I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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chapter 22

The next morning I woke up in Spencer's arms. I thought everything that had happened last night was a dream. His beautiful body was wrapped around mine. I felt a sudden sting on fear. After hearing Spencer's words of warning. Now with my brain starting to process them. I wondered just what kind of danger I was in. I had no doubt in my mind that Spencer would protect me with his life, but did I really want to put his life in danger? I wish these thoughts would have occurred before my body betrayed me and we slept together. I couldn't help it. I love him.

"What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" Spencer said. I smiled.

"Nothing, I'm just happy your still here," I said. There was no way I was going to let him know I was worried.

"Where else would I be? I told you last night. Your mine, I'm not letting you go." He said. He pulled me closer to him and held on to me. "I just need to hide you for as long as I can." He said. What the hell did that mean? I said to myself.

"Spencer, I have school and friends and a life. What do you mean hide me out?" I asked him. He sat up and looked at me.

"In order for us to make this work. People can't know we're together. At least not right now. Page, I told you I have enemies and they will hurt you to hurt me. I can't let that happen. This is all I can give you for now. You have to go home and acted like nothing has changed. I will come to you when I can as often as I can, but you can't come here." He said in a stern voice. He then got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He was being kind of harsh about it. I didn't know how to take it. I knew Spencer was a hard man, but I guess I should realize he is worried about me.

Spencer came out freshly washed and I was still in the bed just watching him move around the room. He was getting his things together and I knew he was going to leave. I started to get emotional. I didn't know what his plans were and I didn't want to be without him again. If things were as bad as he says then I've got to respect his choices. "What's that face for?" He asked me.

"I don't want you to go," I said softly hoping not to upset him. He looked at me for a moment. Then he climbed onto the bed with me.

"Page, I'm in love with you baby. I'm not going anywhere. We will be together I promise you." He said in a whisper. He took a hold of my face and pressed his lips to mine. "You need to give me some time my love." He said as he pressed his forehead to mine. I took a deep breath and nodded at him. To let him know I understood. That's when we both heard the door to the hotel room open and close. I knew it must be Levi. I watched as Spencer went to his coat and pulled out a gun.

"Spencer, what the hell are you doing?" I said in a raised voice. He shot his head to me and put his fingers to his lips. "Spencer, it's just Levi," I said. He stood up and placed his gun into the back of his pants.

"Who the hell is Levi?" He asked me.

"He is my friend. He came here with me." I said.

"Like a boyfriend?" He asked me. I giggled a little.

"Yes Spencer, I asked my now boyfriend to come help me find the love of my life," I said smiling. He just looked crossed at me. "He is a very good friend of mine," I said. Spencer still just looked at me. Then Levi came walking into the room.

"You're never going to guess....." He stopped talking when he saw Spencer and I. "Oh god, I'm so sorry." Levi said and stepped out of the room quickly. I giggled a little and got out of the bed and put my robe on. Spencer still just stood there. I started to walk past him as he reached out and grabbed my arm.

"That's all your going to wear?" He asked me. I smiled.

"Spencer, I'm completely covered up," I said looking down at myself. "Come with me and meet him. Please?" I said. He nodded at me and put his gun back in his coat. We both walked out to the living room. Levi stood there by the bar.

"I'm sorry you two. I didn't know Page had company." Levi said.

"It's okay Levi. I'd like for you to meet Spencer Allen. Spencer, this is my good friend Levi." I said. Levi walked over to Spencer and they shook hands. I could tell Levi was excited to meet Spencer, but Spencer wasn't so sure about Levi. I could tell in just the way he was acting. I excused myself and Spencer from Levi and we went back into the room to talk about things.

"When do you head back home?" Spencer asked me.

"I didn't really have a time," I said.

"I want you to head home tomorrow morning. I will be at your place as soon as possible. I just need to clear up some things here first. Make sure no one is on to us." He said.

"So, no one knows anything about me?" I asked him. He just looked at me for a moment.

"My best and most trusted man Josh knows about you, but that's it. I don't even like that he knows." He said.

"Josh, he is the man I met at your office today?" I asked.

"What do you mean, my office?" Spencer asked me.

"Levi and I went to your building today. I didn't know how to find you. I went there to see if there was away to get to you. I was sent to Josh's office. He told me without telling me where you would be tonight." I said.

"That son of a bitch. So that's why you were there? Just to see me?" He said. All I could do was smile.

"I only came here to New York for you. I had to get your attention some how." I told him. He smiled at me.

"Well you got it and the attention of some very bad men." He said.

"Spencer, can I ask you a question?" I asked him. He nodded at me. "If your in danger all the time then why do you represent them?" I asked. He took a deep breath.

"It was my father who started this. I took over after he died. Most of them are already established clients. I can't just let them go or they could have me killed." He said. I didn't realized just how deep Spencer was. I didn't know if he would ever have a way out. "One thing you need to realize is I have some of the best protection out there. These men I associate with are very important people. Mafia type people and as long as I take care of them. They take care of me." He said.

"Spencer, do you think it was the people after you that killed my mother?" I asked him. He ran his hands though his hair.

"I don't know for sure, but I don't think so. Only because people talk and talk circulates. There has been no word on anyone taking out your mother. Once I married her. The people who protect me were protecting her and I was doing a good job at keeping her a secret. I don't think anyone killed her Page. I think your mother did this to herself. I wish this wasn't still bothering you." He said as he placed his hand on my leg. I took a deep breath.

"It doesn't as much anymore, but I still struggle with it from time to time." I said. He pulled me into his arms and held me for a moment.

"I really should go Page. Please go home and try to behave like nothing has changed. I will be with you as soon as I can." He said. I nodded at him. "Also make sure Levi won't be a problem. I hope you can trust him because he can get us hurt if he talks." Spencer said.

"I'm not worried about Levi. I promise we can trust him." I said. Spencer just nodded his head at me.

"I hope so." He said.

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