I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 30

6 months later...

After about two months of sitting on my butt. I decided to start online college. Since I really enjoyed studying law and well of course, since Spencer ran the largest law firm in all of New York. I made law my major. I was all healed up and was having a hard time with wanting to actually leave the penthouse and go to school. I was afraid to make new friends. The only real friends I had were Brandy and Josh. Brandy lived back home and Josh, well he was always with Spencer. I didn't realize how much Spencer could be busy. See, Spencer could actually do whatever he wanted.

Most of the time he didn't even need to be at work. He had people who did everything for him, but there was a huge scandal murder that was going on with some of his huge clients and he had to be a part of it. The trial has been going on now for over two months and it has kept Spencer very busy. In the late evening time was the only time I really got to see him. Trust me when I say he made the most of it. Most of the time I would try to get him to sleep, but he wasn't having any of it. I knew the trial was stressing him out because sex was getting a little more ruff than normal. He would never hurt me, but I noticed the change.

As the days moved on I was becoming more and more bored and restless. I decided to get myself into NYC. I had to get out of this house and do something with myself. I also wanted to work. I needed to find things to do with my time. At first, Spencer and I had a huge argument about me going out there and doing something. He was worried about someone possibly hurting me, but no one even knew who I was. If it wasn't for Josh stepping in and making Spencer very angry I might add. I might have gotten locked up in the house. Josh convinced him that if I had some bodyguards watching over me. That I would be okay. I didn't really like the sound of it, but if it allowed me to go to school and find a job. I was willing to overlook it. Josh and Spencer both assured me that I wouldn't even notice them. As far as everyone knew, I was just another rich kid attending college. No one had to know anything other than that.

Spencer still tried to argue the fact about me wanting to have a job. He would use the fact that we had money and I didn't need to work. I tried to let him know it wasn't about that, but he didn't want to hear it. I've learned just how far I can push his buttons, but he has also learned that I won't let him boss me. Josh is always going on about how I'm the only person in the world that gets away with talking to Spencer the way I do. Spencer doesn't scare me. Plus I think I also know the way to get him to agree with me and trust me I use it whenever I can.

"Hey, you look a little lost." I heard a voice say beside me as I was looking at the campus map. I turned to see a tiny little blond girl sitting at a table. She was alone and was eating some sort of breakfast sandwich.

"I'm sorry?" I said to her.

"You look lost. Can I help you find your way?" She said. I smiled at her.

"Oh thank you. I'm looking for Law 308." I said.

"Aw, a fellow law student. Why don't you have a seat? I'll be headed that way in a few minutes." She said. I said thank you and took a seat next to her. "Is today your first day?" She asked me.

"Is it that easy to tell?" I said smiling. She just smiled back at me. She was a pretty girl with soft long blond hair and bright blues eyes. You would think by her size that she was only maybe sixteen, but I knew that couldn't be true. "What's your name?" She asked me.

"I'm Page Walker," I said.

"Hello Page, I'm Abby Knight." She said. It was nice to have someone to chat with. As she was finishing her food. Two guys and a girl came walking up to us. They all took a seat around us.

"Hey, Abb's who's your friend?" The tall brunette guy with big brown eyes asked as he placed his arms around her.

"Everyone this is Page Walker, she is a fellow law student and today is her first day," Abby said. "Page, this fool here is Seth, the guy next to him is Aiden and the girl next to you is Christina, but we all call her Chris. We are all law students, but Aiden is a med student." Abby said. I smiled at everyone. Aiden was a tall dark-skinned male who looked to be Italian. He had jet black hair and greenish blue colored eyes. He was very large for a college student and was very good looking. Something about his demeanor told me he knew he was hot. He gave me a slight smile and then looked away. Christina was a bubbly redhead full of beautiful curls and bright green eyes. They all looked to be very good friends. I think maybe Seth was Abby's boyfriend by the way they acted with each other, but I wasn't really sure.

We all sat there and talked for a while. Most of them want to know more about me. I gave them the basic stuff. Where I grew up and how I came to go to NYC. Why I wanted to study law. You know the normal questions people would ask the newcomer. I gave them all the basic answers. I didn't want anyone to know about Spencer and myself. Besides, I just met them. I did want to have some friends and they all really seemed like a good bunch of people. I was still a little on the fence about Aiden, but I think his personality was a little standoffish.

"You'll like it here I think," Chris said, as we all started to stand up. I followed them down the halls to an elevator. Seth reached out and put his arm around me.

"Just follow me, I'll teach you the ropes." He said winking at me. Abby just rolled her eyes.

"Seth, no one wants to follow you around. Leave the new girl alone. Don't you have some dumb blond to go play with?" Abby said. Everyone laughed. Okay so maybe Seth wasn't Abby's boyfriend. Seth's arm fell from me.

"Whatever, you don't know, maybe Page is into me," Seth said.

"She doesn't look like she is," Aiden spoke up.

"You like me don't you Page?" He said smiling. I just shook my head and smiled.

"Cut it out Seth, you don't have to harass every new girl that comes to this school," Chris spoke up.

"You mad because you haven't had me yet?" Seth said obviously kidding with her.

"Yeah like I'd tread on that STD train," Chris said and we all lost it.

"Hey, I got that shit cleared up," Seth said.

"Dude your sick," Aiden said. Of course, we all lost it again.

"What the hell," Abby said shaking her head. "Well, now that Page will probabl never speak to any of us again. Here is your first class." Abby said, pointing to a set of double doors. "All of us have this class, but Aiden. He is on the next floor." Abby informed me. Aiden waved good bye to all of us as we entered the room. It was a huge class room with rows of seats that went up like bleachers. At least one hundred students could fit in this room. Abby and Chris both hooked their arms into mine and we all found our seats on the second row. Seth joined us. "So, professor James is a good guy." Abby started to say. I felt my heart stop when she said that name. I guess I must of looked like a deer caught in head lights, because Abby stopped talking when she looked at me. "Page? are you alright?" She asked me. I tried to snap out of it. No way was this the same person. I said to myself.

"Yeah.. I'm good." I said trying to regain myself. I took a few deep breaths and tried to keep a smile on my face. The room started to fill up quite fast and before we knew it the class was full. When the doors opened again. An older man came walking in. He looked nothing like my real father and I began to calm down.

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