Ruin Me

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Chapter 5


I stood on the second floor of the club, the VIP section. I was looking down at the dancing bodies, once I spotted Jason dancing with two bimbos my eyes rolled on their own accord. He was a fucking asshole.

I sighed and turned towards, Angelo. “Angelo, please make sure my brother is taken care off, while I go and make sure the shipment is in order.” I rubbed my forehead. He came by my side and looked down chuckling.

“I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.” He replied. “Also, be careful.” He said in all seriousness. Right, because I might die, and be set free from all this shit. I nodded and made my way down the hall. I descended the stairs that lead towards the back exit.

I opened the door and saw a bunch of our men on high alert looking around with their guns on their hands. I stared at the man in front of me. Dimitri freaking Blikov, a fucking asshole is what he is. He stood in front of me smirking.

“Xavier Young, it’s nice to see you again, my friend!” he spit the word ‘my friend’ with venom and opened his arms as if I was going to hug him. I clenched my jaw but forced a smile to remain on my face. Calm down, Xavier, just get the guns and that’s it.

“It’s nice to see you too, Dimitri.” I replied and neared him. I grabbed his outstretched hand I shook it and let go after a minute. “So, is everything ready?” I questioned. He smirked and gestured to his man that stood by his side. He leaned down and whispered something in Dimitri’s ear.

“My man tells me everything is ready. The truck behind you, is where the guns are.” He pointed behind me. I nodded, I won’t turn around and give him the opportunity to kill me this soon.

“That will be all, then.” I nodded. I waited until he turned around, but he stood there looking at me. I raised my brow in question.

“I don’t want to have problems here, Xavier.” He sighed and leaned against his car and rubbed his forehead while looking down. “But my men tell me that your brother has been causing trouble in my clubs.” He said. I felt my blood boil in anger, he was looking for trouble. My fists clenched by my side.

I looked around and ran my hand through my hair. We were outnumbered thanks to my idiot brother, who only thought this his dick. But, even if I came out dead, I knew that we could take them.

“Neither, do I.” I replied. I sighed, “What do you suggest we do?” I knew I was an asshole for even doing this to Jason, he would be pretty pissed when he’s sober, tomorrow.

“Well...” he trailed off with a smirk. I didn’t like that look, I knew he was going to suggest something that would cause me and my brother to drift apart. “You could take his place, be the boss and not the asshole that fixes everything.” He shrugged.

I knew, why everyone of our allies wanted Jason gone, he was a dumbass and caused trouble everywhere he went. But I couldn’t do this to my brother. I looked at him and before I could respond, the door behind me burst open making all the men point their guns at the person. Heck, even my gun was out and pointed at the person, or rather girl.

Angel, she looked like she had fallen from heaven. She had a cute little frown on her face as she looked at us. “Oh, I’m sorry. Were you guys busy with something?” she cutely frowned and took another step back. “I’ll just leave and let you guys film again.” She giggled and held on the door knob for support.

Filming?Did she really think we were filming? That was the funniest and craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I chuckled and put my gun behind my back and raised my hand gesturing for my men to put their guns down. Once, their guns were down, I saw Dimitri order his men to put their guns down too.

I walked towards her and frowned. “You, can stay.” I calmly spoke and took her arm. She attached herself to me like a kitten. I frowned when I smelt alcohol on her, damn she’s drunk. Of course, that’s why she fucking thought we were filming. Heck, I might look like prince charming in her vision right now.

I held on her arm and turned towards Dimitri. “I’ll think about it.” I said. He nodded back and his man opened the car door as he entered and drove away. All his men got in on the other cars, and in a few minutes, there were only my men, Angel and I present. “Alright, guys. Make sure everything is in there and look for anything suspicious!” I barked and started tugging her behind me.

Once the door was closed behind us, I was roughly pushed against the wall. Before I could even think of what’s happening, I felt the vixens mouth land on mine. Her hands were running down my chest towards my cock making me suck in a breath. I stayed frozen not knowing what to do, when my thoughts suddenly came back to me.

I fisted her hair in my fist and pulled her to me as I moved my lips against hers. Oh god, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing and here I am taking advantage of her. I pushed myself away from her making her breath on me as I stared up. God, are you punishing me for something?

Sure, I’m not the nicest person but I don’t deserve this torture! What is she doing? A few hours ago, she almost shot me with her eyes when I had touched her. I could barely see her the lights were low and we could only hear the thumbing of the music and dancing bodies above us.

“Shit!” I panicked when she went down on her knees and started un-doing my pants. “Hey, hey, sweetheart. You’re not in your right state of mind.” I groaned and grabbed her arm pulling her up. I could make out the pout on her lips as she stared at me.

“First him and now you.” I heard her whisper, making me look at her in confusion. What the fuck- wait.

“Who’s him?” I demanded. She smirked and shook her head making a growl escape my mouth. “Tell me!” I demanded more harshly. I grabbed her arm and pulled her inches from my face.

“Your asshole of a brother.” She hissed, making my eyes widen in surprise. What did she mean? “But it doesn’t matter, I’m tried anyway.” She yawned making me chuckle. She leaned her head against my chest, and I feared she might fall asleep.

“Hey sweetheart let’s get to the car.” I whispered in her ear. She looked at me with a lazy smile. We climbed the same steps I once came down, and I started pulling her towards the exit. “What were you doing down there?” I questioned once we got in the car and waited for Jason.

“I was trying to get away from the noise.” She said and leaned against the door and closed her eyes. I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

I looked at her and saw Jason opening the door making me wince. I threw myself forward to grab her and pull her against me, just as the door opened. She shrieked in fear and opened her eyes looking at me with wide eyes. I could feel her breathing down on me, as she fisted my jacket in her fists. She was breathing harshly, as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. My heart...well it felt like it was about to burst out! What the fuck, is happening to me?

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here, if it isn’t the good brother with a girl in the car!” Jason drunk shouted, causing the moment to break and us to pull away. I looked at him and glared.

“Shut up, Jason!” I growled and pulled the girl closer to me and away from him. He got in and smirked at her.

“Well, hello there gorgeous.” He greeted, I could smell the drugs and alcohol from here.

“Leave her alone, Jason and shut up!” I barked, I saw him completely ignoring me and looking at the girl with confusion. I looked down to see her sleeping on my chest and her small fist still had my jacket fisted.

Just, how much did she have to drink? I had a feeling that she was passed out. I sighed and pulled her on my lap and sat comfortably. I sighed and removed the hair from her forehead and stared at her in confusion.

I didn’t know what was going on. What made me tell her that she could stay? I was putting her life in danger by taking her home, where the most dangerous men of America lived.

Of course, I will keep her safe because they wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her, but if any of my enemies knew that- wait, why am I making a big deal out of this? She isn’t import and will only be staying over until Harry returns. Nothing more.

“Is that Harry’s daughter?” I heard Jason questioned me. I nodded and stopped creasing her hair. I saw him completely ignoring me and looking at the girl with confusion. I looked down to see her sleeping on my chest and her small fist still had my jacket fisted.

“You’re lucky, I even waited for you. I should have you killed by now.” I growled and glared at him. When he rolled his eyes at me, I scoffed and focused on the angel in my arms.

“Elijah please, make sure a car comes back for Angelo.” I looked at him.

“Yes sir.” He replied.

“Drive us home, then.” I stated and looked down at the angel in my arms, sleeping peacefully.

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