Ruin Me

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Chapter 6

The sun shining through the window caused me to open my eyes with a yawn. I groaned when my head started hurting. Where the hell am I? I looked around the room. I groaned and stared at the ceiling with a frown. Did I sleep with anyone?

I sat up in bed and stared around, I stared at my clothes that were lying on a chair that was near a desk on my left. Who the fuck undressed me? There’s no way, I have slept with anyone because they wouldn’t leave my panties on and... I grabbed the shirt I had on and smelt it.

It smelt familiar where in the hell was I? I stood up and removed the shirt and pulled on my clothes from yesterday. I opened the door opposite of me and turned on the lights letting out a sigh when I realized it was the bathroom.

I turned the tap on and splashed cold water on my face to wake myself up. I sighed and looked at the mirror, I didn’t look that bad. Maybe if I had my make-up bag I’d look better. But, oh well. I opened the other door after I had finished my business and had freshened up.

I looked on both sides of the hall deciding which way to go. I hope I hadn’t been kidnapped though. God forbid that happened. I had decided to just take the left side and here I am now. Descending the stairs.

“You should’ve seen her Xavier!” I heard Jason speak making me pause and listen. Was I at their house? What in the world am I even doing here? I sighed and decided I’d give them some privacy for their talk. But I couldn’t help but wonder who they were talking about- wait? Did, I have sex with any of them. Shit!

I hope I didn’t otherwise I would die of embarrassment. “I don’t know if she just did that because she was wasted but I think she wants us.” I raised my brow in confusion. They were defiantly not talking about me. “I mean when she bend over that sink showing me her gorgeous cunt and ass, I almost lost it Xavier.” He spoke letting out a groan. I grimaced what the hell who’d do that?

I took the last step of the stairs and almost screamed when the door bell rang. I bite down on my lip not knowing if I should hide or not. I didn’t even have time for anything before I saw Jason march out of the kitchen. He paused when he saw me. “Oh Angel, you’re awake.” He smirked and took a step closer.

“Yes, I need to leave.” I spoke out of breath. He looked gorgeous and holly fuck that voice. Damn, Angel keep calm.

“About that.” He smiled and gestured to the door. I frowned and followed him with my eyes as he went and opened the front door. I smiled when I saw my dad and quickly ran towards him.

“Dad!” I exclaimed and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” he chuckled and wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me in closer.

We walked back to the kitchen and saw Xavier reading his morning newspaper. He smiled when he saw me follow behind my dad. “Oh Angel, didn’t think you’d be awake this early.” he spoke.

I shrugged and took a seat beside my dad. “Why are you here dad?” I questioned.

“There’s something you need to know sweetheart.” He grabbed my hands and looked at me. I raised my eyebrow in question. “I have to get out of the country for a bit.” He said. What why? I opened my mouth to speak but he silenced me and continued speaking. “Somethings come up and I need to do this.” He sighed.

“But what about me?” I questioned and frowned. “Where will I stay. Wait? Can I stay home alone?” I sheepishly smiled making him chuckle.

“Of course, you will under no circumstances stay home alone.” He shook his head making me pout.

“Dad, I’m 21.” I sighed and tried to hide my amusement.

“So?” He questioned with a shrug.

“So, where will I be staying?” I asked in confusion.

“Here.” He said and looked around the kitchen. I raised an eyebrow. Really dad?

“W-With them?” I stuttered. He nodded and I saw Xavier and Jason from the corner of my eye smirking to each other. Why does my dad hate me so much? “But dad-”

“No buts.” He cut me off.

“Ugh fine!” I groaned. “When are you leaving?” I questioned.

“Right now, in a few minutes.” He sighed and stared at Jason. “I need to speak with them sweetheart, give us a moment.” He said and looked at me. I nodded and stood up.

“Well, I guess this is a good bye.” I shrugged, yep you heard that right folks. I’m that awkward person that doesn’t know how to say good byes.

“I love you sweetheart.” He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me into his chest.

“I love you too, dad.” I sighed and wrapped my arms around him. I deeply inhaled his cologne. I’m sure as fuck going to miss him. I wish he would just tell me where he’s going. I don’t want to ask because if it was something, he wanted me to know then he would’ve told me.

“Please behave and don’t cause any trouble.” He said when he pulled away and placed his hands on my shoulders looking at me.

“Dad, I’m not a kid.” I groaned.

“Whatever you say kiddo. Behave.” He joked but then turned serious in a matter of seconds. I groaned and rolled my eyes and walked pass him.

“Good bye dad!” I called over my shoulder and only got a reply of them laughing. I made my way upstairs towards the room I had woken up at. I closed the door behind me and pulled my phone out of my back pocket and called Lydia.

“Hello?” She groggy answered. I must’ve woken her up.

“Hey, did I wake you up?” I asked in concern.

“Yeah, but it’s fine. What’s up?” She asked and a second later I heard her yawn.

“Sorry. But can we meet?” I questioned and stared at my phone when I didn’t get an answer immediately. “Lydia?” I questioned.

“Yes, hey sorry. I got out of the room, didn’t want to wake up Alex.” She spoke in a whisper making me nod. “What did you say?” she asked.

“I said, if we could meet?” I repeated my question.

“Sure.” She replied. I smiled.

“Great! At Starbucks next to the library?” I suggested receiving only a hum. “Lydia?” I questioned din confusion.

“Yes, yes! Sorry, I guess I woke up Alex anyway.” She laughed, I grimaced when I realized what the noises were. Ugh!

“Alright, well I’ll text you at what time! Bye now don’t want to hear you to have sex!” I shouted and hang up while laughing.

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