I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 31

I fell in love with my new school and my new friends. Abby, Seth, Chris and Aiden have become my everyday adventures. I wish I could share them with Spencer, but I chose to keep that part of my life a secret for now. I'm sure with my friends being law students they all knew who Spencer Allen was. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them wanted to work for him. I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my life to myself. Most of our study sessions ended up in the library and my two goofy body guards kept themselves out of view. Like Josh and Spencer said, I didn't even see them most of the time.

I got learn my new friend's personality's real fast. Seth turned out to be a total player. He had a different girl at his side every week. Abby, who I loved the most. Turned out to be more like me. We were both laid back and took our studies very seriously. Christina turned out to be very smart girl, but she had a mean streak. She was the last one of us you wanted to piss off. I swear if we hadn't stopped her she was going to cut some guy in the hall the other day. Even though it was funny. We had to step in. Aiden, well let's just say Aiden is Aiden. He is the smartest one of us all and he is a piece of eye candy. All the women fell at his feet and he seemed to barely notice them. At first I thought maybe he was gay, but I was assured he wasn't by Seth. He just likes to keep to himself and we are his only circle of friends that he trusted. I wasn't sure if he felt that way about me, but I was trying to be his friend the best I could since he never really said to much. Every once in a while he would come out of his shell and he was actually very fun to be with.

I decided one evening to go out for a walk and check things out that were close to home. I found this cute little dinner called Mama's just around the corner from Spencer's building. They also had a help wanted sign in the window. I walked in and the place was very little, but perfect. It looked as though they served all american foods. They even had a little coffee bar. I walked up to the older woman behind the counter. "Hello dear, how can I help you?" She said to me. I smiled at her and asked if I could feel out an application. She looked me up and down for a moment. "We don't pay very good and we get pretty busy in here." She said smiling. I nodded at her and still wanted to work here. I told her a little bit about myself and my schooling hoping she was willing to work with my schedule. After we sat and talked for about an hour. She hired me on the spot. I was very happy. I would start with her on Saturday afternoon.

That night Spencer was home earlier then normal. I was sitting at the bar in the kitchen eating some dinner. He walked in around the corner and looked more tired then normal. "Your a sight for sore eyes baby. How was your day?" He asked me as he took a seat next to me.

"It was a good one. I found a job." I said. He looked up at me.

"Really, and where is this job of yours?" He asked me like if he didn't already know. My dumb body guards logged everything I did and it always was given to Spencer.

"There's a small restaurant around the corner from here called Mama's. They hired me. I start Saturday afternoon." I said.

"I know the place. Their food is really good. I think you'll like it there." He said. Wow, no talk about not having to work. "Just promise me you take it easy if you get to overwhelmed." He said. I nodded at him. He kissed me on my nose. "I'm going to jump in the shower." He said.

"Hey." I shouted out to him. He turned around and looked at me. "How about you take some of your own advice." I said. He just smiled at me and headed to the bedroom. Then I heard Josh come walking in. He was talking with someone. I peeked out and saw Abby walking along side of him. Oh god, I said to myself. They both came into the kitchen. My heart was going a million miles an hour. "Abby, what are you doing here?" I asked her. Josh spoke up.

"I found her in the lobby. I heard her asking about you." He said. My eyes got wide.

"How did you even find out where I lived?" I asked her. She just sort of smiled at me.

"Well I didn't know where you lived so I followed you. I also noticed two guys following you and I got a little worried." I listened to her and gave Josh a dirty look. He just smiled at me. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to get into your business." She said. I took a deep breath.

"It's okay Abby. I guess we should talk." I said as I got up from the bar. That's when Spencer came walking back out. He looked at Abby first then at Josh. I just kind of stood there as I watched, as Abby realized who Spencer was. Her eyes went big and even bigger as he came to my side and put his arms around me. Shit, I said to myself.

"Josh, who is your friend?" He said. I cleared my throat.

"Actually, This is my friend from school Abby Knight. Abby this is.. is Spencer Allen." I said. She smiled and took a step forward to shake his hand. I saw her shaking a little. I had to look away and smile. Spencer out his hand out and they shook hands.

"Page, can I have a moment with you please." Spencer said. I nodded at him knowing I was in trouble.

"I'll be right back." I said to Abby. She nodded at me. I walked with Spencer into his office.

"Baby." He started to say. I cut him off before he got started.

"Please don't be upset with me. She followed me home." I said. He took a deep breath.

"I hate being the bad guy here Page, but your putting yourself at risk with people knowing about us right now." He said. I was getting a little upset.

"Spencer, nothing has gone wrong in over seven months. I want a normal life." I said. He looked to the ground.

"Of course you do baby, but we have to be careful. I told you this in the beginning." He said.

"Spencer, she is just a college student. I really don't think she is a big risk for us. Please give me a chance and trust me." I said. I didn't know why I said that when I had tried to get him to trust Levi and I was very wrong. I just didn't see Abby as a threat. He stayed quiet for a moment.

"Okay baby." He said. I smiled at him and ran into his arms.

"I promise she won't be a problem. I will talk to her." I said. He just smiled at me.

"Don't be to long baby girl. I miss you, besides she is out there with Josh." He said as he tapped my ass on my way out the door. I laughed and headed back out to Abby. Of course I found Josh out there putting the charm on Abby. I walked in and took Abby by the arms and drug her out of there.

"Hey, I was talking here." Josh hollered.

"You'll be alright." I said to him as Abby and myself made our way out onto the balcony. "So, hello." I started to say.

"Oh no girl you had better start talking." She said. I took a deep breath.

"What do you want to know?" I asked her.

"Everything, are you like related to Spencer or something? Do you even know who he is?" She started to get a little out of control.

"Okay calm down there turbo." I said, I just smiled at her and took a seat.

"Spencer is my boyfriend." Before I could finish her jaw hit the ground.

"You are such a liar." She said. I just laugh at her her and gave her a look. "Your serious aren't you?" She said. I nodded at her.

"Let me finish okay." I said to her and she sat up and got really quiet. I told her everything and didn't leave out one detail. She stayed quiet for the whole story and when I was finished. I just looked at her.

"Wow Page, that's a lot of information. I'm truly sorry you had to go though that. I mean that's beyond crazy. So now your here and you have to keep things between you and Spencer quiet. That really sucks. You don't have to worry about me. I won't say anything, but I'm glad I know now. I really like you Page and I'm hoping we can be good friends." She said and she sounded sincere. I was hoping she could keep her word.

"Me too, but you can't even tell Seth, Chris or Aiden." I said.

"I won't tell them Page, but just to let you know. If you ever do want to tell them you can trust them. I trust them with my life." She said and I believed her.

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