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Undeniable Attraction

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All she wanted was her mate, never did she think it’d be a troubled human with a dark past. “Sometimes when you go looking for what you want, you run right into what you need.” ~Wally lamb Mia Patterson Daughter an Alpha, and only child. She had almost everything she ever wanted, except one major thing she dreamed of since she was just a child. Her mate As soon as she became of the mature age of 18 to take over her position as Alpha and still found herself mateless she went mad. So like a madwoman, she went searching for him. Why couldn’t she? Every male were allowed to search for theirs when they became of age. She moved in with her crazy Aunt in Oregon, where she would have to pose as a senior at Prairie High School. She runs into trouble, but that trouble brought her right to her mate. But another problem accrued. He's human. Landon Mason A 19 year old deadly underground fighter known as Hades Cold Mean Heartless After doing a year in jail, he was ordered to return back to Prairie High to complete his Senior or face his full sentence of 6 years. With a dark past he didn't care about anyone or anything, not even himself. People were afraid of him; even the teachers were afraid of him. Until one dark night he hears screams coming from the ally, stumbling upon a helpless beauty who he suddenly feels the need to protect from everything. And he couldn't be more confused. *** EXTREME SEXUAL CONTENT ***

Erotica / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Mia's P.O.V

"Is this the house mam?" My uber driver spoke as we pulled up to my aunt's gated house.

I rolled my eyes from the backseat. "I did put in the address when you picked me up from the airport, so I think I know where I wanted to be dropped off." I bit my lip adding a small sir to not come off as too rude. I mean he could have ignored my ass.

He nodded and drove forward. As we got to the gate, he pulled up to the security booth. Making quick work, he rolled down my window. "Hi I'm Mia, my aunt is expecting me..."

The guard glanced at us boredly. "I don't have a Mia on the list. Look kid, this is private property. And we have people showing up all the time trying to sneak in. So just turn around and go the same way you came in..."

"No..." I started before my Uber driver cut me off.

"Yes! Sorry, sir, I was just following directions." My uber driver spoke quickly putting the car into reverse.

I put my hand up. "Uhh no, what the hell are you doing? You can't just leave the route I paid for. This is kidnapping!"

Conflicted he stopped the car altogether. "Mam, I..."

I pushed open the door as I saw the guard making his way down, my eyes quickly scanned his body for weapons. I saw the gun in its holster and a taser on the side. I knew that gun had to be a sliver, my aunt and uncle could never be too safe.

"You have 10 seconds before I call the police, so I've advised you..." He spoke tapping his belt where his taser lay.

"Look Mr...." I looked at his name tag. "Flucker, I really don't have time for your ignorance, my name is Mia. And I'm pretty sure I'm on that list you probably never checked so just open the damn gate and go back to your little booth to finish jerking off okay." I grabbed my bag and looked around in it.

"It's Flockier. And I can't let you in, so just turn around and get los..." He fell to the ground shaking. I opened my door and grabbed the button from his pocket and opened the gate for myself.

I smiled back at my uber driver before letting myself back into his car. "Okay, carry on now."

He started shaking his head, freaking out. "Holy shit! Yo... you just shot him! I..."

I rolled my eyes pulling a couple of hundreds out of my bag, slapping it on the armrest. "I tasered him... Go."

He quickly grabbed the money, shoving it in his pocket. "Yes, mam."

Making our way down the long path, we finally stopped in front of the house. Grabbing my things from the trunk I waved my Uber off.

Just as I made another step towards the door, another guard opened it.

"How did you get in here? Who let you I..." He fell to the ground shaking. I stepped over him and opened the door. I just got off of a 12-hour plane ride; I really didn't feel up to anything like that shit.

I heard my aunt's loud voice coming from somewhere. I'll talk to her after my very much-needed nap. I made my way upstairs and found an empty room. I threw my bag on the dresser and jumped starfish-like on the bed and snuggled into the pillow allowing sleep to take me.

ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

"Mia... Mia... Oh, Mia!!" That annoying voice sang in my ear. I instantly knew who it was. The only annoying person who had the balls to wake me up from my sleep. "I'll pour syrup in your hair if you don't get up." I knew she wasn't messing around. I didn't even want to try her right now.

"What," I mumbled in the pillow. "How did you even know I was here yet?"

She sighed. "Two of my guards were found.... tasered."

I rolled around and looked at her. "So? That could have been anyone." I waved her off standing up stretching.

"Who do you think taught you how to aim? I know my work when I see it." She rolled her eyes.

"They were like that when I got here." I shrugged.

"Why did you taser them in the first place?" She narrowed her eyes curiously.

"Well if it had been me, which it wasn't, I'd say my reason would have been that they wouldn't let me pass because someone forgot to mention that their niece was coming..."

"Huh... guess it did slip my mind..." She shrugged. "Your room is ready. And there's food downstairs. Shower and come down. Oh and we also have to go to Taylor's for her dress fitting, you remember Taylor right? Well, you used to hang out with her daughter Tara. What is she like a year younger than you"

"But I planned to sleep in the entire day and go out mate seeing," I whined walking towards my bag.

She frowned. "Mate seeing? Don't you mean sightseeing?"

"Same thing, my mate will be the sight to see."

She rolled her eyes. "You have plenty of time for that. It's 2 o'clock. We're leaving at 4 so hurry if you don't want cold food." She walked towards the door mumbling to herself.

I stuck my tongue out at her and grabbed my shoes, walking up more stairs until I found my room.

It was about the same size as my old room. Queen size bed in the middle, two nightstands on the sides, body size sofa against the wall, bookshelf next to it. A desk with a laptop and printer, a large flat-screen TV, Xbox, and a Wii game, mini-refrigerator, bathroom built-in, and my walk-in closet.

I fell in love with the dark blue carpet though, that's what set the room if you ask me. The walls were grey/silver.

I loved it.

I sat down in the spinning chair and grabbed my phone from my bag.

16 missed calls from mom and 5 text

20 missed calls from dad

9 text from Felix (Best friend)

And the list went on.

I just sent a group text to everyone telling them I made it safe and I didn't meet my mate that fast yet.

My whole purpose of being here, to find my mate. As the future female Alpha, I wanted my mate by my side to help me rule.

I sighed pulling my phone up to the charger and went to take my shower.

ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

"Tell me again, why did I exactly have to come." I sighed looking out the window trying to get familiar with the town.

"You're in a new place, it's best if you get used to it and make friends." She shrugged. "And Tara's the first teenage werewolf I like, she unmated as well so you should have something to talk about."

She had to bring the unmated part up.

I swallowed the whimper. "Why do I need to make friends? You know why I'm here. Friends weren't in the category. And it's not like I'm going to be here long, I give it a month before I either find him or don't and I go to the next."

"Oh well, I figured you'd want to make a friend since you'll be attending Prairie High." She spoke looking straight ahead, not even sparing a glance my way.

I burst out laughing. "That's good, you almost had me when you said I'd be going back to high school." Wiping imaginary tears from my eyes, I leaned back into the seat.

Looking over at her, she looks every bit serious.

"You're not serious, are you? You do know I graduated last year right? I mean there's no fucking way..."

"Oh look, we're here." She suddenly stopped the car. Getting out as soon as it stopped she sped into the store.

"Wha... no we aren't done!" I quickly followed her into the store and was immediately attacked by some crazy lady.

"Oh! Look how much you've grown! So beautiful. You look just like your mother! Oh, how are Luna and Alpha? Wow, you look so much like them." She rambled on.

A girl appeared next to her pulling her away from me. "Mom, that's a bit too much, let her breathe." I liked her; she got the lady I was itching to taser off of me. "You probably don't remember me, I'm Tara, and this is my crazy mother Taylor." She clarified, finally shining some light on my confusion.

"Oh right, sorry, I'm just a bit tired still," I said. "And my parents are fine, still the same." I trailed off not really explaining much to them.

Taylor clapped her hands together, making me jump. "Great! Now, those dresses won't try themselves on. Let's get a move on it." She rushed off towards the back.

ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

It was 8:45 pm

Almost six fucking hours spent going from store to store.

We were in some shoe store and I was bored out of my mind, I should taser my aunt for making me come. Don't get me wrong, Tara was a cool chick, she just talked way too much and my head was really starting to hurt.

"So I heard your mate less too." She placed a pen on her nose trying to balance it.

"Yeah..." I didn't want to talk about it.

The pen fell to her lap and she leaned against the wall, tipping her chair back. "I understand if you don't want to talk about it. I know how you feel. My heat is supposed to be coming in a few days and I heard it's supposed to hurt like hell. Me not having my mate will make it 10x worse."

I played with the fake flower I pulled from a dress Taylor didn't like. "That sucks." I pulled off a petal and threw it, watching as it slowly sunk to the floor.

"Yeah, I take it that your heat didn't come yet." She sighed drawing on the white chair with the black ink.

"Nope," I said popping the p.

"All in time, we'll find them." She drew a heart.

I stood up, suddenly needing air. I didn't even care about the light rain falling outside of the store. "I uh, I'm going to get so air. You can tell my aunt that I'll find my way back."

She stood. "I'm sorry if I offended you in any way I just..."

I shook my head. "No no it's not anything you said, it's just... I'm a weird person."

She nodded. "Ok... so I'll see you in school Monday."

I smiled weakly nodding. "You can text me if you want to hang out before.

She smiled back nodding.

I pushed the doors open, allowing the rain to beat down on my burning flesh.

ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

I found a vacant park not too far and sat in the rain thinking about the future. There was so much on my mind.

I was going to be the Alpha, that alone threw so much stress my way. And I still had yet to find my mate. I mean it wasn't uncommon to not find them at 18, so even found them by 25. But I was going to be an Alpha, I needed my mate.

There was a loud crackle, thunder. Almost warning me to take my sorry ass back to the house, I hadn't even realized I was sitting there that long. My first clue should have been my soaked clothes. I pushed myself off the swing and started walking down the alley I cut through earlier. I patted down my pockets only to realize I left my bag in my aunt's car with my phone inside of it.

Who the fuck forgets their phone?

I groaned wrapping my arms around myself as I walked.

"What are you doing out at a time like this." A voice broke my thoughts.

I ignored him, turning around only to be met by three more guys.

Fucking humans

The man smirked. "You thought that you could just turn away from me. Now, I asked you a question I believe."

"Ok... look I'm going to cut to the chase. I'm not interested, blah blah, not happening. I don't have time for this." I stepped to the side and he followed my actions.

"You have a smartass mouth, I think I'll fuck that dirty little mouth." He licked his lips. "Grab her and hold her down." He ordered the two behind me.

As soon as that hand came in contact with my arm I twirled around twisting his arm in the process, punching him in the throat, kicking the other guy in the balls, he fell to his knees. I was hit on the head with something, I fell to my knee, my vision getting slightly blurry.

Mother fucker

The giant guy held a gun to my face. Fuck... silver bullets, I'm screwed. "You bitch!" He kicked me in the stomach twice. "You two idiots let a little weak bitch beat your asses. Just keep watch; I'm going to do this quickly." He unbuckled his belt.


This fucker thinks he has the audacity to take what doesn't belong to him.

With the little strength I had, I pushed myself back, kicking him in his face. He yelled out, cupping his bloody broken nose. "You bitch!" He grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me back. He got on his knees in front of me, the blood from his nose dripping all over me. He pulled out a silver knife, making my eyes go wide.

I tried kicking him again; it only ended in him slapping me. "Help! Someone help..." He slapped me again. He put his hand over my mouth and started at my jacket. He took the knife and cut down the middle of my shirt along with my bra, ripping straps along with it. He tossed it aside. No way was he about to take what I've been saving for my mate, it wasn't his to have. I bit his hand. "HELPPPPP!" I screamed as possibly as loud as I could. I scream out when the knife sliced into the side of my stomach as he ends his cutting off my shirt.

He punched me in the face, my vision turning to blackness. I was going to die. But I wouldn't go without a fight, I dug my nail into his face only to have him shove his gun in my mouth.

I don't know how I missed it, the most amazing scent I have ever smelled fills my nose. Probably from the blood that filled it.

"Mate!" Cindy, my wolf, screamed in my head.

What the actual fuck! Now, of all times, I'm a second away from death and my mate comes.

I was slowly slipping towards full darkness but I fought to keep my eyes open. I should at least see my mate before I die.

The man's hands went up to my legs. They stopped before he got towards my crouch. The gun was now out of my mouth. I looked around me; the other three guys were all knocked out except for the one guy's arm I broke. I looked up, and there my mate stood and another guy, looking down at me.

"Are you okay?" He had an incredibly deep voice, it was smooth and husky. So sexy.

He placed his hand out for me to take it. Without a second thought, I held onto the open wound from the knife cut and took his hand with the other. Tingles shot down my back from our skin touching. I fell into his chest, moaning in pain. It hurt to stand.

Fucking sliver was working its magic in me.

"Tha... thank you... If you wouldn't have gotten here he would have..." he cut me off.

"But he didn't, so don't think about it." His voice was suddenly hard. "Here" He took off his jacket and put it on me, zipping it up to my neck. I looked up checking him out. His white v neck clinging to his skin due to the rain showed off his muscular chest. With his broad shoulders, strong arms, I couldn't exactly see his face clearly enough due to the little light in the alley.

I needed more light to study him.

"Ca... Can we get out of this creepy alley before they wake up?" I pleaded to try to seem like a damsel in distress but had these fuckers caught me without the silver and in my territory, there'd be a bloodbath.

"And I'll put them back down." He spat.

"You want the cops to..." I started.

"Fuck the cops, we need to get out of here before I kill one of them." He growled. "On second thought, they don't deserve a few years in prison, they deserve life underground." He let go of me and stalked towards the guy with the broken arm as he tried crawling away.

Still in pain and unable to hold myself together, I fell back to the ground. I watched as he repeatedly punched the guy in the face. His friend tried pulling him off, only to be pushed back.

He was going to kill him. "Stop! Please I'm okay... don't do this." His bloody fist stopped in mid-air. He wiped the blood on his jeans and came towards me.

I tried standing up but failed miserably, falling back down. He rushed over to me, getting on his knees in front of me. He put his face on top of mine. "Oww."

He reached in his pocket and pulled something out, it was a phone.

He flashed the light on me. "Let me see."

I held a tight grip on my shirt. "It's nothing." I lied.

He pulled my hand away and lifted my shirt up. "That fucking... I'm going to kill him." He tried to turn around, I grabbed his shirt.

"Please... just help me out of here. This is not where I imagine my death." I hissed through the pain. He wrapped his arm around the small of my back and the other tucked under my legs. He lifted me bridal style and carried me out of the alley.

"We need to get her to a hospital, we don..."

I cut him off. "No, please... no hospital." There was no way in hell I could go to a human hospital. "It's nothing really, just a few scratches. I can get an Uber home once I find a phone." I rushed out in a panic.

He shook his head. "You can't even fucking walk, you need to..."

"Look you're going to scare her, we can go to my house, clean her wounds, and drive her home. I live just up the street." His friend spoke.

I nodded eagerly. "Thank you."

"That's fucking rid... okay." Arms tighten on me slightly before relaxing a bit.

He walked into the light of the street.

Holy fuck

Fuck me

He was undeniably fucking gorgeous

The first thing that caught my attention was his eyes.

They were like a grey silver and blue mixture. Never have I ever seen such beautiful eyes as his.

His strong jawline, his nose looked as if had been broken a couple of times, but that made him more masculine. And last but surely not least, his delicious full pink lips.

Can I kiss him?

"Do it!" Cindy yelled excitedly.




"Why?" She whined.

"We just met him, he'll think we're crazy," I stated.

"Ok... talk to him at least, ask for his name."

"I'm Mia," I said.

"We're here." That was all he said walking up the stairs.

Um okay...

My mate wasted no time and pushed past his friend as he unlocked the door and made his way into the house. "Your mom's a nurse, go get her shit." He placed me on a couch. The guy disappeared in the back somewhere.

My mate stood up straight and pulled off his soaked shirt and balled it up and used it to wipe the blood from the man's drippings off me.

Does he want me to die early?

He was ripped. His tight eight pack abs looked very lickable right now.

I wanted my body pressed tight against his. I licked my lips taking in the sight.

His friend came back in with a large red container and a trash bag, ruining the moment I was having.

He set the stuff down for me and opened it. He went through taking stuff off. He placed everything I would need on the coffee table and started to unzip my mates' jacket from me.

I whimpered backing away. I don't want him taking care of me or seeing any part of me.

My mate stalked towards him and yanked his hand away. "What the hell." The guy hissed.

"I'll do it." He spat kneeling in front of me.

The guy shook his head. "You don't even know what you're doing." He tried coming at me again.

"I said... I'll do it. I've been in enough fights. I know what I'm doing. Just go to fucking sleep or something." My mate growled angrily.

Goddess, he was sexy when he was mad.

"Whatever man, just take her to the room you sleep in. My mom would freak if you got so much blood on her couch." He made his way upstairs.

My mate grabbed all the things I would need; he put me on his hip as if I was a child. I wasn't short either, standing at 5'8 and he made me feel small to his maybe 6'4.

I was soon placed on a soft bed. I wanted to snuggle up and fall asleep. I closed my eyes.

"No no." He rushed over and shook me. "Are you crazy? You never sleep after your head has been hit so many times."

I bit my lip. "I'm sorry... I'm just tired." I whispered

He sighed walking back over towards the things I would need and placed them all on the bed beside me. He sat down by my legs. "I'm going to take the jacket off."

I'm pretty sure my face was turning red. "Wh... what?" I shuttered stupidly.

"I... am... going... to... take... the... jacket... off..." He said slowly as if I had hearing problems. I wasn't deaf, just in shock.

"I... um.." I trailed off. He undid his jacket from me and threw it on the floor. He started at my already ripped in half shirt I was clutching together. "Wh...at are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He moves my hands out of the way. "I need to look at your wounds."

My hand shakily made a move to stop him. "Wait I don't have on a..."

He pulled my ripped shirt apart, exposing my bare breast to him.

".... bra..."

He stopped, his eyes darkened as he took in my nudity. Without a thought, his hand went towards my breast. He placed his index finger on it; my breath got caught in my throat. I bit my lip to keep the moan in. He wiped a droplet of blood from it and trailed down until he got to my flat bruised stomach.

That seemed to break him from his trance as he took in the bruises and the cut. "Ah... this is going to hurt."

I didn't even register what he said until I felt a burn on the cut, it wasn't deep enough to cause damage. Since it was sliver it'd take a minute to heal, a couple of days tops.

My back arched at the sting, his hand shot out to pin me down, accidentally landing on my right breast. He quickly moved it grazing my hardening nipple in the process mumbling a sorry.

I bit my lip nodding as pleasure ran through my body. "It's okay... you can touc- continue."

He grabbed a cloth and soaked it in the liquid, he continued to clean my wound. Once he was finished, he bandaged it up.

He rubbed something minty in his hands then rubbed it on my bruised stomach before placing a bandage over it. "It's toothpaste, you want to wash it off in the morning and repeat it for the next few days, just trust me. The bruise will fade."

I frowned but nodded. It'll be gone come morning. "Here sit, let me clean your hand." I moved over pulling him to sit. He didn't even try to fight me.

My eyes caught sight of the tent building in his jeans, just now realizing I'm still in his bed with no shirt on with my breast resting on his arm. But I didn't mind one bit, my body belongs to him, it was his to see and touch as much as he pleased.

My mind immediately ran with images of him touching me. "Mmm," I moaned out at the thought. My eyes widened as I realized he was still standing in front of me.

His arousal was thick in the air and I wanted nothing more than to rip those jeans off him. Without thinking, I hooked my leg on the other side of his, pressing my lips against his neck tasting the skin where I would place my mark. I began grinding my hips into him like a dog in heat as I sucked and bit on the spot.

He shuddered under me groaning before carefully moving me off his waist. His eyes darken even more as he looked at me with his jaw clenched. Getting up from the bed, he moved away from me and started putting the bloody cloth in the trash bag. He went into his dresser and grabbed a shirt. "Put this on, and call your parents or Uber." He handed me his phone and left it out.

I sighed running my hand through my messy hair. "What the fuck?"


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