I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 4

I turned around and walked back to this massive house. My mother and Spencer were already inside. The heat here was unreal. I never really sweat much, but here I was covered in it. I walked inside and found Spencer and my mother standing in the living room. Of course, she was bitching about the heat and Spencer was turning the fans on. "There's no air conditioning in these old homes." He said. I just stood there smiling to myself. It was going to be fun watching my mother melt this week.

"How about we go to a hotel?" My mother asked. I just shook my head.

"You'll be just fine Bonnie. Go put on some shorts and enjoy yourself." Spencer said. My mother started to pout. I rolled my eyes and Spencer saw me. He gave me a sexy smile. Of course, I blushed.

"Where's my room?" I asked. Spencer pointed up and said I could pick any room on the second floor that I wanted. I smiled and headed up the stairs. I came upon six different doors. I had to open them all to pick my room. Five of them were bedrooms and one was a bathroom. I choose the last room I came to. It had its own balcony that faced the backyard and I thought it would bring in cool air if I left it open at night. There were two ceiling fans and the bed had a clear net canopy above it. The room was done all in white and my first thought was not to get it dirty. It was however extremely beautiful. I loved this home very much. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I turned the fans on and opened the balcony doors. I found that this room had its own bathroom. Double plus for me. The bathroom also had a bear claw tub. It was huge and I couldn't wait to get in that. I heard a light tap at the door. Spencer peeked inside and I smiled at him.

He came inside and closed the door behind him. "It's funny you picked this room. It was my mother's favorite room in the house." He said.

"It's absolutely beautiful here Spencer. Thank you for bringing me." I said.

"I'm sorry for the heat. I hope you'll be okay." He said.

"I will be just fine," I said.

"There's some cool summer dresses inside the closet. Your welcome to wear them." He said. I thought it was funny, but I was going to check them out. I didn't bring really cool clothes. So it was worth a shot to check them out.

"Okay, I'll check them out. Thank you." I said. He nodded at me.

"Oh by the way. We're going out to dinner tonight. Please dress nice. It's a fancy place." Spencer said. I took a deep breath.

"I don't know if you realize this or not, but my mother doesn't share her money with me. I'm on my own when it comes to shopping. I don't have anything fancy. I'm sorry." I said and looked to the ground. I could see a hint of anger on Spencer's face.

"Don't worry, you'll have a dress before dinner tonight." He said and before I could protest, he left the room. I took a seat on the bed and started to pull my things out of my bags. I unpacked everything and then I went over to the closet to check out the clothes Spencer told me about. The closet was full of summer dresses and skirts. They were all very cute and lite. White ones, yellow ones, pink ones. I just might not have to wear anything I brought. I felt the beads of sweat fall down my face. I could see the sun was starting to set and it was really beautiful.

Someone knocked on my door again about two hours later. I thought it was my mother, but when I opened the door a cute little grey haired woman was standing there with a large box in her hands. I smiled at her and she handed the box over to me. "Thank you. My name is Page. What's yours?" She smiled back at me.

"You can call me Betty." She said in a very polite voice.

"Hello Betty, it's nice to meet you," I said. She nodded at me and turned to leave. I closed the door and set the box down on the bed. I pulled the top off and there was a note that said Happy Birthday. I smiled, knowing this was from Spencer. When I pulled the paper away, I almost gasped. The dress inside was very sexy. It was short and black. Very fancy, not something I've ever worn before. There was also a pair of tan high heels to match. Wow, I thought to myself. My mother is going to flip her wig. The note also told me to be ready by six. I looked over at the clock and it was already four thirty. I went into the bathroom and started a tub. I wanted plenty of time to get ready.

It was almost six as I stood in the mirror looking at myself. I've always thought of myself as very plain, but I was in awe of how good I looked. I never really dress up for anything. It was amazing how Spencer got my size just right. I did my makeup and straightened out my hair. Praying it would stay flat in this humidity. I took one last look in the mirror and started to head downstairs. I heard my mother's voice before I saw her. I rolled my eyes and then I saw her in a long red dress. She looked beautiful and I was glad I wasn't out doing her. That would just piss her off. At least that's what I thought. As I came around the corner, I saw Spencer. He was in a black suit that fit every cure of his body like a piece of art. My mother turned around and her mouth dropped open, but my eyes never left Spencer's eyes. We were locked starring at each other. I bit my bottom lip and that's when my mother ruined my moment. "Where did you ever get a dress like that?" She said. I looked over at her and before I could speak Spencer spoke up.

"I got it for her as a birthday gift." My mother's face twisted up as she turned to face Spencer.

"You shouldn't spend so much money on her Spencer. She doesn't take care of things very well." She said. I took a deep breath and shook my head.

"I think she will be just fine Bonnie. Don't you think your daughter looks beautiful?" He said. I blushed. She looked back at me and looked me up and down.

"She looks clean." Was all she said. I could see the anger on his face once again, but he calmed himself down quickly. I felt like Spencer was up to something when it came to my mother, but I couldn't put my finger on it. At least not just yet.

"Let's go, ladies," Spencer spoke up. My mother headed out the front door and I started to follow. That's when Spencer grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "You look so beautiful. Don't let that bitch bring you down." He said in my ear and I felt his lips graze my neck. I had to catch my breath as he let me go and headed out. Damn it! I said to myself. He is going to be the end of me. I just know it. For him to call my mother a bitch was such a turn on. This is going to be a tough night.

We pulled up in front of this very expensive looking restaurant in downtown Savannah. The restaurant was in an old looking building. In all my life, living with my rich mother I've never done anything like this. I don't even think I've been out to dinner with my mother. Whatever, as soon as we return home I'm out. I'll be eighteen at midnight tonight. I could be out of her life forever. That would just make us both happy. We were sat at a table outside facing the ocean. I loved it, but of course, my mother started bitching right away. I did my best to keep my mouth shut. All my mouth would do was make matters worse. Spencer calmed her down and we stayed outside. I was happy about that. The table was lit with candles and I realized I was keeping my eyes on Spencer. I had to stop doing that before my mother realized it herself.

It was kind of funny to see my mother trying to keep Spencer's attention on her. She was failing at it. Not that his attention was on me or anything. It was just that he kept to himself. Instead of being draped over her. We ordered our food and I had the lobster for the first time. It was delicious. The conversation was kept very small, but Spencer asked me how I felt about turning eighteen. The only response I could give was that I was glad to be an adult. My mother just kind of laughed at that, but I just ignored her. Spencer stood up and excused himself to go to the restroom. I was left there sitting alone with m mother. "I know what you're up to you little bitch. Don't let his kindness go to your head. He doesn't want you." She snapped at me. All I could do was look at her in shock.

"Whatever made you think I wanted anything to do with Spencer?" I asked her.

"Don't play dumb with me, little girl. I play this game a lot, better than you do. You're not good enough for him and you never will be, so back off." I took a deep breath.

"Your crazy, I don't want him." An obvious lie, I just said. I shook my head and tried to fight back the tears the best I could. I was so upset and I didn't want to ruin Spencer's kindness. I grabbed my napkin and wiped my eyes when I saw Spencer headed back to our table. He looked at me before he sat down and I just looked away quickly. I knew he knew something was up.

"Okay ladies, let's head back." He said.

"But what about our dessert lover?" My mother said.

"I'm not feeling like sweets right now. Let's go." He said. I knew he was doing that for me. I stood up and started to head outside of the restaurant. I wanted to get as far from her as I could. The drive back was very quiet. When we got back to the house, I slipped off my shoes and started to head towards the stables. I didn't look back to see if anyone was watching me. I needed a break and a moment to myself. I turned the lights on to the stables and went over to the horse I saw when we arrived. He came over to me immediately.

"Your such a good boy aren't you." I said to him as I patted him gently. I saw some carrots and apples in a pail. I walked over, grabbed a couple and came back to the horse. I fed him and he was very gentle about it.

"Satin likes you. He doesn't like anyone." I heard Spencer's voice and I turn to see him standing in the opening of the stables. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. I turned back to Satin.

"He is a good boy." I said.

"What happened at dinner tonight?" He asked me. He walked inside the stable and came up along side of me. I moved back away from him.

"Nothing happened." I said.

"Don't give me that bullshit Page. I saw your eyes. What did she say to you?" He asked me again.

"You had better go back inside before she thinks I'm trying to take you away form her." I said. He looked at me for a moment.

"Is that what she said to you at dinner?" He said in a low deep voice. I just looked at him. He shook his head and walked out of the stables. I took a deep breath and went back to Satin.

"Hello Satin, I'm Page." I said as I rubbed on his face again. I looked at my phone and it was already after ten. I said goodnight to Satin and headed back to the house. It was dark and quiet inside. I slipped off to my room and pull the dress off of me. I pulled on a tee shirt and just my panties. I went out onto the balcony and gave Brandy a call. I told her everything that had gone on. Down to Spencer kissing me.

"Girl, this is all crazy." She said.

"I know it." Was all I could say.

"What are you going to do?" She asked me.

"Absolutely nothing, when I get home I'm moving out immediately. Even if I've got to live in my car." I said.

"Don't do anything crazy. We will talk when you get home. Try to have a good time. Fuck your mother. Don't let her mess up your week." She said. I giggled a little. Brandy always knew how to make me feel better.

"I love you my best friend." I said.

"Love you to girl." She said. We hung up and I just stayed sitting outside. It was a nice cool night and I was enjoying it. It was now almost midnight. I was five minutes from turning eighteen. I couldn't be happier. I watched my clock on my phone turn to midnight. Happy birthday Page. I said to myself. That's when I heard my bedroom door open and close. I stood up a little scared and walked back inside. The lights were off, except for the glow of a candle lit on top of a cupcake. Spencer walked over to my bed and went on his knees. He sat the cupcake down on my bed. I walked over to the other side of the bed and went to my knees.

"Happy birthday beautiful." He said to me.

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