I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 42

Aiden's POV,

"You can't fucking be serious right now Spencer?" I snapped. It had been two days since we had dinner at Richard Baily's house. Spencer was still recovering from the ass beating he received.

"I know Richard Baily. He won't hurt her. She is too innocent and good. He will see that and he won't hurt her." Spencer said.

"How can you just walk away from her? How can you be sure he won't hurt her. Don't you love her?" I snapped.

"I love her more then you will ever know and all I do is bring pain to her life. She is better off without me." He said. "Aiden, I know you care for her. Hell, I'd even say you love her, but this is something I've got to do. Baily has the manpower to get his son back. He doesn't need me for that. I promise you I know the kind of man Richard is. He won't harm her. I've got to do this for her." He said.

"You're out of your fucking mind!" I yelled. "If you're not going to get her back then I will!" I yelled.

"You're going to get yourself killed." He said as I stormed out of his apartment.

Page's POV,

I'm so tired of limping around. I'm never skiing again. I said to myself as I made my way down to the kitchen. Everyone was busy today and I think I was the only one left at the house. Its been almost a week. Even though my ankle is getting better. I was tired of being stuck in this house and all it did was snow. I was sick of the snow. I was sick of all of it. I grabbed some food and headed into the living room where I spent most of my days. Then I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Vincent walked past me into the kitchen. I thought I was the only one here. I said to myself. I haven't seen too much of him since he took me to bed that night. I know everyone is busy and can't always entertain me, but damn it, I was bored out of my mind. "Vincent?" I hollered out.

"Page?" He said from the kitchen.

"Are you busy today?" I asked him.

"I'm always busy." He replied. I took a deep breath.

"I'm bored," I said.

"Not my problem." He said.

"Your such a dick!" I yelled out. All of a sudden he was in my face in a flash.

"You need to watch your mouth." He said only inches from my lips. My heart started to race. "What's the matter Page? Cat got your tongue?" He said.

"Get away from me." I spit out. His hand started to touch my thigh. His hand was warm and I closed my eyes. "What are you doing?" I said softly.

"Teaching you some manners." He whispered.

"Get off me," I said doing my best not to show him he was turning me on. He moved back slowly but still stayed close. I bit my lip as I opened my eyes. He smiled and went back into the kitchen.

"I hate you," I said under my breath.

"Back at you babe." He said. Shit, he heard me. The rest of the day was very uneventful. Vincent disappeared most of the day and when I did see him he just ignored me. Finally, in the evening everyone was back and I had someone to talk to.

"Page, Anna is going to take you shopping tomorrow. We have a big dinner party to attend with my family. You need a fancy dress." Richard said. I nodded at him and was going to head off to bed when Vincent came in the house with a different woman on his arm. I looked over at them and just shook my head. I limped to my bedroom. He is such a pig. I said to myself. I flopped myself down on my bed. Why do I even give a shit what he does? I hope he gets syphilis. That will teach him. The next morning Anna was here bright and early. Don't get me wrong. I needed human contact, but why so damn early?

"Girl, move your damn ass." She said.

"I'm going as fast as I can. We are only shopping for a dress. What's the rush?" I said as I was snapping my bra together. I heard her laugh.

"Oh Page, sweet Page. You haven't been shopping with me yet." She said. Great, what have I gotten myself into? I said to myself. We were headed out the door when Richard stopped us.

"Here princess." He said and handed me a gold card.

"Richard I can't take this," I said. He smiled at me.

"I knew you would say that. Page, you don't have any money on you and if you use your money it will show activity on your account. I can't take that chance so please just take my card." He said.

"I promise I'll pay you back," I said. He just rolled his eyes at me and told me to have a good day. I smiled and headed out with Anna. We had a very good day. We went to breakfast and to lunch. We literally spent three hours in one dress shop, but we both finally found our perfect dresses. Anna went with a really pretty short blue dress. I went with a long black simple dress that had a slit up the side and was a little lower in the front then I would normally pick for myself, but Anna reassured me that I looked amazing in it.

That night I pulled my hair out with a straightener and added some big loose curls to the ends. I heard a knock at my bedroom door and I did a double check in the mirror and was satisfied with my look. When I opened the door Mickey was waiting there for me.

"My god Page." He said. I smiled at him.

"Thank you," I said.

"I'm going to have to keep an eye on you tonight. The men are going to be all over you." He said. I took his arm and he leads me down to where everyone was waiting. As I started to walk the stairs I saw Vincent standing by the sofa with that same woman on his arm. Then his eyes found mine. Our eyes were locked. He looked so handsome in his black and white suit with a red tie. It was hard not to stare at him. We arrived at Richard's family home and it was twice the size of his home in New York. I was a little nervous to meet his family. This was the first time since we got here to Russia that I was meeting them. I stayed by Richards side. He toted me around on his arm most of the night. His family turned out to be just as good of people has the rest of them. You could tell just how close they all were by just being around them. Of course, I was lost in most of the conversations since I couldn't speak a word of Russian. As everyone was visiting I took a glass of wine and decided to step out and have a look around.

They had a huge solarium at the other end of the house. This was a big sunroom full of plants and trees. There was also a small pound running through the middle of it. It was beautiful and warm. I started to take a walk through it. "Did you lose your way?" I heard a deep voice say. I turned to see Vincent seating on a bench. He was alone.

"What are you doing here alone Vincent? Wheres your girlfriend?" I asked him.

"I don't have a girlfriend Page. Are you jealous?" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Please Vincent, what exactly should I be jealous of? The fact that you have some girl here? Or the fact that she will be tonight's fun and a new one will show on a different day?" I said as I crossed my arms. I watched him stand up and make his way over to me.

"You look very good tonight Page." He said. I wasn't sure how to take this so I stayed quiet. He came very close to me and took his hand and touched the side of my face. I felt my body come alive and then I remembered who was touching me.

"What can I do for you, Vincent?" I said to him.

"Oh, baby girl there is a lot that you can do for me." He whispered into my ear. I pushed him away from me.

"Look, Vincent, I'm not like your whores that you're used to so back off. You think I'm just going to jump into bed with you. Well, you're crazy. I'm not the one." I said.

"But your Spencer Allan's whore." He said. I couldn't even believe what I heard.

"Who the hell do you think you are! I'm not a whore and I don't belong to him!" I yelled and I stomped out of the room. The tears poured down my cheeks as I walked past everyone and made my way out to the cars. I took a seat inside and just cried. Richard found me a few minutes later. I was shivering and crying.

"What happened Princess?" He asked me as he covered me with a coat.

"Vincent, that's what happened," I said. "He is hateful to me and I don't think he trusts me. Maybe I should leave when we return home. I don't want to make your son uncomfortable." I said.

"I'll have a talk with him Page. Don't leave because my son has his own demons." He said. That still didn't make me feel any better. I just laid in his arms and cried.

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