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Jordan never expected to look at Blaine as anything more than the uncle she used to follow around aggravating as a child. Jordan was furious when her parents sent her to live with her Uncle in Texas. She had never expected to see him as anything more than the uncle she used to aggravate as a child. She has barley seen him in years and now face to face with him she can’t deny the attraction they both have toward one another. He has promised to take care of her and he does in more ways than one. Jordan spends her nights in his arms and her days trying to figure out if there could ever be a future between them. They can’t be together but can’t stand to be apart.

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New Beginnings

I reached down and fastened my seatbelt as the captain announced we would be landing soon. I still couldn’t believe Mom and Dad were sending me to live with my Uncle in Texas. Do you remember the whole Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Well I could relate, I had got into one fight at school and my parents ship me off to live with my Aunt and Uncle that I’ve only seen a handful of times in the last 7 years.

To be completely honest it wasn’t just the fight I had at school that prompted their decision. My parents were both uptight and strict and as most kids do I, Jordan Grey, rebelled. I started breaking curfew, experimenting with drugs, and having sex with boys. The later lead to the fight I had only a few weeks ago.

Mom had finally had enough and called her brother and asked him for a huge favor. I had been furious, I loved California, loved my friends, I was only a month into my senior year and she was shipping me off to Texas. I knew it could be worse, mom had at first wanted me to go live with Aunt Maggie but since she already had four kids of her own she had decided to see if Uncle Blaine would mind me living with him for a while.

In all honesty I knew I had gotten the better of my mother’s siblings but that wasn’t much of a comfort. Blaine was my mother’s baby brother, in fact he was closer to my own age than my mothers. At 25 he was 8 years older than me but 13 years younger than mom. Uncle Blaine and I got along fine enough, in fact we used to be close when I was younger. Well as close as a teenage boy would let his bratty tattletale niece be. Now we only saw each other once a year and that wasn’t even a guarantee. He was cool and funny but his wife...Well Desiree was a grade A bitch who had her nose stuck so high in the air you’d think she would drown when it rained. I had never been a fan.

As the plane landed, I began to feel my nerves getting the best of me. I had no idea what I was walking into. Before the flight I had tried to get a glimpse of my Uncle’s house by his Facebook page but he rarely every posted and most of his timeline was things others had tagged him in. I mean I knew he made a decent living as a mechanic, he owned his own business and he had recently moved into a house he had custom made.

Grabbing my carry on I quickly exited the plane and went to get my other two bags. It had been hard to pack my life into just three bags, three very heavy bags. Even with the wheels on them I basically drug them behind me and was basically having a pity party until I saw my uncle waiting on me. Instantly I got the biggest grin on my face as I saw him walking toward me. As much as I had been dreading the move I was excited to finally get to see him again.

As I dropped one of my bags to hug him, I was hit by the musky scent of his cologne, standing back up straight I watched as he grabbed my bags from me, “what...when did you get gauges.”

Blaine arched his brow at me as he started walking toward the exit, “man I’ve had this shit. I just don’t wear it to Christmas cause they already bitch about my tattoos. I don’t have the time to listen to that too.”

I laughed, Blaine was right. His arms were covered in tattoos and from what I could tell they were on his back, neck, and chest too. “Well don’t feel bad, I got two tattoos a couple of months ago and I’ve still not heard the end of it.”

Blaine laughed as he pulled his keys out of his pockets and hit the unlock button to his truck. “Look at you all gangsta.”

I shrugged but was currently in love with his truck. It was a four-door black Chevy Silverado lifted with black rims. Definitely a Texas thing but it spoke to me. “Come on J, we still have a two-hour ride to the house and I’m already illegally parked.”

I had to use the foot rail to pull myself in the truck, “shit Uncle Blaine it’s a workout just getting up in this bitch.”

He pulled out a cigarette from the console and shrugged, “you’re just short, I don’t think you’ve grown any since I left Cali.”

Making a face I stuck my tongue out at him as I watched as he lit his cigarette. Even though he’s my uncle I still thought he was fine as fuck. He was muscular but not like body builder’s bulging muscles, his tan skin set off with his black tattoos screamed hot. His messy black hair only made his stormy greyish blue eyes stand out more than they would on their own.

Turning my head, I wondered how I had ended up so plain, the only thing I had gotten from my mom was her black hair, I had hazel eyes, pale skin, and was 5′1 on a good day. Sneaking a peek back over at Blaine I wondered how this hot man could possibly be related to me.

“You ok,” he asked before taking a drag of his cigarette.

I sighed, “is not really an ok answer.”

Blaine looked over nodding, “yeah will get better I promise. I’m going to take care of you.”

With that he reached out and turned the radio up leaving me to my own thoughts. I already missed my friends. Now I had to face a new school, make new friends, and adjust to a new house in only a matter of days.

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