I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 45

We got to the safe house and the house wasn't as big as Richard's home we just left from. I still got a room to myself, but we were on lockdown. I couldn't even see Anna. It was just me and a bunch of men. I had no idea how long we would be here, but I didn't ask any questions. Richard and Vincent were afraid that my friends alerted the authorities. We had to stay low. I felt so bad that we were all stuck here and it was my fault. I heard a lite tap on my bedroom door and I got up to answer it. We had only been here for three days and I hadn't really come out of my room. When I opened the door Richard was standing there. "Page can I come in?" He asked me.

"Of course you can," I said. He walked in and closed the door behind him.

"I'm sorry Page that I got upset," he said.

"No please don't be. It's my fault we are here." I said. He smiled at me and ran his hand down my cheek.

"You're a good girl Page. I always knew you were." He said. "Please don't keep yourself locked in your room." He said. Later on, I was standing out on the back porch. Drinking a cup of hot tea watching the snow fall. I heard the slider door open and close. Vincent stood next to me.

"Do you like the snow?" He asked me.

"I do," I said.

"I've always loved the snow." He said. "Even as a child, my sister and I would play in it for hours." He said. My mouth fell open.

"Your sister?" I asked him. He looked at me funny.

"Yeah, my twin sister Vicky. She died when we were seventeen. Didn't you know about her?" He asked.

"No, I'm sorry you lost her Vincent that must have been just terrible," I said as I placed my arm on his shoulder. He got quiet and I didn't say anything. "Can I ask what happened?" I said. He took a deep breath.

"Maybe some other time." He said. I respected his answer and left it alone. We both just stood there watching the snowfall.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked. He nodded at me. "Did you really murder someone?" I said. He smiled and looked at me.

"Do you really want to know?" He asked me. I nodded at him. "Yes, Page and I would do it again." He said.

"But why?" I asked him.

"Some people in this world don't deserve to be in it." He said. "Look, Page, you know who we are and I would never harm or kill an innocent person. The person I took down was hurting people." He said.

"I understand Vincent," I said.

"I knew you would." He said.

"I wish the snow would let up a little," I said. Vincent smiled. All of a sudden alarms started to go off like crazy. It scared me and Vincent pulled a gun out and tucked me behind him.

"You stay behind me, do you understand?" He said. I took hold of his shirt and said yes. He walked slowly into the house. I stayed very close to him. Mickey and Drake came running in from the front of the house. They had their guns drawn and Vincent followed them. Just then the front door burst open and Aiden and Abby came walking in with two of our men behind them with guns on them.

"Wait!" I yelled out. I came from behind Vincent and ran to Abby and Aiden. Aiden put his hand's out and I ran into his arms.

"I'm so sorry Page, but I had to make sure you were okay," Aiden said. Poor Abby looked so scared.

"Hold fire!" Vincent hollered out. Richard came out in the room with his gun out.

"What the fuck is going on?" Richard yelled out. I looked over at him while I was still in Aiden's arms.

"Please, Richard these are my friends," I said. Everyone took a deep breath and backed down. Richard shook his head.

"Bring them to my office. That means you too Page." He said. I nodded at him and we all followed him. We all took a seat and Vincent and Richard had Abby and Aiden searched to make sure they were no threat. All they had on them was a small knife.

"I'm sorry sir, but we had to make sure Page was alright," Aiden spoke up. Vincent smiled at me. Richard looked angry.

"Page, your friends have put me in a hard situation. What am I suppose to do now?" He asked me.

"Now that they know I'm okay. You can send them home. They are no threat to you or the family. Right, Aiden?" I said.

"Yes sir, just like I said. We just needed to make sure she was okay." I touched Abby's hand. She really looked frightened.

"I have seen you before," Richard said to Aiden.

"Yes sir, I joined Spencer Allan for the dinner that night," Aiden said. I looked to Vincent who just stood there watching me.

"We have a problem. Your friends must stay until I know it's safe for them to go." Richard said. I took a deep breath and gave Aiden a look. Mickey and Drake came into the room and took Aiden and Abby out of the room.

"Please Richard, please don't hurt them," I said. Richard came over to me and put his arms around me.

"I'm not going to hurt them Page. I just need to make sure it's only them and that we are not in danger. I also need to find out how they found us." He said. I took a deep breath. "I promise you, Page. I won't hurt them unless they try to hurt us. You can go see your friends." He said. I nodded at him and started to leave the room. I got halfway down the hallway when Vincent stepped in front of me.

"Vincent you scared me," I said reaching out to put my hands on his chest.

"Page, who is this Aiden guy?" Vincent asked me.

"He is my friend," I said.

"Are you sure?" He asked me.

"Yes, Vincent, why do you ask?" I said.

"Because he looks at you as if you mean more to him than just a friend." He said. I cocked my head at him.

"What does it matter if he does?" I asked. He just sort of looked at me. Then he did something that took me by surprise. Vincent reached down and tilted my chin up. His lips came down to mine and he kissed me softly. At first, I didn't move, but then my arms went around his body and I kissed him back. He pulled away from me slowly and looked into my eyes. "What was that for?' I said before opening my eyes.

"Becuase, I want you to know how I feel before you fall in the arms of a different man." He said. I got very confused.

"You like me?" I said.

"Your not very observant are you, Page." He said with a smile.

"I guess not," I said smiling back at.

"Go see your friends Page. We will talk later." He said. He bent down and kissed my cheek and then walked off. I stood there for a moment. Trying to understand what just happened. Vincent was hot and dangerous and I never thought in a million years he would even look my direction. His kiss was so different from the kisses I ever had. It felt so real. I shook my head, I couldn't think about that right now. I had to check on my friends. I needed to let them know everything was okay. I found the room they were in because the door was guarded. I was let in. Aiden and Abby were both sitting on the bed. They looked at me and ran to my arms. We hugged for a good minute.

"I told you guys I was okay," I said. Abby looked at me.

"We have been looking for you. There was no way we were going to just take your word for it over the phone." She said.

"I promise you guys are going to be okay," I said.

"Are you okay?" Aiden asked me.

"Yes, I'm okay. It's a very long story, but I'm not a prisoner with them. They are my family." I said and Aiden looked at me funny. "Like I said Aiden, It's a long story."

"But they are criminals," Aiden said. I just smiled at him. We all took a seat. I looked over at Abby. "Where is Spencer?" I asked. Abby looked over at Aiden.

"Fuck Spencer!" Aiden said in a loud tone.

"So it's true?" I asked them. They both nodded at me.

"He just gave up and left," Abby said. Aiden looked pissed off. "He said they wouldn't hurt you." She said. "He said you were better off without him," Aiden spoke up. I felt sad, but I didn't cry. I just looked to the ground.

"Well he was right about one thing. They didn't hurt me." I said.

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