Ruin Me

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Chapter 4

I stared at down at the club and at the dancing bodies. Alex and Lydia still weren’t here but I didn’t care. I was going to have fun by myself. I descent the stairs, and almost squealed, when The Weeknd - Secrets started blasting through the speakers. This is my song!

I pushed myself through the bodies while swaying my hips to the rhythm. Once I made it to the middle of the floor, I raised my hands above my head and slowly stared dancing. I stared up at the lights and felt myself slowly fading away from the world.

After dancing for a few minutes and felt myself out of breath I made my way towards the bar. “Hey, Sam!” I shouted catching his attention. He laughed when he saw me.

“Hey, why aren’t you behind the bar, where you belong!” he shouted back. I laughed and shook my head.

“I’m not working tonight anymore, because-“ I stopped myself. “Not the point!” I shouted. “I need shots!” I shouted and smiled, he nodded and after a minute five shots were placed in front of me.

“Here you go, your highness!” he winked and went to serve another customer. I grabbed the first shot and downed it down my throat. I cough from the burning feeling. I grimaced, why am I doing this to myself?

“Angel!” I heard my name being called from behind, I stared at my last shot and turned to see who called for me with the shot in my hand. I looked as Jason, approached me walking like he just came out of a magazine. I licked my lip and dreamily stared at him.

“Hey!” I shouted and leaned backwards, when he came to close for my comfort. Sure, he was hot, but- you know what fuck it. I downed the last shot and stood up. “You want to dance?” I questioned. “I want to dance! Let’s dance!” I shouted and grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the dancefloor.

I could feel the effect of the drinks starting to kick in. Making myself stumble. I turned my back on him, and grabbed his hands placing them on my waist as I started grinding my ass on him.

Even with all the music blasting through the speakers, I still heard him suck in a breath and felt his hands tighten on my waist. “Fuck.” He groaned in my ear and nuzzled his head in my neck.

I let out a low moan when he placed a kiss on it, I could feel his cock getting harder with each grind. “Oops.” I giggled, making him let out a husky chuckle. I gasped when he bites down on my neck.

“You sure, love playing with fire, baby girl.” He groaned and turned me around. I smirked and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“What you going to do about that?” I teased and ran one hand down his chest towards his erection. He sucked in a breath and his gorgeous grey eyes immediately turned a darker shade.

“Something, we both might regret.” He growled and leaned down. I looked at his eyes through my eyelashes causing him to let out a groan and mumble a low ‘fuck’.

“Try me.” I smirked. He bites down on his lip harshly and pulled away from me. He quickly scanned the bar before looking down at me.

“Fuck you’re such a dirty girl.” He glared at me and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the dance floor. He pulled me towards the bathrooms. He entered the men’s bathroom and glared at the boy who was washing his hands. “Out!” he barked, causing me to giggle.

“What are we doing here-“ I was cut off and slammed against the closed door. He’s lips landed on mine as he moved them in frustration. Oh, we’re seriously doing this? Alright.I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer as my own lips moved with his.


I’m fucked. My hands were roaming her body and all I could think about was ripping her clothes off her body. I grabbed her jacket and pulled it down her arms and threw it on the ground. Her shirt came next.

My lips attached to her neck as I sucked, kissed and bite down on it causing her to let out a moan and arch her back. “I’m going to fuck you so hard.” I husked in her ear causing her eyes to open and look at me.

“Where?” she questioned. I raised an eyebrow at her. Where? What the fuck does she mean- my thoughts stopped working when she pushed me away and went towards the sink and started undoing her jeans. I looked at her in amazement as she slides them down her beautiful legs. He panties followed next and boy did that shit made me almost come in my pants.

I sucked in a breath when she bend over the sink, and spread her ass cheeks and looked at me over her shoulder. “Which is it going to be, daddy?” she questioned causing my breath to stop. “My ass or my cunt?” she smirked.

Holly shit, there’s no way this is the same girl, I saw this morning and a few minutes ago. She must be wasted. I can’t do this. She doesn’t even know what she’s doing. I ran my hand over my face with a groan and glared at the ceiling.

I fucking hate, Xavier for rubbing on me. If she was any other girl, I would’ve already fucked the shit out of her. But this, she is Harry’s daughter. I can’t do that to him.

“Stand up!” I barked causing her to frown. She slowly stood up and turned making my eyes immediately snap up and away from her cunt. “You need to go.” I sighed making her beautiful blue eyes stare at me in surprise.

“W-What?” She questioned.

“Leave.” I groaned. She stubbornly stood in her place. She turned around and bend down grabbing her panties and slowly pulling the up her legs while wiggling her ass.

I could feel, pre-cum leaking out of my cock and my mouth water at the sight, but if she was going to torture me like this any longer, I’m not sure, I can control myself.

“If you don’t want to fuck me, I can find someone else that will.” She glared pushing pass me and walked out of the bathroom.

Sure, the idea of someone else fucking her wasn’t liked from me. But it rather be someone else then me, until Xavier says otherwise. He better be sure this was going to work, or I will shoot him for this.

I walked towards the mirror and stared at myself. My erection was the most obvious thing in the world right now, but I didn’t care. Because I was going to take someone home with me even if that someone couldn’t yet be my baby girl.

FUCK! I punched the mirror causing it to shatter and glared at myself through the small piece that still stood attached to the wall. I walked out of the mirror while harshly breathing and made my way to the dance floor.

All I had to do is: get drunk, take some bimbos back home so I could get taken care off and most importantly forget about Angel fucking Smith.

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