I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 40

"You're letting me go?" I asked him.

"Yes, Page or you can stay with us." He said.

"Stay?" I said.

"Yes, princess, I would like you to stay with us. I don't think this is the life for you because of who you are, but everyone loves you here and would like for you to stay." Richard said. I didn't know what to say. I was by far no type of gang member and had no idea what I could do for this family. Maybe I should just leave and move far away from all of this and start over. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to go back to Spencer's place and I didn't have a home anymore.

"Can I have time to think about this?" I asked Richard.

"Yes, Page, of course, you can." He said.

One month later...

Thank you for tuning into the five o'clock news here in Manhatten. Tonight we have some devastating news to share. Queensboro state prison has been broken into and five prisoners have escaped. Including Vincent Baily. Son of the notorious gangster Richard Baily. The authorities have only captured two of the prisoners and have no idea where the others are. They have no leads on how this happened. Stay tuned for more information.

"That's because you bitches are fucking stupid." I heard Mickey say from behind me. The whole house was full of members this evening as they were the ones who broke Vincent out of prison. I haven't met him yet and Richard and some members have gone into hiding. I don't know for how long, but it has been a little over a week and they still haven't come home. I haven't left here yet because, to be honest, I don't know what I want to do. They haven't given me a timeline and they want me to stay. I had gone to bed early because there was so much going on and I was just tired. I fell asleep and was woken up my Richard around five am that morning.

"Page, I need you to wake up." I heard him say. I set myself up and tried to focus on him.

"Is everything okay?" I said.

"Yes, but we're leaving and I want you to go with us." He said as he turned the lights on and started to grab my things.

"Richard, wait where are we going?" I asked him.

"I've got to get out of the country for a while and I don't want you left behind." He said.

"Where?" I asked him.

"Russia." He said.

"Russia, what the hell is in Russia?" I asked him as I sat up and started to pull my hair into a messy bun.

"I have family there and I need to get my son out of here." He said. I could see he was stressed out and tired and in a huge hurry. I didn't argue as I got out of the bed and started to pack my things up. "Be downstairs and ready in ten minutes." He said as he left the room.

"Richard, are you okay?" I asked him.

"I will be once we are in the air princess." He said I nodded at him and started to move my ass. I didn't bother doing anything with my hair or myself. I tossed on some clothes packed what I could and moved my ass outside to the SUV's. Mickey grabbed my bags and escorted me into one of the three SUV's. I wasn't sure what vehicles Richard was in but I wasn't in the same one as he was. Mickey shared the one I was in.

"Mickey, where is Richard?" I asked him.

"Don't worry love he is in front of us." He said. I knew I felt a little worried. What if the police were waiting for us at the airport. None of this seemed very safe. Of course, what did I know? We arrived about an hour later and were escorted to the back of the airport where a large privet jet was waiting for us. I stayed in the car until I was told otherwise. I could see the guys taken all the bags to the jet. I watched as Richard exited his vehicle and then a man followed behind him. He was in a three-piece suit and had jet black hair. He was a large man as most of them around here were, but he was incredibly good looking. I mean the man was sex on legs. Wow, I said to myself. I watched him till he entered the plane and realized that had to be Richard's, son. I kept my eyes on the jet and watched Richard walk back out of the plane and over to me. He opened the door and I went to him.

"Come on princess let's go." He said as he took my hand and we walked to the jet. I walked in to see Mickey and Tippy on the jet. The man in the suit was sitting in the back facing out the window not looking at us at all. Drake was also on board. There were also two other men there that I hadn't met. I can only assume that Kean stayed back to run things in New York. Richard sat me down in a seat and told me to buckle up. I did as I was told and kept an eye on Richard who sat next to his son. They were talking and then Vincent took a good long look right at me. I was paralyzed to look away from his eyes. They were a bright green just like his father's and he took my breath away for just a moment. He looked away from me and I was finally able to move my eyes away. Holy fuck, I said to myself. What the hell was going on with me?

We took off and once we were in the air. Vincent went into a door at the end of the jet and Richard came and took a seat next to me. "How are you doing princess?" He asked me.

"I'm doing well how about yourself?" I asked.

"I'm better now. I'm tired, but I can sleep when I die." He said. "I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to introduce you to my son, but he has been going through a lot and he just needs rest." He said.

"It's okay, I understand," I said. I watched as Richard laid his head back and closed his eyes. "I'm really excited about Russia. I've never been before." I said.

"It's covered in snow and is very beautiful." He said. "I'm glad you're excited." He said. "I must warn you about my son. If he is rude to you in any way. Please don't take offenses to it. His demeanor is hard and he is a very tough man and he still doesn't understand why you're here." He said.

"I guess I can understand that. I mean I don't even know why I'm here?" I said. I watched a smile come over Richard's face.

"You know why your here Page. You're like a daughter to me and I only surround myself with real people and they don't get much more real than you." He said. "I trust you." He said. The rest of the flight I just tried to get comfortable and read. The night was dark and everyone was asleep but me. The jet was kind of dark and I could only hear the soft snores of Richard next to me. That's when the door at the end of the jet opened and Vincent step out of it. I watched him walk past us and go to the front of the jet. He then walked back out with a drink in his hand and some food in the other. He took a seat right in front of me and said nothing as he sat his drink down and began to eat. I looked back to my book and tried my best to ignore the fact that he was there. I could hear him making some soft noises and when I looked up at him he was eating yogurt. I smiled a little and went back to my book.

"Would you like one?" He said. I pulled my book down from my face and looked over at him. He had a blueberry yogurt pointed at me. I nodded at him and took the yogurt from him.

"Thank you," I said and he nodded at me. He didn't say anything else. He just finished his food and then he went back to the room at the end of the jet. I fell asleep not much longer after that. I was woken by the caption's voice over the loudspeaker announcing we were landing. I looked out the window, but all I could see was snow. Richard was straightening himself out and so were the rest of the boy's. I didn't see Vincent anywhere. Richard smiled at me and went to the back of the jet. He knocked on the door and then let himself in. Mickey walked over to me.

"How was your ride?" He asked me.

"Long, but okay," I said.

"I'm glad you're still with us Page." He said. I bet you are. I said to myself. "You're going to love it here. There is so much to do. Have you ever skied before?" He asked me.

"No," I said.

"I'll teach you. You will love it." He said full of smiles. I just smiled back and nodded at him. After the plane landed. Richard asked me to wait till everything and everyone was off the plane. He came over to me with a large jacket.

"It's cold love so put this on." He said. I stood up and put the huge jacket over my body. It was way too big, but I did my best. I looked like an Eskimo. Richard and Mickey both smiled at me.

"This is not funny," I said. They both just smiled and headed off the jet. Now I've been in New York with the snow and cold. When the cold hit me outside of the jet. I thought I was going to die. This was a different cold and it hurt. I almost disappeared inside the jacket. I took someone's hand and let them take me to the car. I got inside fast and then realized it was Vincent who took my hand and sat next to me in the car. Richard was sitting in front of me. I blushed a little and stayed quiet. We drove for a while and then pulled up to what looked like a huge log house sitting in the middle of nowhere. It was so pretty sitting in the snow all lite up. I was ready for whatever was going to happen next.

Unknowns POV,

"She just landed in Russia sir."

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