I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 14

I pulled up to my house and found Levi sitting on my front porch. I took a deep breath because I wasn't in the mood for this. I parked the car and got out. He stood up and smiled at me. His smile was nice to see. "Hello, Levi," I said as I made my way up the porch.

"Hey you, how are you?" He asked me.

"I'm okay, where have you been Levi?" I asked. He just looked at me.

"I'm sorry I thought it would be good to give you some time." He said. I just smiled at him. "You look down Page. Are you sure your okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, really I'm good. School is kind of rough but good. I'm just tired is all." I said as I made my way inside. Levi followed me.

"I could come back a different time." He said. I looked over at him.

"Yeah, I think I just want to take a shower and crawl into bed," I said. He walked over to me and took my head and pulled me close to him. He kissed my head and left. I felt bad, but it wasn't him. I just had too many things going through my head right now. after my shower, I was laying in bed and my mother's face came into my mind. I took a deep breath. You were so hateful and I really shouldn't give a damn, but I just don't believe you took your own life mom. I said to myself. I felt lost and the only person I wanted close was Spencer. "Damn it, Spencer!" I hollered out. I rolled over and fell asleep with him on my mind.

I woke up early and my alarm hadn't even gone off yet. That's right Mathew I will be on time today SIR! I said smiling as I made my way to the bathroom to get ready. I did my hair and makeup, grabbed my bags and took off to school. I parked my car and my new friend Jessica came running over to my car.

"Hey girl, have you seen the new professor?" She said raising her eyebrow.

"You mean Mathew Swanson?" I said smiling.

"Oh no, he is yesterday's news. I mean Mr. James Clark. He is the new science professor." She said. "I mean Mr. Swanson is hella hot, but Mr. Clark, girllll." I had to laugh. What the hell was going on around here? Did the faculty go ahead and higher all the hot men from the hot men of the college calendars? I said to myself.

"I guess I'm going to have to go take a look at this god," I said to Jessica, while I laughed. We walked together in the building and there was a group of girls standing around a man. I just assumed it was Mathew. Then he turned around and it was a slightly older man. He was very good looking, but there was something so very familiar about him.

"Oh my god Page, there he is," Jessica said smacking my arm.

"That's him?" I asked.

"Yes, he is so hot." She said.

"Yeah and like forty," I said.

"Girl, who gives a shit. That just means he knows how to use it. With those looks, I'd like to jump all over him." She said and I lost it. I held on to my gut as I laughed.

"I've got to go. Good luck with your hottie." I yelled as I took off to English. I was the first one to enter his classroom and I was happy about it. Mathew sat behind his desk wearing glasses and grading papers. I walked in and took a seat right in the front. I sat there with just a smile on my face. He looked up and I saw his eyes light up when he looked right at me.

"Cocky this morning Miss Walker?" He said. I didn't say a word I just kept smiling at him with my arms crossed. "Thanks for being on time." He said. Still, I said nothing. He cocked his head and went back to grading his papers. I giggle to myself and pulled out my notebook and began to work. A few minutes later the classroom started to fill up. The first week I was here we were working on writing some poems. Something I was really into. I handed in about three of them that I wrote when I was younger and going through a tough time with my mother. The assignment was to turn in something that we had gone through as a child. Since I had a book full of my poems. I thought it would be smart to turn in what I was actually feeling back then. Versus writing something now. I got an A on all three of my poems. I only turned them in knowing our teacher said they would remain for his eyes only.

"So today I thought that we could hear some of the poems you guys turned in two weeks ago," Mathew stated. My heart fell in my ass. Oh god please no. I said to myself. "I think we have some beautiful writers in this room. I'm not going to give any names, but I have chosen one I'd like to read for you all." Please god, please god. Don't let it be mine. As Mathew pulled the paper out he took one look at me and I closed my eyes.

Darkness and hate,

Its what I know,

The hate is real and the darkness is fake,

Please take me away.

Please find me and run.

Your face I see in my dreams.

But still, you don't come.

Why do you laugh at me?

Why do you hate me?

Why am I still here?

The tears stop running and the hate still stands strong.

And yet here I still stand, Trying to stand tall.

As the darkness consumes me, so does the hate.

"This is a very deep and meaningful poem." He said as I felt the tear go down my face. I wanted to bolt out of the room, but that would have just given me away. How fucking dare he read that out loud. I looked up at him and he was looking at me. He turned his face fast away from me and I was so hurt. The rest of the class went by fast and the bell rang. I grab my things and took off. I was so pissed off that I couldn't even go to my next class. I stopped at my locker and waited till the bell went off and I was alone in the hallway. I knew Mathew had a free period. I had it and took off back to his room. I threw the door open and he was alone at his desk staring off into space. I slammed the door behind me. It made him jump.

"How fucking dare you!" I yelled. He stood up.

"I'm sorry Page." He said I walked over to him.

"You had no right to read that!" I yelled again.

"Please, your work is so good. I had to." He said.

"You don't have the right to do that," I said. I felt the tears start to fall. He walked over close to me.

"Please don't cry. I didn't do it to hurt you. I just really love your work." He said.

"I hate you," I said. He looked down.

"I'm sorry Page." He said quietly. I just shook my head. I took a deep breath. "You're really a piece of work you know that," I said to him.

"I guess I deserve that, but I've apologized. I mean it I'm sorry." He said. I was still so mad and I didn't know what else to say. I felt his hand on my face as he wiped a tear away. I looked up at him and his face was very close to mine. He started to move closer to me and I back away fast.

"What are you doing?" I asked him. He studied me for a moment. "I asked you a question?" I said with my arms crossed.

"You need to go." He said. Are you kidding me?

"I'm not going anywhere till you talk now!" I said. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the door.

"You need to leave and go ahead and change classes." He yelled. How the hell did this change so fast? He doesn't get to be angry. I pulled myself out of his grip and punched him in the arm. I looked him right in the eyes.

"Gladly!" I said and turned to leave. That didn't go over well. He grabbed me and crashed his lips to mine. At first, I tried to pull away, but then I failed. Like a hungry animal, I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped up into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his body and he gripped my ass. Next thing I knew I was laying on his desk. He was ripping at my clothes and I was ripping them off. We didn't say a word as he rammed his cock deep inside me. I moaned out and he closed my mouth off with his. This was so hot and I couldn't get enough of it. I was clawing at him begging for him to go deeper. Hollering for him never to stop.

Sex with a stranger was never something I thought I'd do. I just didn't seem to care as he took all my worries and issues away with each thrust of his body into mine. I ran my nails up and down his back as he started to growl loudly and my moans matched his. I was close to exploding all around him. "Don't stop Mathew." I said in his ear and he picked up the pace. We both came hard and he collapse on top of me. We both lad there breathing heavy as I realized what I had just done. Fuck! I said to myself.

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