I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 20

Spencer's POV,

I stood there feeling powerless as I watched Steven move along with her on the dance floor. I watched as his arms went around her waist and pulled her body close to his. Steven is a major player and doesn't believe in love. He will use her up and then spit her back out. How can I stop this? I asked myself. "I can't stay here," I whispered over to Josh.

"What do you mean? You can't just leave." Josh said.

"I can't control myself. I'm going to lose it." I said.

"Then go to her secretly. Do you really think she is dumb enough to fall for his crap? Do you think she didn't come here for you? How dumb can you be?" Josh said. I just looked over at him. I swear sometimes I'd like to punch him right in the throat. I watched as the song came to an end and she smiled at him and walked away from him. Now was my chance to find her. Steven came walking back over to us and I let go of my breath that I had been holding onto this entire time.

"Let's me tell you all something. I'm going to be waking up next to that woman in the morning." Steven said. I took a deep breath.

"What makes you so sure?" I asked him. He looked over at me.

"You doubt me?" He said.

"No, but where is she now?" I said.

"All in good time. The good girls just need a little bit of a push, but they all fall, you'll see." He said. Listing to him talk about my angel like that made my blood boil. I needed air and I needed it now. I excused myself and went to find her.

Page's POV,

I walked outside to an empty garden area. I took a seat on a bench. I didn't know if I was capable of actually pulling this off. My heart felt as though it would break and I hated upsetting Spencer. I didn't know how he felt about me at this moment and I was scared to find out, but he never even moved a muscle while I danced with his friend. Maybe he really has moved on. My feet were killing me. I wasn't used to this type of foot wear. I decided no one was out here and I needed to give my foot a moment to breath. I slipped my shoe off and set it down on the cool concrete. It felt good. I looked up at the night sky.

"Its cold out here at night." I heard his deep voice say.

"It's even colder in there." I said.

"Page, what are you doing here?" He said. I turned to see him standing in the dark away from me. I stayed still when all my body wanted to do was be in his arms.

"I came to see you." I said.

"Why?" He asked me still not moving. I don't know what came over me, but I felt like it was now or never.

"Because I love you and I can't let you go." I said. "I've tried to move on and I just can't. Just tell me you don't love me. Tell me you hate me. Tell me I make you sick and I'll go and never come back." I said with tears in my eyes. I didn't hear him make a sound. I waited and nothing came. He didn't move. "Spencer, tell me you don't love me." I said again.

"I can't." He said. I took a deep breath. I stood up.

"Spencer." I said in a whisper. The next thing I knew he rushed over to me and pulled me up into his arms. His lips crashed into mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Then he had me pushed against a wall.

"I've missed you so much." He whispered in my ear.

"I've missed you." I breathed out. He kissed me again and that's when we heard someone come outside. Spencer moved himself away from me. I tried to straighten myself out. Spencer was breathing heavy.

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt." A woman said. I looked over and it was the same blond that had herself around Spencer.

"It's okay babe. I just came outside for a smoke." Spencer said. I watched him walk away from me and head back inside with her. What the hell? I said to myself. I walked back inside and found Levi at the bar with some woman. I just walked away and let him be. This wasn't going at all according to plan. I needed Spencer to know I wanted to be with him and I wasn't going to leave till he either took me back or told me he didn't love me. Now, how the hell was I going to get him alone again? He said he couldn't tell me he hated me or he didn't love me. That has to mean something right? I said to myself over and over again. I kind of started to wander around the museum checking out things and just thinking. When all of a sudden a pair of arms went around my body and pulled me into the dark. I was about to start to scream when his lips found mine. I knew who it was right away and I kissed him back with force. He pulled back and our foreheads stayed together. "Page you need to go home and forget me." He said. I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"NO!" I hollered out at him. "I'm going until you tell me you don't love me," I said. He just looked at me.

"Page, I can't lie to you." He said. his face looked pained and upset.

"Then why do you not want me?" I questioned him.

"Is that what you think?" He said. "You think I don't want you? Page, I have people in my life that will enjoy hurting you if they knew what you meant to me. I can't let something like that happen to you." He said. "It would kill me if something happened to you. Please try and understand." He said. I could tell he was shaking.

"Spencer, do you really want to live your life not knowing what we could have had?" I asked him. "Because I don't think I can," I said and I started to get upset. I could feel the tears start to sting my eyes. He just looked at me. He was thinking and I could tell he was having a hard time. "Spencer please, if you love me you will protect me," I said. "Please don't send me away now that I know how you feel." I pleaded with him. "Your all I can think about. I love you." I said.

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