I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 48

I woke up around two in the morning and I had to pee. I got out of bed and headed over to the bathroom. When I was done I saw that my nightstand light was on and Vincent was sitting on my bed. I stood in the bathroom doorway with my arms crossed. "What are you doing Mr. Bailey?" I asked.

"Waiting for you." He said in a deep voice.

"At two in the morning?" I said.

"I heard you get up." He said. "Come sit by me." He said.

"Nope, being near you ends up in a make-out session. I think I'll stay here." I said.

"You don't like kissing me?" Vincent said.

"I never said that," I said.

"Then come here." He said.

"Vincent, what do you want?" I asked him.

"Come here and I'll tell you." He said. I watched him for a moment. I took a deep breath and walked over to him.

"Well?" I said. He looked up at me and gave me that sexy smile of his. I just shook my head and took a seat next to him.

"I want to take you out to dinner." He said. I took a deep breath.

"I don't know what this is between us Vincent, but I have seen how you treat, women. I'm not that kind of girl. You're not going to be happy with someone like me and I'm not going to end up a notch on your bedpost." I said. A huge smile came on his face.

"That's all very true Page and I don't blame you for feeling that way, but I don't see you like I see those women." He said.

"And how do you see me?" I asked him.

"I'm not completely sure just yet. These feelings are very new to me. All I know is I want to be close to you." He said.

"Okay, I'll have dinner with you, but no more kissing until we know what's going on between us," I said. "I can't think when you kiss me," I said. He smiled.

"I knew you like it as much as I did." He said. Then he put his lip out at me. "Just one goodnight kiss?" He asked me. I giggled a little.

"No way," I said.

"You're killing me, woman," Vincent said. I stood up.

"I think you'll live," I said as I walked to my bedroom door and opened it for him. He got up and walked over to me. He reached out and gave my hair a little tug. His eyes found mine and I knew he was tempting me. I licked my bottom lip and tried to look away from him, but it was no use. His lips came to mine fast and I lost myself as I closed my bedroom door and wrapped my arms around him. He pinned me up against my wall and held my hands up over my head. Our lips never leaving each other.

"Fuck, the things you do to me." He whispered out. His lips found my neck and my chest. This was getting out of control and my body wasn't allowing me to stop it.

"I want you, Vincent," I whispered out praying he didn't hear me. He let my hands go and I jumped into his arms. He carried me over to the bed and laid me down on it. He came on top of me and our lips found each other again. He pulled my shirt up over my head and took hold of one of my breasts. His tongue was warm on my nipple as I ran my hands through his hair. He started to kiss down my body and I was on fire for him. He got to the top of my shorts and left small kisses along the tops of them.

"You smell like sweet strawberries baby girl." He said. Vincent closed his eyes and came back up to me. He pulled me into his arms and we both laid there next to each other.

"What's wrong Vincent? Why did you stop?" I asked him sounding confused. He took a deep breath.

"Becuase your right Page. Your nothing like the women that I'm used to. I refused to treat you like you are. Don't worry baby girl. I want you, but I will do this right." He said. Thank god he said what he said. I'm grateful he stopped. Because I don't think I would have. Vincent spent the rest of the night with me in his arms, but he was gone when I woke up. The rest of the day went by pretty slow. I didn't see Vincent or Richard all day. When night fell I decided to get ready for dinner with Vincent. I picked out a pretty sexy looking royal blue cocktail dress. I pulled my hair up with some big curls coming down and I did my make up. I then waited for Vincent. I heard a soft tap on my bedroom door and I got up and walked over to open it. Vincent stood there in a black suit with a black tie and he looked amazing. I smiled at him as I watched him look me up and down.

"You're killing me baby girl." He said.

"Would you like to stay in?" I asked him with a devilish smile on my face. He just shook his head.

"Come on, let's go to dinner." He said. The night was going perfect. We talked about everything. I told him about my mother and the things I went through. I told him what happened after she faked her death. He shared stories with me about what it was like growing up with Richard Bailey. He didn't talk about his sister Vicky and I respected him and didn't ask. He told me how he was to take over the family when his father stepped down. I asked him if this was the life he wanted and he told me yes, that it will always be family first. Something I had always wanted to hear. After dinner was finished. Vincent asked me if he could take me someplace. I agreed to go with him and he got a little excited. It was actually cute to see him excited. We got in the car and we drove for a while.

"Vincent, where are we going?" I asked him. He smiled at me and took my hand in his and kissed my hand.

"You'll see." Was all he said. He then turned down this long road that came out to an old run down house tucked back in the snowy woods. The home was big and very old.

"What is this place? I asked him.

"This home belonged to my grandparents. I spent a lot of time here as a child with my sister. One day I'm going to fix it up and live in it." He said. I smiled at him.

"That's very sweet Vincent," I said.

"Would you like to see the inside?" He asked me. I nodded at him and he came to my side and took my hand and we walked into the house. It was dark and cold. There were some holes in the walls and roof. There was lots of snow damage. The place needed a lot of work. He leads me into a living room. He let go of my hand and walked over to a huge fireplace. He lite the fireplace and that's when I saw blankets and rose petals all over the place. Vincent then started to walk around the room and light candles.

"Is this where you have been all day?" I asked him. He nodded at me as I walked over to the fireplace to get warm. "So tell me, Vincent, how many women have you brought up here?" I asked him. He took a deep breath.

"One, you." He said. I just looked at him for a moment, but I believed him. "This place means a lot to me Page, I wouldn't bring those girls to a place like this." He said. I just smiled at him.

"Why me?' I asked him.

"Why you? Because you're special." He said as he started to make his way towards me. I knew right then and there I was in trouble and I was powerless to stop what I wanted. He came close to me and ran his fingers down my arm. I got instant chills that excited me. He then pulled the pin that was holding my hair up out of my hair and my hair fell down my back. "When was the last time someone told you how beautiful you are?" He asked me.

"It's been a while," I said.

"Be with me Page, I'll give you everything you have ever wanted. I'll protect you and tell you every day how beautiful you are." He said.

"How are you so romantic?" I asked him.

"I'm not, but I get it now. What my father has been saying all these years to me about love. I don't know much about it, but I think I know how it feels to love now. I can't get you out of my head. You piss me off and make me feel so good at the same time. You don't fall at my feet as most women do and you never let me get away with talking crap. I can't fucking get enough of you." He said.

"Well, I am pretty gifted like that," I said and he smiled. Then his lips came down to mine and this time I wasn't going to let him stop. As he was kissing me I was busy unzipping my dress. I let it fall from my body and I stood there in nothing but a thong. Vincent took a step back to look at me and I did a little turn just for him. He got this devilish look on his face and took his coat off.

"No escaping tonight Page, your mine." He said. He started to remove his tie and then his shirt. I watched him as I bit my lip. His body was a perfect scripture of masculinity. He had some tattoos, but not as many as I thought he would. He walked over to me and his hand went behind my head and he took a fist full of hair and tilted my head down to his lips. He wasn't rough he was soft and sweet. He then laid me down and laid next to me. His hands started to explore my body as he gently rubbed my skin with his fingertips. His lips were also causing pleasure as he kissed me all over. Every once in awhile his tongue would sweep across my skin causing me to moan out. "I'm going to take my time with you baby girl." He said. I was ready for whatever Vincent wanted.

He moved his finger close to my pussy and started to gently run his fingers around it. It was driving me crazy. All I wanted him to do was touch me. My body was on fire as he teased me. "Please Vincent." I cried out.

"Please what baby?' He said in my ear as he bit down on my earlobe.

"Please touch me," I said.

"Your wish is my command." He said. His large fingers dipped inside my folds and he touched my clit. My body bucked against him. He growled into my ear. Then he slides his fingers up and down. Teasing me terribly. "What do you want Page?" He asked me.

"I want you," I said. I watched as he stuck two fingers inside his mouth and then he stuck them inside of me and I almost came off the blankets. They filled me so tightly and all I wanted was more. He moved in and out of me slowly.

"Your so tight Page." He said. He started to kiss me and then he started to make his way down till his lips kissed the top of my pussy while his fingers were still deep inside of me. Then I felt his velvet tongue lick my clit. He started to gently bite and suck my clit and I was losing it. "Mmmm, you taste just like strawberries." He said and then went back to devouring me. Within seconds, I was cumming all over him. I moaned out and he smiled at me. He then sat up and took a condom out of his pants. Once he had it on. He then laid back down beside me. He turned me over onto my side and pulled my leg up and entered me from behind. I laid my head back as the size of him was very large and it was going to take a second for me to accept him fully. He started to move very slowly. It felt amazing. He placed kisses all over my neck and down my shoulders. "You feel so good baby girl." He said in my ear. He then started to move a little faster and it was driving me wild.

I couldn't get him deep enough. I wanted more and more. My moans were driving him wild and to the breaking point. I knew I was going to cum again. I moved away and laid him back. I climbed on top of him and slide down onto his cock. I sat straight up and started to move up and down. His fingers were gripping the sides of my thighs. He started to let little moans and growls go. To which turned me on even more and I started to move faster. I watched his eyes go into the back of his had. He then brought himself up and held on to me as he started to pump himself in and out of me. We both threw our heads back and let out screams as we came together. Our foreheads touched as the only sound you could hear was the fireplace crackling and our breathing.

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