I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 33

"Hey baby, I just need to tell you that Josh and I won't be home tonight. We have to fly out to California tonight." Spencer said from the bathroom.

"Why?" I asked still rubbing my eyes. I haven't seen Spencer home in the morning for a long time.

"It has to do with the case love." He said back to me. Which meant he couldn't say more than that.

"Would it be okay if I have friends over tonight for a study group?" I asked him. He poked his head out of the bathroom and just gave me a look. "The bodyguards will be here," I said to him.

"How many?" He asked me.

"Four, Abby, Aiden, Seth and Chris," I said.

"Three guy friends Page? Really?" He said. I started to laugh.

"Chris is short for Christina," I said. "It's not like you don't know about them," I said.

"Alright baby, have your study session, but don't make it to late." He said. Always has to have some sort of control. I said to myself. Later on, that morning after Spencer and Josh took off. I gave Abby a call.

"Hey, girl," I said.

"Hey you, what are you doing today?" She asked me.

"Nothing, do you have any plans tonight?" I asked her.

"Not really, just thought about catching up on some school work." She said.

"Perfect, why don't you get the rest of us together and come here tonight. We can study and maybe watch a movie? Order some pizza?" I said.

"Really? All of us?" She asked. I giggled a little.

"Spencer is out of town till tomorrow," I said.

"I'll call everyone. Then I'll call you back." She said. After a few minutes, she called me back and told me everyone was coming. They would all be here around five tonight. I got super excited. I never really got to act like a normal teenager. Having Abby and the rest of them. Felt like being a teen at times. I know I'm about to be twenty one soon, but it was still nice to get to act like a kid. I told Spencer how I felt and he said he felt like the dirty old man after the school girl. We both laughed, but I knew it turned him on. I was missing Brandy a lot and told my friends about her, but she met some new guy and has been really busy with him and school. I don't talk to her as much anymore. I guess that's life. We both check in with each other every now and then, but that's really all.

I got everything ready for our little get together. I already had the pizzas on their way and I got out a bunch of scary movies for us to choose from. Spencer's living room faced the city with all the open windows. He had an oversized large black sofa that wrapped around the huge living room. When you sat on it, it would wrap you up like a teddy bear. I thought it would be the best place for us to hang out. I heard the elevator doors open and I ran to the hall to greet my friends. They were all talking as they walked in. I smiled at them. "Oh my god girl, This place is amazing," Chris said, as she looked around.

"No shit, who are your parents?" Seth asked. "Do they need another kid? Because I'm up for adoption." Of course, we all laughed.

"Come on you guys, I've got everything set up in the living room and pizza is on its way," I said. They all followed me into the living room.

"Wow, this place is really great," Aiden said as he took a seat on the sofa. "This is the kind of place I want when I finish school and become a doctor." He said.

"I very much believe you can do it Aiden," I said. He smiled at me. Something very rare to see.

"So, what are we watching?" Seth said as he fell down onto the sofa next to Aiden making him jump some.

"We are not watching anything till we get some studying done," Abby announced. About Two hours later. We were all rubbing our eyes and getting over the studying. Of course, Aiden couldn't study with us, but he was off in his own world of work while we all went to town. Sometimes one of us would ask a question and Aiden would chime in with an answer. We would all look at his smart butt and just shake our heads. You know Seth was always acting out or just, in general, being goofy, but when it came down to school he was actually very smart. I knew he was going to make a good lawyer one day. We finally closed all our books, refreshed our drinks and decided on a movie to chill out to.

"Dude, this is boring let's do something," Seth said. We all turned and looked at him.

"Like what?" Aiden said.

"Let's play truth or dare," Seth said. I started to laugh, Aiden looked annoyed. Chris and Abby just shook their heads.

"Your such a child," Aiden said. He smiled at him.

"Yeah, but you love me," Seth said to Aiden. "Come on guys I'm bored." Seth wined out.

"Why don't you play with yourself," Abby said. A huge grin came on Seth's face. "Gross Seth, That's not what I meant!" Abby yelled out. We all started to laugh. Seth got up and went onto Abby's lap. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

"You don't have to act like you don't want to watch," Seth said to her. She just simply tossed him off her and he fell to the ground.

"You wish it was the other way around and don't you forget that." She said to Seth, as he was rubbing his butt.

"Yeah, that's true," Seth said, as he got back on the sofa.

"I think there are some board games around her. Do you guys want to do that?" I asked everyone.

"Like strip UNO?" Seth said. We all rolled our eyes.

"I don't want to see you, naked dude," Aiden said.

"Yeah, me either," Chris said.

"Then let's play a nice game of truth or dare," Seth said.

"Oh my god, fine," Abby said. "Come on twelve year old's. Let's do this." She said. I had never played this game before and I didn't know what we would be doing, but I was kind of excited to learn.

"Guy's I've never played so your going to have to show me." I said. They all looked at me. "What?" I asked them.

"So, it's really easy. Someone will ask you truth or dare. You pick one and they either ask you a question that you have to answer truthfully or if you ask for dare. Then they will make you do something and you have to do it, but we play a little different. If you don't do whats been asked of you, then you have to revile a fear and take off an item of clothing." Abby said. Shit, I said to myself. I knew Spencer had cameras all over the apartment. He would kill me if he seen me remove any of my clothes. Hell, he would probable fly home asap and we would all get our asses handed to us. I didn't want to ruin the party. I suggested that maybe we take this out on the balcony. It was a really nice night so I hoped I could convince them. I knew the camera on the balcony was off because it was broken and Spencer hadn't had it fixed yet. Everyone agreed and we made our way out there.

"Since Page is our newest friend and hasn't played before. I think she should go first." Seth said.

"But, I don't know what to do." I said.

"Your just going to pick one of us to ask truth or dare to. Then you can either ask them anything you want or make them do anything you want." Abby explained.

"Okay, I guess I'll start with Seth." I said, he looked at me with a huge smile on his face.

"I pick truth." Seth said.

"Do you really enjoy being a total player?" I asked him.

"That's a good question." Chris said.

"Not really, but I just haven't met the one to change me yet." Seth said. Aiden just shook his head.

"You probably met her but you pushed her away." Chris said rolling her eyes.

"Maybe." Seth said and I saw him look at Abby fast and then looked away. I saw that Seth, I said to myself and just smiled. Now it was Seth's turn.

"Chris, Truth or dare?" He asked her. She thought about it for a moment.

"Dare." She said.

"Your really going to take a dare from Seth?" Abby asked. Chris laughed.

"I dare you to kiss Aiden." Seth said. Chris just shook her head.

"Okay, kiss one of my best friends. That's a tough one." She said all sarcastic. She got up and planted a big one on Aiden's lips. We all laughed. "My turn." Chris said. "Aiden, Truth or dare?" She asked him.

"Truth." Aiden said.

"Do you like anyone?" She asked him. We all got really quiet.

"What do you mean?" He asked her.

"I mean like is there a girl you like?" She said to him. He was quiet for a moment. Then he took a deep breath.

"Yes." He said.

"Who?" Seth asked.

"Sorry, my turn is over." Aiden said. I guess we were all wondering the same thing. Aiden was never seen with anyone. He only kept to us. "Abby, truth or dare?" Aiden asked her.

"Okay, I pick dare." She said. Aiden got this evil look on his face. I got a little worried for Abby.

"I dare you to make out with Seth." He said. Abby's eyes got huge. Seth just got a smile on his face. "What's it going to be?" Aiden said.

"Fuck it, you had better of brushed your damn teeth today Seth." She said, as she got up and went over to Seth. I knew he was happy about this one. Abby leaned over and their lips met. The kiss started off a little awkward looking, but then it soon turned into something with feeling. Chris of course had to ruin it by making a kissing noise. Which caused Abby to move back. They were quiet for a moment and then Abby got up and went back to her seat. You could clearly tell she was flustered. Her cheeks were all red. I just smiled to myself. "Page, truth or dare?" She asked me.

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