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I See You

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A witch being mated to a hybrid alpha who so happens to hate their existence. Liya had her work cut out for her Liya Rae Smith is a witch with a deep obsession Spying on her mate The worlds first and only hybrid Alpha Blake Wilder of the Crimson Fang Wolf Pack Ever since he moved his pack to her hometown, she's been hooked. the tales of the dangerous man kept her from approaching him, watching him from afar. Scared to make herself known to the man she craved, a beautiful creation made just for her; she settled for stalking. Sometimes, the roles need to be reversed ***SEXUAL CONTENT***

Erotica / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Liya's P.O.V

The twigs crunched under my sneakers as I made my way through the forest.

"You got me lookin so crazy, my baby." I hummed along to the song blasting through my ears. "I'm not myself, lately I'm foolish." I dodged through the trees. "I don't do this."

I finished the song as I neared my destination.

I stopped, pulling the small potion bottle from my hoodie, chanting the same words I've been chanting for the past six months.

Once I was ready, I shot back the disgusting drink. Masking my scent and hiding my appearance.

Spotting the huge mansion ahead, I carefully made my way towards it, being careful of not getting close enough to spot. I sat down in my favorite seat against the tree pulling out my special glasses that allowed me to see far.

This became an almost daily routine

Sleep, eat, shower, get dressed, spy on my mate, go home and depending on my mood I could cry myself to sleep or masturbate and feel ashamed afterwards.

On other days when I wasn't busy being a stalker, I'd visit my family and see what they were up to, or in my sisters words "restocking on my creep/stalker supplies".

My sister thought I was crazy when she figured out what I was doing. But after she found out whom it was and why, she understood.

I watched as a few of the fighters in the pack came out. Training day.

They began their warm up before starting the actual training. I sighed laying my head against the tree, staring off into space.

Minutes later it became silent.

My head shot up

All of their heads bent low in respect as he stepped out

Blake Wilder

The hybrid Alpha of the Crimson Fang Wolf Pack

Son of the first generation of vampires, Bain Wilder, and his mother Ambrose Wilder was the daughter of one of the most powerful packs this world had ever seen, Alpha Axel Roden.

I did my research, I had to.

But fuck me was he was beautiful...

After six months of watching him, he surprisingly still swoons me with his striking, hard masculine features.

What a man he was. Nothing about him screamed feminine at all. He stood proud and strong. His wide frame watching over everyone as his massive arms folded in front of him.

I often dreamed of us fucking against this tree, his thick arms squeezing me, carrying the weight with his muscular legs, holding us up for hours.

His dark short tousled hair looked as if he constantly ran his fingers through it... Oh how I wish I could touch it... grip it. And the way his peach color loops moved as he spoke; I often find myself wondering just how soft they would feel against mine and the rest of my body.

The way his tan skin stretched across his tight muscles seemed to glow in the sunlight, green eyes the turn from red to blue depending on his wolf or his vampire motive's, scanning the area.

He was indeed a man.

He nodded his head at them, showing his acknowledgement. They immediately went back to training.

He walked towards one of the guys that got knocked on his ass for the third time. He pulled him up with simplicity to his feet.

Easily towering over the guy with his impressive height, showed him a defending move and took a step back.

The guy went back to training, clearly taking up on his Alpha instructions, taking the other guy down with ease.

He patted at the guys back, going along helping others improve, not that they really needed it. I mean I wouldn't want to get on any of their bad sides. If anything, the chicks are just as brutal, that alone should tell you something.

I watched as Beta Mark came out smirking at Blake. I've bit my lip knowing what was to come next. They were about battle

Everyone cleared a path for them, eager to take notes. I knew from watching them for the past six months that Blake held his punches when training. Never really wanting to spill any unnecessary blood of his members.

My eyes greedily watched as he pulled his shirt off

I nearly moaned at the sight. It was hard to keep my breathing under control as my eyes roamed around his very well sculpted body.

He was seriously prepossessing

If only I could touch him...

Before he could get in his stance, he stopped as if sensing something.

My eyes widen at the sight in front of me

"Mom." I whispered to myself.

I watched as one of his guards escorted her to him.

What the hell was she doing here? Did she have a death wish?

The sole reason why I never revealed myself to him. Everyone knew Blake Wilder hated witches. I couldn't blame him for it either, they killed his sister.

I knew the moment he found out about my existence, he'd reject me on the spot, if he didn't kill me with his bare hands first.

He shot his beta a look before snatching his shirt up and making his way to my mother, who sat smugly against a rock.

Once he was in front of her, they shook hands. He looked at my mother strangely before moving closer to her. He pulled her close to him, inhaling her before snatching the jacket tied around her waist off before pulling it to his face.

I frowned in confusion before taking a look at the jacket he was sniffing.


Is that my fucking...

My mind wandered to my early visit to my mother's, she asked me to help her with her shipment this morning and I remember taking my jacket off due to the heat and avoiding spilling any chemicals on it.

Oh fuck… This is bad.

Waking up was a real bitch, and getting out of bed was an even bigger one.

I wasn't looking forward to the day at all. Huffing, I finally rolled out of the bed at 2. Going into my closet I grabbed sweatpants, a loose crop top, and underwear.

Throwing them on my bed, I went into the bathroom and showered for the day.

Washing in silence was a whole other level of depression.

Stepping out, I turned to the sink to brush my teeth. Looking in the mirror, my chocolate brown eyes stared back with a week's worth of sleep deprivation.

I cut all "contact" with him altogether after my mother's visit to his estate. I was currently hiding out in the comforts of my home for the past week. And it was like a vegan turning into a meat lover in the matter of hours, it's not possible or healthy, you have to approach it with ease.

I pulled my dark curls up into a messy bun, not caring about the curly strains that escaped.

Going back into my room, I made sure to moisturize my entire body. You know, as a Ethiopian woman with mocha brown skin, lotion was your best friend.

I threw on the clothes and went to make myself food. Opening the fridge, it looked sad and deprived.

A carton of almond milk, a couple bottles of water, a slowly rotting apple, two avocados and a few bottles of my potion bottles I desperately needed to restock on to keep my scent masked. The freezer had a half empty bag of mixed fruits and a box of pizza rolls that was probably expired.

I huffed closing the door before grabbing a potion. "Okay, we can do something normal today like grocery shopping, not stalking." I nodded to myself before shooting the drink back and grabbing my car keys.

I slipped my shoes on and opened the door to my garage and slipped into my red Jeep.

Pulling up to the grocery store, I slipped in my headphones before getting down to business.

Grocery shopping was therapeutic for me. I could shop for hours, looking up new recipes along the way.

After I was satisfied with all the food that would surely fill my fridge and pantry enough to last me a good month before I’d have to come out again. I went to check out, paying a good $425.32. Ignoring the strange looks I received from people as I rolled out the store and loaded my car up.

I popped a piece of gum into my mouth as I pulled out of the lot and made my way to my sisters shop to restock.

Pulling up, I looked over the beautiful bikes parked in front of me. I shrugged, jumping out of the Jeep and making my way in the store.

As soon as I spotted her behind the counter, smirking I made my way over to her. "Hey bitc..." Her eyes snapped over toward me, widening. She shook her head, waving her hands as if warning me.

I frowned as she mouths “leave now”, repeatedly.

"What?" I stepped forward ignoring her pleas.

"Liya! Oh wonderful, you're here!" My mother came out from the back.

I looked at Aisha weirdly before looking back at our mother. "Yea… Wha the fu..." I stopped mid sentence as Blake walked out from the back with his beta Mark right behind him.

She smirked knowingly. "This is Blake Wilder, he's the Alpha of the Crimson Fang Wolf Pack, this is Mark Daniels, his beta. He recently moved here and thought he'd get... better acquainted with the local supernatural."

I swallowed hard as he took a step forward. My eyes took him in, he was even more beautiful up close and he smelled heavenly. "Shh.. shi... h...it." I took a step back as I started choking on the gum in my mouth. I quickly gained my composure as he took another step staring into my soul with those green eyes lord help me! He reached out to steady me, but I quickly shook my hand to stop him, I leaned against the counter for support. "Sorry, gum went down the wrong pipe... and I feel a little under the weather." I smiled at them before turning around facing my sister with wide eyes. "Help me", I mouthed to her.

Aisha made quick work in coming around the counter and taking a hold on my arm, putting distance between us and supporting my weak legs that wanted to give out. I'd never been this close to him, damn he smelled so fucking delicious. It was messing with my head. "Oh mom, I forgot I called her to pick me up sinc... my car you know how my car gets.” Aisha nervously chuckled. “Yeah she came to pick me up."

My mother chose then to come up to me, she placed her hand on my head. "Oh my poor child must be coming down with something, you don't even smell like yourself. Oh and here's your jacket you left." She smirked at my widening eyes as she tried to hand me my jacket.

"Ah that's not mine." I lied quickly, pushing it back to her. "What are you doing?" I mouthed with wide eyes.

"Are you sure? I could have sworn you left it." She smiled already knowing it was my fucking jacket. "Grand babies." She mouthed back and winked before stepping back.

I bit my lip to keep from shouting. “Well, nice meeting you. But we really have to go.” Aisha quickly pulled me along.

Blake stepped in front of us before we could make it to the door. "Are you okay?"

I damn near moaned out at his deep, husky voice.

My knees went weak for a millisecond and he quickly grabbed me, nothing but the grace oh the mood goddess was on my side that my shirt covered the contact of my skin. "Whoa, your burning up." He spoke as I gripped his shirt.

"Sorry," I let go of his shirt, moving out of his warm arms that burned my skin through the cloth. Embarrassed, I moved back mumbling a thank you before Aisha helped me out of the store.

She helped me to the door before I quickly unlocked it.

"Liya." My eyes widen, my body immediately reacting to my mate calling out to me. He walked up to my frozen figure with my jacket clutched in his fist. "Your mother told me that you're one of the best locators around. She said you'd be more than happy to help me."

My heart started beating furiously. "Tr... trying to lo... locate someone?" I whisper stupidly.

"Yes, and it's important to me that I find her." He spoke looking me dead in the eyes.

At that moment, my heart stopped beating. "I... uh don't..."

He placed his arm by the side of my head on the window of my Jeep. "Look, this is very important to me. I've been looking for her for a very very long time. It would mean the world to me if you could help me find her."

I looked down shaking my head.

"What is it that you want? I don't care what it is. You want money? Name your price, I don't care I just..."

"I'll think about it Blake... please just let me think." I turned around as he opened the passenger door for me.

He closed it. "Your mother has my number, please just consider it."

I nodded before Aisha pulled off. Thankfully, she didn't say anything as she drove me home and helped me put away my groceries. After making us stir fry, we watched movies in my bed until we fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning to find myself alone in the bed with a massive headache.

Pulling my phone from the charger, I had a couple messages from my sisters and mother. But a missed call and a voicemail from an unknown number.

I pressed play and leaned back into the bed.

“Liya… It’s been a week since I’ve reached out to you for help; i have yet to hear back from you but i just want to let you know how important it is for me to find my mate. I’ve been all around the world looking for her over the past 11 years. I started looking for her at 15, I know that may seem a bit young, but my need for her consumed me. When I didn't find her by 18, I went crazy; forget 21, I damn near died from the thought of never seeing her or being able to hold her in my arms and bearing my children. Seeing most of my friends mated and happy has been the hardest battle I’ve ever had to encounter. They all think that me being 25 and not getting any younger, I need to just find someone else to mate with to satisfy my urges; but I could never imagine giving myself to someone who Isn’t made for me. I need her Liya... I can’t take any longer. Please help me bring her into my arms. Well I think I’ve talked long enough, I already pressed continue too many times, so just think about it for me.”

A tear slipped down my cheek as I bang my head back into the wall. "Coward!" I shouted to myself as I angrily wiped the tears away.

I couldn't keep this up, the pain in his voice calling out to me. I had to make a decision quickly. It's either leave or face him and take the rejection like the strong witch I am.

Because there was no way hell I could perform a locator spell to find my damn self.

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