I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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How hard is it to resist your own mothers new husband? How about him not resisting you? Page Walker had a hard life, living with a mother who neglected her and mentally abused her. All her mother cared about was money and her next husband. Page was very use to this. So when her mother came home with husband number five, Page was shocked at how young and sexy he was, Spencer Allan was young, hot, aggressive and rich. Page had always thought that her mother was a very attractive woman, but what Spencer saw in her, Page just didn't understand. He was the type of a man who could have women crawling at his feet. Here he was married to her mother Bonnie Walker who was almost fifty. Spencer was young, tall, muscular, covered in tattoos with jet black hair and green eyes. It was all Page could do not to drool at the sight of him. So when Page let's some things slip and Spencer gets a glimpse at the real Bonnie Walker, Things start to take a twist. A twist in Page's favor. Can she handle what's about to happen between her and Spencer? Or will everything come crashing down?

Erotica / Thriller
M.K. Rissen
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Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Page Walker. I'm seventeen about to turn eighteen in a month. I live with my horrible mother, Bonnie Walker. My father walked out on us when I was just a baby. Over the years I have met my share of potential stepfathers, but none of them ever lasted long. My mother had a way about her, only after what she could get out of them. Rather than being with them out of love. I'm used to it. I'm surprised I wasn't given up for adoption when I was younger. Considering I knew she hated me. I think I was just a pond in her games she played with people, but whatever, it is what it is. In public, you would think my mother and I had a great relationship, but behind closed doors, it was a different story. I learned over the years just to stay out of her way. It was better that way for me.

Besides my home life-sucking. I have great friends and a boyfriend that I cared about. I'm not in love with him, but I care about him. I really enjoyed school and I had hoped to be moved away from my mother when I turned eighteen. The sad thing is my mother is actually a very wealthy woman, but I never saw a dime of her money. As soon as I turned sixteen, I got a job at a restaurant and started making my own money. If I wanted any type of life, college or a car or just money for anything. I had to get it on my own. She even started charging me rent, when she found out that I was working. I've got no other place to go right now and the college I got into, I'm short on the tuition money. So, as of right now I'm stuck here. I've got enough money to live on my own, but I don't want to struggle in life. I want to be someone and have a career that I can be proud of. I had to grow up fast. I wasn't allowed to be a normal child.
While my friends were growing up, playing with toys and having birthday parties. Going to parties and drinking and having boyfriends and girlfriends, all the normal things people did while growing up. I was stuck at home cooking and cleaning. Life isn't all bad, my best friend Brandy Roberts is always around. My mother tolerates her and always try's to put on a good show when she is here, but Brandy has seen her share of incidents with my mother and is on to her games. I've also been seeing this guy, Brent Hills for almost six months now. I like him a lot and he has been very good to me so far. Because of my mother, I don't bring him around. I've explained my situation to him and he understands.
My mother has been gone for almost three weeks now. She takes trips a lot and I love that she does that. I never really hear from her until she is ready to come back home. I think she has been in New York, but I'm not entirely sure. Normally when she is gone this long, it is time to meet my new stepdaddy. I just assumed she was landing her next prey. Poor guy, most of the time she does her best to hide who she really is. That always fails. A lot of her husbands end up leaving because of how she is with me. They don't like it, but they never help me. They just leave her and she is left with a hefty payment from them. Of course, she has her type, rich and good looking. My mother is a very attractive woman and she knows how to get what she wants. The men, of course, seem to fall at her feet.
Most of the men she brings home are very kind to me. Some have been complete dicks, but it still has never stopped her from losing them. I just tend to stay out of the way and out of her relationships. Her last husband, I was sad to see go. He was a good man in his early fifty's and had an incredible heart. He was here the longest, almost three years to be exact. The only man I would consider a father figure to me. His name was Martin Higgins and I still visit him regularly. He treats me like a daughter and my mother still doesn't know I see him. He has offered to help me with school and a place of my own, but I won't let him help. I'm really appreciative of him, but I can do it on my own. I would never use someone for their money. I'm nothing like my mother. I just enjoy having him in my life. I'm actually grateful to him.
Today my mother has informed me that she will be returning home this evening, and has a surprise to show me. She actually sounded happy. Great husband number five, is on his way. I just shook my head, as I continued to clean the house up before I headed to work. I told Maria our housemaid that she was returning this evening with a new husband and she needed to have dinner ready for them when they got here. Maria has been working for my mother for the last five years. I think the only reason why she has stayed for so long is because of me. I loved her and she is very good to me. She rolled her eyes and we both started laughing.
"I won't be home till after ten tonight, mom said you can go after dinner was done," I said to Maria, as I left the house. My mother hated to give Maria orders, so she always left it up to me. You would think she likes to boss Maria around, but it was just a way to make me look like a bad person. I ended up not getting off work till after midnight. Ugh, I hated long shifts and my feet were killing me. I jumped into my little dump, that's what I call my car and headed home. At least when I get there, hopefully, everyone would be in bed and I wouldn't have to meet my new stepfather until morning. I wasn't in the mood. I pulled up to my house hoping I wasn't being too loud and tiptoed in the front door. I stopped and took my shoes off at the front door. I started to make my way to my bedroom.
That's when I heard the moans. What the fuck? I said to myself. I headed to the kitchen and that's when I saw them. My mother was bent over the kitchen table, blindfolded and her arms tied behind her back. Her dress was hiked up to her waist and this man was plowing her from behind. She was hollering out and moaning loudly as this guy just rammed her and kept smacking her ass. I was shocked, as I had never seen my mother like this. The man, on the other hand, was the reason why I didn't turn and run away immediately. He was tall and very muscular, his body was covered in tattoos and looked much younger than my mother, much younger. At least from what I could see because his back was turned to me.
He had a nice tight ass as well. I looked in the sliding glass doors and saw that he was looking right at me. I quickly turned away and pushed my back against the wall so he couldn't see me. I peeked back one more time and he was smiling at me in the glass. I hurried past and ran up to my room. I knew he saw me. What was a man like that doing with my mother? I said to myself. Boy, she must have really put on the charm this time. I've never been attracted to any of the men my mother has brought home. Yuck, I said to myself, but this one had me thinking.
I'm not a sexual woman, I mean I've been turned on by guys before and I'm not a prude, but I'm still a virgin. I intend to keep it that way. No guy has ever turned me on that much to make me want to go all the way. Although, seeing what I just saw tonight made me think and I tried to get that thought out of my head real fast. Gross Page, he was fucking your mother. I said to myself, and it certainly wasn't her I was watching. that's for sure. Tomorrow was going to be an awkward day for me.
The next morning I was woken up by loud banging on my bedroom door. My mother opened my door and hollered at me to get up. I looked over at the clock. It was only after eight in the morning. "Really mother? I didn't get home till late last night." I said. She crossed her arms at me.
"Listen, you little ungrateful bitch, I want you dressed and ready and downstairs in twenty minutes. I've got someone for you to meet." I just took a deep breath and nodded at her. Kind of already did. Better to just do as I'm told. She left the room and I headed to the shower. After my shower, I pulled on some black leggings and a blue tank top and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I took a deep breath and headed downstairs. I could hear the laughter of my mother before I entered the kitchen.
As I walked in there he stood in some basketball shorts and a white tank top. My god, his body was perfect. They both turned and faced me. His hair was dark and he had the most piercing green eyes I had ever seen. He had this look on his face that I couldn't describe, as I walked in and took a seat on the barstool. Cue in the wonderful mother act. "Good morning honey. I'm so glad you decided to join us." She walked over to me and kissed me on the top of my head. I just smiled at her, playing my role. "Page love, I'd like to introduce you to my husband Spencer Allan." I looked back up at Spencer. He had this wicked grin across his face.
"It's nice to meet you Page, your mother has told me so much about you. I feel like I know you already." He said. I don't know what came over me, but the next thing I said was surely going to land my ass in hot water.
"How old are you?" I asked. Immediately regretting my words. Fuck, if there's one thing my mother absolutely hates is getting older. I knew I was in for it later. Spencer laughed and bit his bottom lip.
"I'm twenty-five." He said. Jesus, my mother was almost fifty. She must be really good. I agree that my mother is a very attractive woman but come on twenty five. Jesus mother. I said to myself. I looked over at her and she had this pissed off look on her face. I looked back at Spencer.
"It's nice to meet you to Spencer," I said. He smiled at me and so did my mother. She walked back over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his shoulder. I turned my eyes away from them.
"Are you hungry Page?" Spencer said. I looked back at him.
"Spencer made breakfast this morning. Wasn't that nice of him?" My mother said. I nodded as he dished up a large plate full of eggs and potatoes and bacon and pushed it my way. He must have thought I was fat with as much food as he placed in front of me. It did smell amazing. I took my plate and headed over to the dining room table. Then I remembered what I saw last night and went back to the bar. "Don't you want to join us at the table Page?" My mother said. I saw the smirk play across Spencer's face. I knew he saw me last night.
"No thank you. I'm happy here at the bar." She just nodded and went to eating her plate. I kept looking up at Spencer every once in a while and caught him looking at me a couple of times. I finished what I could and went into the kitchen to scrape the rest of my food into the trash and get myself a cup of coffee. My mother, of course, left her mess on the table and headed to her room. I walked over as Spencer was still eating and took my mother's plate and cup.
"Do you always clean up after her?" He asked me. I nodded at him and walked back into the kitchen. I felt him come up close behind me. "Then maybe you should wipe the table off as well." He said in my ear. I stood completely still. You nasty ass fucker. I said to myself, and to think I was attracted to him. He washed his plate off and stuck it in the dishwasher. I just stood there watching him. He smiled at me and left the room.
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