I Won't Call You Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 7

Her name was in red on top of the box. "Listen to me Page. I don't know what her will is going to say. I want you to take this cash and keep it for yourself." He said. I looked up at him with crazy eyes.

"I can't take this," I said. He looked at me.

"Why Page, that bitch has never done anything for you. You deserve this money." He said. I looked at him as he spoke those words. Yes it was true my mother was a bitch, but it seemed out of line to say these types of things now that she was gone. I don't know why it made me feel guilty, but it did. I have been saving money for the last two years and I had nowhere near the type of money that was in this box. This money would do wonders for my life. I just close the box and set it next to me. I started to get lost in my thoughts. Spencer started to rub my shoulder and my neck.

"You have nothing to feel guilty about Page. You're her daughter and you're entitled to all her belongings. I'm just not sure exactly what she left for you if she left anything." He said. "Take this money, and live your life the way you've always dreamed of living it." He said. I laid my head on his chest.

"Maybe, you'll be there too," I said. Spencer stayed quiet.

"I don't know if I'm the right man for you Page, but I'm willing to find out." He said. That made me smile. "You still don't think your mom did this to herself, do you?" He asked me.

"I just have a hard time believing somebody like my mother would do that to herself. I don't know how to shake the feeling." I said.

"Somethings in life just can't be answered. Maybe there were things going on in her life that neither you nor I knew anything about." Spencer said. "You're just going to have to learn to let this one go babe." He said. I knew in the back of my mind he was probably right. I can't go through my life wondering and worrying. It was time for me to grow up and move on. My life as an adult was just about to begin. The thing that I dreamed about for years. What is now happening and could be possibly happening with this man sitting next to me?

"Spencer, I just realized I don't really know much about you," I said. He turned to me and started to speak, but someone started to knock on the door.

"Hold that thought," Spencer said, as he got up to go answer the door. A few seconds later I heard Spencer holler to me. "Page, someone is here to see you." I got up and walked over to the front door. My eyes went wide as I saw Brent standing at the front door. I just realized I haven't spoken to him in quite some time. I felt horrible about it, but we weren't exactly that serious yet.

"Hi Brent, how are you?" I asked him. Spencer didn't leave my side. In fact, he had a bit of an angered look on his face.

"Hey Page, can we talk alone please," Brent said as he gave Spencer a heated look.

"Sure," I said, as I stepped outside and closed the front door behind me. Brent and I walked over to the outside bench and took a seat.

"What's going on Page? I haven't heard from you in almost two weeks." He asked me. I started playing with my hair not really ready to explain my situation to Brent, but I knew I had to tell him something because I could not continue this relationship with him. Brent was a very nice guy, but he just wasn't the guy for me. The timing just wasn't right.

"Brent, I'm sorry but you and I have to take a break," I said.

"What do you mean Page? I thought things were going great? Why do you want to toss this away?" He said. He sounded very upset, more than I thought he would. I explained everything that was going on but leaving out the stuff with Spencer. "My god Page, I'm so sorry." He said. I thanked him. " I don't mean to sound inappropriate here or anything, but your mother was a two-faced bitch. Why are you upset about this?" I did think that was inappropriate.

"Brent, just because I didn't like my mother doesn't mean she deserved to die." He looked down.

"Your right, I'm sorry." He said. "I just don't believe this is a reason to stop seeing each other." He said. I didn't think this was going to be this hard. I didn't realize that Brent cared this much.

"I'm sorry Brent this just isn't the right time now," I said.

"Okay Page, I understand. Do me a favor, will you? If you need me for anything, please call me." He said. I smiled at him.

"I will Brent. Thank you." I said. We both stood up and Brent came over and hugged me. I hugged him back and then he tried to kiss me. I moved back and just looked at him.

"Sorry." He said and walked away. That felt very off to me, but I wouldn't worry about that right now. I stood there a moment and watched Brent leave. I realized that Spencer was standing in the window watching us. Great now I had to go in there and explain the Brent situation to Spencer. I was getting really tired of having to explain things to everybody. I took a deep breath and headed back to the house. Spencer was now sitting on the couch with his arms crossed.

"Care to tell me about him?" He asked, as I walked in the house and sat down next to him.

"His name is Brent and he was my boyfriend. We've only been seeing each other for a couple of months. It wasn't anything serious, at least not on my half. I just broke things off with him." I said in the best way I could. Spencer sat there for a moment like he was trying to gather his thoughts. "Are you upset with me?" I asked him.

"No, I'm not upset with you, but it would've been nice to know you were with someone." He said.

"I'm sorry Spencer, but things just happen so fast around here I kind of lost track of my life for the moment," I said, as I started to play with my hair again.

"How old is he?" Spencer asked

"He just turned twenty this year," I said.

"Wow Page, you like your men older, don't you?" He said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I said, now crossing my arms. "I'll have you know that Brent is the first guy I ever considered to be a boyfriend in my entire life. I don't really have much experience when it comes to dating guys." I was a little upset now.

"Calm down babe. I was only playing with you." Spencer said with a smile on his face. I started to calm down again. I didn't think he was very funny. Spencer stood up and pulled his phone out. "I'm going to order out for dinner tonight. I don't think either one of us feels like cooking anything." He said. I agreed with him and laid back on the couch. He ordered us some pizza and some sodas and we decided to kick back and watch some movies. Hoping that maybe it would take our minds off things.

We sat there and ate our pizza and just had random conversations about things about each other. I learned that Spencer came from a family of money. When his father passed away he was left with everything. I found out that Spencer was worth millions of dollars. He was also left with his father's company and took that over. He didn't spend much time there though as he had people working for him that handled all the business. Spencer basically sat back and watched the money roll in. He did, however, keep himself busy by making sure that things ran smoothly. Also, nothing was ever allowed to be pushed through without Spencer's approval. Those types of things kept him pretty busy sometimes. His mother passed away when he was very young and he was an only child. So, he didn't have much family around. He also explained to me how he and my mother met and how she put on a very good act for him. That had made him start to fall in love with her. The only problem was, once he realized who she really was the love went away just as fast as it came.

He told me he could never be with someone like her and how he needed to try to find a way out without losing any of his money. He also told me how big of a playboy he used to be. That he had never had strong feelings for any woman he's ever had in his life, and apparently there was a lot. It made me feel kind of insecure to think about what a man like him would even want with someone like me. You would think he would want someone with more experience. Someone who could make him feel just as good as he will make them feel. I don't know why I felt surprised that there was a lot of women in his life before my mother. Considering the fact that he's an actual god. I mean the man is beautiful in every way. I'm sure he has women falling at his feet constantly. To top all the good looks, he has a great personality as well. I mean at first I though he was a perfect dick, but once I got to know him I changed my mind.

He asked me to tell him about my life. There wasn't much to tell considering my life wasn't all that interesting. I told him about how my father walked out on me when I was really young. I let him know just how the relationship between me and my mother went after that. How I was pushed to the side most of my life. How she let me know that I was more of an inconvenience than anything to her. I told him about all the different husbands that came and gone. I told him about the only one that I actually had a father daughter relationship with and that I still saw him from time to time. I told him about my school and I told him about my job and I told him about my friendship with Brandy. Besides that there wasn't much more to tell.

Spencer pulled me into his lap and started to stroke my hair. "I'm sorry you had to live that way Page." He said. I can see the genuine concern on his face.

"It's okay, you don't have to be sorry. I took care of myself, but now I don't have to worry about her anymore." I said. He bent down and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arm around his head so he couldn't move away from me. I made the kiss more deep and he didn't try to move away. I turned my body around and became a bit aggressive. I didn't know I had that in me. I just didn't want him to stop. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He stood up with no problem and picked me up at the same time. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held onto me as he took me all the way upstairs and into my room. He gently laid me down on my bed and I knew right there in that moment. This was going to happen.

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