’t believe what just fucking happened!” I yelled out of breath and closed the door behind me and leaned against it and tried to catch my breath. “Dad are you listening!?” I shouted again and made my way to the living room.

“Angel, sweetheart I’m busy right now.” he replied and gestured to the other couch where two gorgeous men were sitting.

“Dad this is important.” I hissed without even greeting the guests he had. “Dad there is a man outside unconscious on our yard.” I joked to try and lighten the mood, but my father only furrowed his eyebrows at me in anger.

“Angel what did you do now god damn it?!” he shouted and stood up and took a step forward which made me let out a blank laugh.

“Okay don’t get angry let me tell you what happened!” I exclaimed and pushed him towards the couch and readied myself from all the scolding I would receive once I tell him what happened.

“ I was walking home from the library I saw an old woman who tried to cross the street but couldn’t and I decided to help her. What I didn’t know was that she was a little bit crazy in her head, because she thought I was trying to steal something from her.” I groaned and slapped my forehead and then continued talking.

“Next thing I know is a fucking Godzilla running behind me saying that I’m a thief, so yeah I started running but then he caught me and... damn that dude was heavy dad.” I laughed and paused and took a deep breath and then continued with my story.

“So than I had to take matters into my own hands and now his unconscious with a broken arm, nose and maybe a broken rib.” I said and looked down feeling guilty now that I said it out loud.

At least now I know all those lessons and training with my dad worked. My eyes traveled to the two Greek gods who were sitting on our living room, they were the most gorgeous men I have ever seen.

‘Gosh, what I’d give to see them naked.’ I thought to myself and licked my lips making the one with the grey eyes raise an eyebrow at me which resulted for me to turn a bright shade of pink. Fuck! When suddenly my thoughts got interrupted by my father’s scolding.

“Angel you can’t do that to people just because they were chasing you, who knows maybe he just wanted to talk and sort things out!” My dad known as Harry Smith scolded me and moved in front of me and placed his finger under my chin and tilted my head up.

“I know it’s just I was scared who knows what he could have done to me, dad.” I blurted and looked at him.

“Nothing is going to happen to you sweetheart I promise.” he comforted and kissed my head and pulled me into a hug.

“Right. Now introduce yourself to the guests.” he consoled and turned me around my back facing towards him, so I could finally see the sexy gods without embarrassing myself. But good lord is this a punishment?

Cause I’m really picturing myself between them as they have their way with me.

“Hi, I’m Angel, nice meeting you.” I babbled and blushed from my thoughts and placed my hand forward to shake it.

They both stood up to greet me and suddenly I felt so damn small. They towered over my petite form of 5′5 inches.

“I’m Xavier and this is my brother Jason.” The blue eyed, handsome one said and gestured towards his brother who grunted and pushed him away and took a step forward.

“Jason, nice to meet you too love.” He introduced himself in a deep rough tone making my insides boil in excitement, I trailed my eyes up and down and my heart skipped a beat when I saw tattoos on his hands and peeking out of his shirt collar.

As you can see I have a weakness for men with tattoos.

“Angel you can go now I have business to handle.” my dad’s voice caught my attention, I turned towards him when he placed his hand around my shoulder.

“Gosh dad you’re so fucking loving.” I sarcastically replied which made the blue-eyed god known as Xavier chuckle while the other sexy god only let out a noise from his throat which I could identify as a growl, guess he doesn’t like cursing.

“Anyway, I have to go because I have a late shift at the bar and Alex called me over.” I said and smiled towards them. “Have a nice evening.” I exclaimed and both gave me a charming smile which I returned with one of my own sheepishly smile.

I made my way up the stairs and entered the first room, which surprise, surprise was my room. My room didn’t contain of anything special. It was an average big room, its walls were painted in black, on the left side of the room there laid my bed, on the right side a desk that I used for work, mainly writing.

There were two other doors in the room, one leading towards my bathroom which of course was in all black. I might be obsessed with black can you blame me?!

The other door lead to my small closet, I had a bunch of clothes, on the right of the closet were the clothes I barely wear, because they were in colors, like white, blue, red and a few pink ones. On the other side there were my favorite clothes ever, black everything was black on the left side.

I changed in some pair of black skinny jeans and a light blue crop top with a leather jacket over with some black heels and made my way downstairs.

I saw that my dad was still talking to Jason and Xavier.

“Dad I’m leaving see you tomorrow in the morning don’t forget what we planned.” I warned and smiled.

“Don’t worry sweetheart I’ll be waiting for you.” my dad answered and made his way towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Goodbye Xavier and Jason it was nice meeting you both.” I gushed and flashed them a smile which they returned.

I started my journey towards my job, a twenty minute walk from my house. I made my way to the club and saw how long the line was I turned around and made my way towards the back door which was in a creepy alley.

I took a left turn which would lead me towards the door behind the club when suddenly I collide against a firm body making me land on my ass on the ground as I hissed from the pain.

“Look where you’re going love.” I heard a rough voice say from above me making my glare at the ground.

“Asshole. Why don’t you watch where you’re going what the hell are you even doing here this is personal entry!” I sneered and looked up to see a man in his late twenties with dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.

“I had business to attend to love what are you doing here?” he asked and narrowed his eyebrows at me and helped me stand up.

“I work here.” I replied and removed my hand from his, because quite frankly he was creeping me out.

“Oh.” came his replay, he gave me a small smile and left without a goodbye or anything.

“Okay.” I awkwardly mumbled to myself and made my way inside and went to the back room to leave my stuff in the locker James has for his workers.

“Angel you’re late!” James scolded when he saw me come out of the room, he was talking to the boy I ran into earlier.

“Sorry but I ran into an asshole earlier who didn’t even bother to apologies.” I hissed and heard a chuckle from the asshole himself.

“I’m sorry love I was in a hurry.” he apologized and walked towards me and stopped right in front of me which made me scoff and glare at him.

“I’m Mason love nice meeting you.” he introduced himself with worth dying smile and I couldn’t help but let myself forgive him and started to introduce myself.

“I-” I got interrupted by his phone rang which he picked up and gave me an apologizing look and turned his back on me and walked away.


I entered the club and moved towards the bar and greeted my co-worker Sam. “Hi Sam, how’s it going?” I asked and gave him a brief hug.

“It’s going smooth. Your friends are over there.” he replied and gestured behind me. Sure enough Alex and Lydia were drinking and dancing on the floor.

Alex and Lydia have been my best friend’s since I could remember, well they’re the only friend I actually have but still. We’ve been through everything together I guess you could say our friendship went a level below when the asshole’s started dating and forgot about me.

A nudge towards my shoulder brought my out of my thoughts, I turned towards Sam who pointed towards a customer that had entered the bar. Ugh work!

“What can I help you with sir?” I asked the man as he came and took a seat in front of me.

“Bourbon please.” he said and kept looking down at his phone.

“Right away sir.” I smiled and went to pour his drink. “Here you go.” I blurted catching his attention he looked up at me and smiled. Cute smile.

“Baby doll, can you get me a drink please.” I heard from my right and turned around, I saw none other than the asshole aka Mason.

“No.” I sneered and turned my back on him and went to grab him a soda just to annoy him. “Here you go loser.” I exclaimed and placed it in front of him to which he just scoffed but drank it anyway.

It was currently around 10 pm and I was serving drinks. I heard a few glasses breaking and grunts from someone which made me turn around and see that Alex was fighting with someone again which cause me to roll my eyes and hop on the counter to get on the other side and go help him.

“Alex stop this instant!” I yelled and the music stopped but that didn’t stop Alex no it made him punch the other guy even harder.

“Alex!” I yelled again and grabbed his arm and pulled him away, but I think he was so angry because next thing I felt was a punch to my cheek which made me spill out blood because I accidentally bite the inside of my cheek.

“Damn it Angel are you alright?!” I heard him yell and come to my side which made me angrier.

“I’m going to kill you.” I cautioned but he didn’t hear which made him furrowed his eyebrows and give me the chance to punch him on his jaw which caused him to lose balance, but the son of a bitch held on the table behind him and stared at me wide eyed which made me grit my teeth.

“You don’t fight in here. So, take your childish fight outside and even kill yourselves for all I care.” I yelled and cleaned the blood with my hand.

“Angel are you alright? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to punch you it’s just he put his hands-on Lydia.” Alex exclaimed and neared me, I just stare at him.

“Where is she then?” I shouted and looked around for her but couldn’t see her anywhere.

“She went home.” He replied making me arch an eyebrow at him. Seriously she left him here to fight?!

“Angel get back to work!” James yelled from the bar and he was serving drinks to the customers now.

“Shit!” I whispered to myself completely forgetting my job.

I went back to the bar and started serving customers again.

“What can I get you sir?” I asked and turned around to be meet with a pair of grey eyes.

“What happened to your cheek?” Jason asked with a frown.

“Nothing.” I replied and looked anywhere but him which cause him to growl and me snap my eyes to him.

“I hate to repeat myself baby girl, but I’ll ask you again. What happened to your cheek?” He insisted and his eyes started to darken and he clenched his jaw which made him look teen times hotter and sexier.

“I-I broke a fight apart which rewarded me by a punch on the cheek.” I blurted and suddenly his eyes started turning darker and his jaw clenched even harder.

“Who was he?” he growled making me just started at him in confusion

“What?” I asked completely confused.

He abruptly stood up and made his was to Mason and grabbed him by the collar and said something to him which caused him to look at me and then answer Jason.

I rolled my eyes to myself so much for trying to get to know them.

When my shift ended, I made way outside out of the back door but the side in front of me broke my heart.

“Alex!” I cried when I saw Jason punch the life out of Alex who could barely breathe.

“Jason stop!” I screamed and made my way to him but was stopped by Mason who grabbed my shoulders and kept me in place.

“Jason, please stop.” I pleaded and tears started streaming down my eyes. “Jason!” I yelled and finally got his attention when he saw me crying he let go of Alex’s collar which cause him to fall on the floor with his eyes closed and blood coming from his mouth and his ripped eyebrow.

“Alex!” I cried and ran and dropped on my knees and pulled him towards me and tried to keep his eyes open. “Alex stay with me please I can’t lose you to.” I panicked, I took my phone out of my pocket and called an ambulance.

“Alex look at me the ambulance is on its way stay with me.” I comforted as he kept whimpering in pain.

“How could you?!” I screamed in frustration at Jason, he looked at me when he was about to say something, the back door opened and Xavier came out when he saw me on the floor crying his eyes darken and made his way towards me.

“Sweetie what happened? Why are you crying?” he urged and keeled down and grabbed my face with his large hands while whipping my tears away.

“Your brother almost killed Alex!” I hissed in anger, he turned towards his brother and glared at him.

“Jason what the hell why did you fucking do this?” he bellowed with a cold tone which made me move away from him when he notice that he turned back towards me.

“Don’t just fucking stand there call an ambulance!” He demanded with hard tone to his bodyguards that came out with him.

“I already did.” I glared but he heard which made him pull me to him and hugged me.

“Everything is going to be okay.” He comforted and rubbed my back.

After a while the ambulance came and took Alex away. I was left alone with only Jason, Xavier and their men, they didn’t let me go with him saying they would drive me. I call bullshit.

“Jason why the hell did you do that for?” Xavier demanded his brother for the hundredth time and Jason looked at me, but he finally snapped out of his trance and gritted his teeth.

“Xavier, he fucking punched her!” He screamed and walked towards me and grabbed my jaw and turned my head, so Xavier could see the blue bruise that was forming on my cheek.

“What!” Xavier yelled and neared me and grabbed my jaw and pushed Jason away. “Angel, are you alright?” He asked and examined the bruise which made me so damn angry.

“I’m perfectly fine assholes why don’t you fucking ask Alex if his fine?! Why the hell did you do that to him?!” I screamed in frustration and turned towards Jason and pushed his chest.

“He didn’t mean to punch me it was an accident! A fucking accident for Christ sake!” I screamed and kept punching his chest, he grabbed my wrists and held them tight and looked me in the eyes with a glare which made me flinch.

“I don’t care if it was an accident no one touches you and gets away with it.” He growled in my face, I tried to move away but he tightened his hold on my wrist.

“Jason let go of her.” I heard Xavier from behind but that didn’t do anything it only made Jason tighten his hold on me and me whimper in pain, my wrists started getting numb.

“Jason let go of me.” I pleaded and tried to pull away but he only pulled me closer. “Jason your s-scaring me.” I stammered which cause him to look down at me and his eyes soften he finally released me while I rubbed my wrists where dark bruises were forming.

“Let’s go love.” Xavier said and put his hand on my lower back and pulled me with him to a black SUV.

“Where are, we going?” I questioned and yawned.

“You’ll be spending the night at our house princess.” Xavier answered and opened the door for me and waited until I got inside.

“I want to go home.” I whispered which caused them both to look at me.

“What?” Jason questioned and turned his body towards me.

“I want to go home.” I insisted a little bit louder.

“Love, you can’t go home. Your father is away for business and he won’t be back for a while.” Xavier said from my right and turned towards him.

“What?” I questioned and wrapped my arms around myself.

“I’m sorry sweetheart but it was important.” He reassured and caressed my cheek while my eyes closed involuntary while enjoying his touch.

“Xavier, I want to carry her.” A voice exclaimed and I felt myself being lifted on someone’s arms.

“Jason shut up you’re going to wake her!” Another voice hissed.

“W-where are we going?” I sleepily stuttered and snuggled more into his chest , his arms tightened around me and I sighed in content.

“In your room love. Go to sleep.” Xavier replied and I felt Jason push a hair behind my ear.

“I’m not tired anymore.” I whispered a total lie, I could barely keep my eyes open I wrapped my arms around Xavier’s neck and put my face in his neck, I could feel him tense which confused me but I ignored it and let my head fall on his chest and his arms squeezed me towards him and I heard them both chuckle.

“Jason go get her a pair of pajamas.” Xavier ordered and placed me in bed while removing the sheets.

“Why me? Go yourself.” I heard Jason whine in a childish tone which made me smile. “Why are you smiling baby girl?” Jason questioned I opened my eyes and gasp in surprise when I saw his beautiful grey eyes near me.

“No reason.” I squealed looking in his eyes, he looked at me intensely.

“I’m sorry baby girl about earlier. I-I just-” before he could finish I placed both my hands on his cheeks which made him stop talking.

“Not now,” I pleaded and stared at his grey darkening eyes which made me gulp.

A few seconds of us just awkwardly looking at each other pasted. He grunted and placed his lips on mine in a demanding and possessive way.

“Okay Jason I got her-” I heard a voice behind Jason which meant it was Xavier making me immediately push Jason away and gasp and start blushing.

Oh, my god, they will probably think I’m a psycho. But I couldn’t help myself his lips were so soft and inviting. He smells so good, god damn it, imagine me having one of them. Keep dreaming bitch, my conciseness said and I hissed at her and blocked her big mouth.

Oh, my god, am I really talking to myself?

“I’m hurt princess I seriously though I was going to be the first one to kiss you.” Xavier said with a mock hurt while placing his hand over his heart.

“I’m sorry I-I should go... I-I-” I stammered and I could feel my heart beating 200 per miles. Oh my god! Before I could stand up to leave the bed Jason grabbed my wrist and made me look at him. He crashed his lips on mine again which caused me to gasp in surprise and his tongue to enter my mouth.

I was pushed backwards on the bed and Jason hovered above me not even breaking the kiss and his tongue started exploring my mouth which cause me to moan and him groan.

“Okay Jason that’s enough I’m getting jealous here.” We heard Xavier behind us which made Jason chuckle and finally pull away, I blushed a deep shade of red.

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