Ruin Me

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Chapter 2

After 3 miles of running I stopped to take a breath and saw that I was...I didn’t know where I was, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that I was dead tired and thirsty. I started walking down the street and saw a coffee shop a few meters away. I quickly walked towards it and entered making the small bell above the door ring.

A girl around my age, stared up from behind the counter. She smiled softly at me, as I neared closer to her. “Good morning, miss. What can I get for you?” she politely asked, I liked her, she wasn’t like the other bitches.

“Just water, please.” I smiled. She nodded and went towards the fridge behind her. Once she handed me the water and told me it cost, $1,80 I handed her the money and bid her a nice day and left the shop.


Running home was pretty easy after I had drunk the water and wasn’t thirst anymore. I entered my house and made my way up the stairs and entered the first room, which surprise, surprise was my room. My room didn’t contain of anything special. It was an average big room, its walls were painted in black, on the left side of the room there laid my bed, on the right side a desk that I used for work, mainly writing.

There was another door in the room, that lead to my small closet, I had a bunch of clothes: on the right side of the closet were the clothes I barely wore, because they weren’t…how do I put it? My style.Don’t even ask why I even have them. It’s just sometimes, it depends on how I’m feeling, you know?

Anyway, on the other side of the closet, the racks were filled with my favorite clothes: black shirts, black jeans, black skirts, black tops and well, basically any kind of clothes you wanted, black everything. I might have a slight obsession, with black, but honestly who doesn’t? It’s just black makes everything more…sexy, beautiful, hot, badass, need I go on more?

I changed in some pair of black skinny jeans and a black crop top with a leather jacket over with some black heels and made my way downstairs. I searched for my dad but found out that the house was deserted I left a note on the counter saying that I went to work and then I left.

I wasn’t really going to work, it’s way too early, I had to be there at 6 pm, and it was only 11 am. So, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called, Alex. “Hello!” he answered on the second ring, with a scream. I pulled the phone away from my ear and grimaced.

“Why, must you always scream?!” I shouted and laughed when I heard him wince.

“Fuck you Angel!” he shouted back.

“Anyway, I’m coming over, so you better not be playing Fortnite or fucking your girlfriend.” I stated and saw a woman that was passing by glaring at me as she pulled her son away. I mouthed a ‘sorry’ and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, Lydia went to buy something to eat, so I won’t be fucking her anytime soon.” He replied and I could just feel the smirk on his face, he’s so disgusting, but it was kind of my fault for starting a conversation like that. I rolled my eyes at myself.

“I’ll be there, in five.” I said and hung up. I ran to the bus stop and sighed when I saw it would be here, in three minutes. Thank god, I didn’t have to wait for that long. I unlocked my phone and opened Instagram just to keep myself busy for the next 180 seconds.

After three minutes, the bus came and I hopped on. I plugged my headphones in and selected a song that would take me away from the world. Soon, enough my stop came, and I got off the bus and started walking towards where Alex lived.

He and Lydia had moved in together a few months ago, and I thanked god, they were still good and not fighting. Because if they ever fought, I had to be the one who had to choose sides, and I hated it.

I pressed the bell and after a minute the door buzzed making me push it. I started climbing the stairs till I reached their floor. I furiously banged on the door and tried to hide my amusement. I’m such an asshole, but I wanted to scare him.

Alex opened the door with a sour look on his face and glared at me. “You don’t even deserve to be allowed to step foot in.” he spoke when I entered the apartment. I laughed and showed him a fake pout.

“When’s Lydia getting here?” I questioned and entered their living room and saw he was indeed playing Fortnite. I turned and stared at him. “Seriously?” I questioned. I don’t even understand the purpose of the game. Have never and would never play it.

“I was bored.” He defended himself, causing me to chuckle. Sure. “She’ll be here any minute, hopefully.” He whispered the last part to himself. He must be hungry.

“I hope so too, I’m also hungry.” I stated and sat down while removing my jacket. I eyed the controller and smirked looking up at Alex. When he saw the look, I was giving him he chuckled and sat beside me and handed me one while he took the one, he was previously playing on.

I know I said I’d never play Fortnite, but that wasn’t meant for other games, in fact I was pretty good at Call of Duty, and Alex hated me for that. “You’re so on, Smith.” He smirked and changed the CD. I removed my heels and sat comfortably on the couch knowing, once we started there was no chance on making us stop.

“I’ll beat you anyway.” I smirked, wanting to anger him. I saw from the corner of my eyes him turn towards me and glare. He knew I wasn’t kidding.

“We’ll see.” He hissed. I chuckled and concentrated on the screen.

“Game on, Jones.” I smirked.


“No!” Alex shouted, when I beat him five times in a row. I laughed out loud but stopped once, the doorbell rang. He glared at me and stayed on his place.

“Fine, I’ll open it.” I rolled my eyes as he kept glaring at me. I don’t understand boys, why can’t they take it when they lose. I smirked and walked towards the front door and opened it. “Hey.” I greeted Lydia, who smiled once she saw me.

“Sup, girl?” she smiled and placed the bags down and threw herself at me. Lydia is dramatic, I swear. She saw me like, two days ago, and she acts as if we haven’t seen each other since last year.

“Lydia, you’re killing me.” I wheezed when she tightened her arms around my neck. She gasped and let go of me and placed her feet on the ground. Yeah, I was freaking holding her up.

“Sorry.” She cutely smiled.

“It’s fine.” I waved my hand at her and helped her by taking a bag from the ground. We entered the kitchen that was attached to the living room only being separated by a semi wall, or some shit like that.

Once she saw her boyfriend sulking on the couch she giggled. “Don’t tell me you beat him again?” I nodded causing us both to laugh out loud. Alex turned towards us and glared making us both stop and try to hide our amusement.

“I fucking hate you both.” He said and rolled his eyes.

After me and Lydia made lunch, we all sat around the small table and started eating. After that we spend the rest of the day watching movies, playing games and having glasses of wine. In the end I convinced them to come at the club tonight, so after work we could have fun.

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