I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 21

"I love you too and it's killing me to be away from you." Spencer said. I took a deep breath.

"Then stop pushing me away Spencer." I said. He closed his eyes and pulled me back into his arms. He knew there was danger. A danger I knew nothing about. A danger that could get me killed, but in my eyes all I cared about was Spencer. I didn't care about the danger.

"Baby, please don't make this harder on me. Your life is more important to me than my heart." He said.

"Spencer, I'm not leaving you again. I can't go, I just can't." I started to cry and he held on to me.

"Please baby don't cry. I will try and figure this out."He said. I looked up at him.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes, but I'm not promising anything." He said. All I could do was smile. He smiled at me. "I love that smile." He said.

"Kiss me." I said. He didn't hesitate. Our lips locked and there was nothing stopping us.

"Where are you staying?" He asked me. I told him and he told me to go back there and that he would see me later on tonight. I agreed and went to look for Levi. Levi was still entertaining some woman. I walked over and got his attention. I told him what was going on and he wanted to stay longer.

"Just keep in touch with me." I asked him. He agreed and I left. I got back to the hotel. I wondered how long it would be before Spencer would be here. Then I got a sting of panic inside. What if he sent me away like this to hide from me? Oh god. I started to pace the hotel room. That's when I heard someone knock on the hotel door. I ran over to the door, but before I opened it I looked though the peep hole. Spencer was standing there. I opened the door and he came right inside. I closed the door behind him and locked it.

"Are we alone here?" He asked me and I nodded at him.

"I thought maybe you weren't going to come." I said. He was just standing there looking at me. No words, no expression. "Spencer, are you okay." I asked. I watched him closely.

"You look so fucking hot tonight Page." He said and it sounded more like a growl. I cocked my head at him. This was a side I've never seen of him before.

"Spencer." I breathed out. Before I could say another. Spencer ran at me and slammed me against the wall. He had my hands up above my head. He took one hand and literally ripped my dress from my body. He had a look in his eyes I had never seen before and this was not scaring me. If anything I was so turned on. I couldn't even speak.

"Keep your hands up." He said. I did as I was told. He let them go. His hands traveled down my body. He unhooked my guarder belt and pulled my panties down my legs. He took my right leg and placed it up over his shoulder. He buried his face in between my legs and with in seconds I was losing it. I couldn't keep my hands up any longer as I found his head and ran my fingers though his hair. The next thing I knew I was up over his shoulders as he moved me to the bedroom. He tossed me on to the bed. He started to remove his clothes. "Do you know what I was thinking when I saw Steven's hands on your body? I wanted to kill him. No one will ever touch you again, but me. Do you understand?" He said to me. I nodded at him. I was loving his dominance and only wanted more. He started to undo his pants and I sat up and moved myself closer to him.

"Let me." I said. He dropped his hands and I started to remove his pants. They fell to the ground and I pulled his cock out of his boxers. I licked the tip and tasted him. I felt him shiver some. I bit my lip and smiled as I took him inside my mouth. His hands grabbed my hair and he started to pull my head back and forth. Always a need for control and I let him. He threw his head back and I felt him release inside my mouth. He pulled away from me. I smiled up at him. He grabbed my face and brought me up closer to his face.

"God I've missed you." He said right before he crashed his lips to mine. "Turn around." I did as I was told and he placed me down on all fours. His hand went around my neck and his fingers found their way deep inside of me. He held onto me as he rammed his fingers in and out of me. "You so wet baby." He said close to my ear. I was getting ready to explode all over him.

"Yes, Spencer, don't stop." I hollered out. I heard him growl behind me as his fingers left me. I started to protest, but then he rammed himself deep inside me. He had a hold of my hair now and we were losing each other in the moment. I got some courage and moved away from him. He looked at me as I forced him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. I locked my legs under him and started to ride him until I felt myself building up again. His fingers found my clit and it tossed me right over the edge. I was coming down as I started to slow down and my body fell on top of his. He turned me over and pulled my thighs closer to him. He slammed into me again. I reached out and ran my hands down his body. He lifted me up to his chest and I wrapped my arms around his body for support. We both started to move together and He threw his head back as he came deep inside of me. Thank god for birth control or I'd be all kinds of pregnant right now.

"Fuck." Was all I heard him say. He rested his head on my neck and I just held on to him.

"I missed you." I said in his ear as I rubbed on his back.

"I missed your beautiful body with mine." He said. "Your mine Page and your not going anywhere." He said and I felt relaxed.

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