Too Good For You Pt. 2

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“It’s just the Psychology course you teach...I’m sure you wouldn’t mind your star student being late once or twice this semester…" “It’s just the Psychology course you teach...I’m sure you wouldn’t mind your star student being late once or twice this semester…besides, you know I pay really close attention to your lessons,” Tyler protested, intertangling his fingers into his slovenly locks of hair. His pout could be indisputable from a mile away, as Zach sensed the hairs on his neck raise when he responded to the flirtatious gaze of the other. Zach lamented dejectedly and stood apart from his position as an adviser and teacher, scrunching his eyebrows as he contemplated the arduous yet alluring proposal.

Erotica / Romance
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Too Good For You Pt. 2

“A-Augh…” Muffled moans surfaced from Tyler’s throat, covered in that of reminiscent abrasions and bite marks. The marks sprawled along his neck like that of a puzzle, protruding abreast his flushed skin tone. His trembling, slender body had long since fallen victim to an innumerable quantity of hickeys and light bruises. They sprung up on the surface of his neck and torso, especially around his collar bones. Tyler’s brilliant chestnut brown hair shielded the tractable gaze of cerulean blue eyes set onto another man blazoning his dominance over him. He relaxed his head back against the headboard of the bed, and thus, exhibited more of the supple flesh of his neck that his lover consciously tantalized. The delicate area, as well as the tips of his ears, were ablaze. His body stirred aimlessly, biting his lip and casting his gaze aside. “Fuck…, Daddy, not so rough...I have school tomorrow,” Tyler managed to choke after various endeavors of suggesting his voice to the other amongst waves of moan and whines. Gently jostling at the others’ shoulders, his chest heaved with each shallow breath he exerted, fingertips shivering as his foundation was set on fire. His vision so blurry and his mind so blank he scarcely registered Zach elevating his head from the very crevice of his nape to bestow an intrepid glance.

“How cute…” Zach tipped Tyler’s chin upward and smirked, tenderly stroking his thumb along Tyler’s flushed cheek. Zach’s support coasted past Tyler’s stomach methodically and gracefully until his hand grazed the hem of his lover’s boxers. “You shouldn’t have tempted me tonight, then.” Tyler’s bulge pressed against Zach’s abdomen, his cheeks distended out as he looked up at the others’ coy yet somehow cheeky simper. Zach pulled away and chuckled, ruffling the younger male’s hair. Zach loosened his tie and turned his back, walking toward a stack of ungraded homework assignments. “But you’re right, it’s getting late anyhow. You should head to bed.” He uncuffed his sleeves and sighed heavily. He seated himself down at his small office space and turned the lamp light on, proceeding to grade tedious assignments.

“It’s just the Psychology course you teach...I’m sure you wouldn’t mind your star student being late once or twice this semester…besides, you know I pay really close attention to your lessons,” Tyler protested, intertangling his fingers into his slovenly locks of hair. His pout could be indisputable from a mile away, as Zach sensed the hairs on his neck raise when he responded to the flirtatious gaze of the other. Zach lamented dejectedly and stood apart from his position as an adviser and teacher, scrunching his eyebrows as he contemplated the arduous yet alluring proposal.

“Just this once I will let it slide.” The doting professor could no longer oppose the pleading from the student who fluttered those whimsical eyes of his and smiled from ear-to-ear just innocent enough to guarantee anybody’s knee shake beneath them. “But this happens my way, and no amount of whining or crying will change my mind. Not tonight, and not tomorrow. If you wake up too sore or tired, don’t try to blame me for it. Got it?”

“Y-Yes, sir,” Tyler muttered, extending his hand out to his partner and bringing him closer. “Now come over here...I can’t take it anymore...” Tyler gripped the other’s tie and bit his lip, pulling Zach closer and whimpering in the way he knows drives Zach crazy. “Please, Daddy. I need you.”

A low bellowing growl and a heating passionate battle of dominance ensued immediately after the desperation wavering. Tyler’s frail body thrown in directions only Zach needed to please - and quickly - only added to the intense yearning. Primal instincts embedded in the two tore apart their friendly relationship and headed towards a direction filled with more sensual wishes than any one person could perceive from a distance. Hungry, lustful eyes scanned each other’s heated, marked bodies. Devastatingly raw and sultry emotions collided and fought for their chance to win, but in the end, only one can redeem victory and reign.

Zach removed his strapped tie from his neck and pinned the other down by his wrists to the bed, whose covers had long since fallen to the floor, and began smirking from the look of the submissive opposite. “I didn’t think such a star student would ever find it in him to fight back against his professor…what a terrible event this has turned out to be,” he breathily chuckled and licked his lips. “I can file for removal of a particular student for that. Why can’t you just be a good little boy and listen to your instructor?” Zach pretended to stock his words full of hurtful agony, his eyes holding never-ending heartbreak within them. Of course, it was all a less creative version of a facade for him to achieve his goal of a sadistic, rough sense of domination, but Tyler conceded to the others’ pouting demeanor all the same, with a bitter, all-knowing, small smile plastered onto his already small stature.

With Tyler now succumbing to his complaint, yielding, yet reluctant position, Zach could permit his domineering, obstinate self he had been shielding behind his seating at his desk during lectures and his innocent doe-like eyes, out into the unrestricted open. His eyes had substituted from a relaxed and collected young adult to that of a ravenous animal staring down its prey. His eyes spoke a multitude of languages and phrases his mouth didn’t utter. He didn’t have to say anything. Encircled to the opposite much like a vulture, Tyler had long since become starved for the sultry and suggestive variant he had yearned.

“Much better…,” he licked his lips and grabbed Tyler’s thigh before pulling him forward. “See how much easier it is when my bitch just...cooperates?” Shivers shot up Tyler’s spine and he could feel himself shift restlessly when against the intense stare. “Open your mouth.” Tyler had no choice but to respond appropriately, opening his mouth as he felt the soft fabric of clothing pressed against his jaw before being tightened behind his head.

Some interval of time passed between the initial stage of teasing and provocation to the time at which tears had flowed down the smaller male’s face. His swollen, throbbing, bruised purple-red colored cock shuddered about when reciprocated by the slightest of alterations. His jaw had tensed - rather sealed - shut once the sensation of pulsing against his cheekbones and ears had arrived. The more he had to clamp down on the fabric to hold more tears back the more delighted and engrossed Zach seemed to become. Zach retreated apart from the other’s member pleading for commiseration with a glimmer - and not one carried with utmost kindness - in his eye. “Get on your knees,” he directed, snaring his teeth into a confident smirk apparent from Tyler’s backside. He snickered and leaned Tyler’s head backward, licking his lips and tugged his tie out of the other’s mouth. “Good boy.”

Tyler coughed and choked, gasping for air with drool rolling down the side of his mouth from the force pushed against him. “Ah...” Zach’s fingers trailed up the boy’s neck and into his mouth littered in excess saliva. He removed his fingers after painting them in the saliva and thrust the digits against the other’s hole, twisting them inside tediously slow.

After an extended time of foreplay, Zach growled and rested his cock on top of Tyler’s back. “Please...put it in already, Daddy. I want it...I want to be fucked until I go mad.” Tyler whimpered, grasping the other’s dick and massaging it in hopes of Zach being lenient and putting it inside. He didn’t, however, and a bemused pout crossed Tyler’s face. He spun around in his spot and used the palm of his hand, rubbing it in small circles around the tip of his lover’s cock, using his other hand to massage the length once more. Zach’s hip bucked forward, allowing Tyler to recognize the signs of pleasure spreading across his loving professor’s face. “Psychologically, by analyzing the different facial expressions crossing you, you’re highly sensitive and aware of the patterns--”

“Oh, shut it.” Zach displayed his carnivorous teeth that left vivid, vibrant hickey marks would raise red flags and eyebrows to all who bore witness to such a rough abrasion on an innocent body. Zach tugged at Tyler’s hair and tipped his head back to face his stoic features. “I taught you that, remember? Don’t try to get comfortable with me by acting cute and using my quotes from past lectures. It doesn’t work that way.”

“If you want me to shut up, put your big cock inside of me and gag me...” Tyler’s last attempt at an ambition - his rational tone - shattered, his breathing grew foolhardy until it was nothing more than disordered lustful whines and moans. “Assert your dominance over this poor damsel in distress. All this toy wants is his lover’s dick to pour cum into his hole.”

“Oh, is that it? Well, why didn’t you speak up, Mr. Arrogant?” Zach fastened Tyler’s arms to the mattress and strained his dick into the profundities of his junior that would soon develop to his dimensions, groaning at the tightness that encompassed him. “For acting like such a tough guy, you sure do squeeze tight. Were you not expecting me to live up to your threats? You’re in my realm.”

“Fuck...” the male bit down on his bottom lip, clenching the material of the mattress as his hips positioned themselves away from the other. “So deep...” His hips elevated to harmonize with that of the towering figure beyond him, pivoting them in circles around the veiny flesh that swelled and satisfied him. His hips swayed in a restricted sequence of inclination, contracting around the expansive member the more he obtained in the innermost portions of his heated, tender walls.

“Is that all you have? Cute little Tyler...all of that bark but no bite to back up your claims...” Zach simpered, an arrogant, poisonous temper lacing his venomous statements. His hands complicated themselves along the smaller boy’s sides, ramming his own hips forward until the two met aggressively. “Guess I’ll have to do it until you adjust,” He chuckled, lining his hips up and thrusting in a timely manner.

The inexperienced boy’s head declined into its placement on the mattress, his knees buckling and hands shaking amongst the rough pleasure he was subjected to. He choked on his own foolish sense of pride, his insatiable desire affecting his mentality. His face crimsoned and blossomed into brilliant proposals of dawn-tinted and flourished red. His exclusive presence of his fangs remaining held his roguish, disobedient demeanor together as he traveled bordering the rush of satisfaction the professor granted him on. His illogical, absurd struggles to disguise his moans only added to the lustfulness trickling through the pair of smoldering foundations. Insensibilities overflowed and overwhelmed Tyler’s battered, rebelliously powerful body the more his hips functioned with their individual motifs. His blurry eyes and vacuous mind refused to concentrate on anything; his stature became debilitated the longer the charitable yet condescending punishment succeeded. His throat could scarcely constitute any sort of sound, syllable or otherwise.

“Does your silence constitute as a job well-done?” Zach laughed, his sincerity seeping through the dominant character he inserted forward earlier in the evening. “All of that begging seemed to have transferred from your mouth to your hips...” He teased, groaning as his cock bulged with semen.

“M-Mm...please fill me up...please, Daddy,” Tyler mumbled. clenching his surfaces around his partner’s exposed flesh.

“As you wish, my Prince Charming.” Zach released the pent up semen into the other, breathing heavily and rubbing his hand along the small in Tyler’s back. “Doesn’t matter how many times I fuck’ll never stop tightening up or being infatuated beyond words by my cock...”

“Heh...of course. I have to do, and be, good for Daddy,” He whispered, his eyelids growing heavy.

“What a good boy.” Zach kissed the top of Tyler’s head and gradually pulled away from his partner, ruffling his hair before returning to his desk to conclude the grading of those assignments he had retired from.

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