Reinventing Vicki

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Erotica / Romance


This is part one of an extreme, high-heat series based on real events and real people. Village life being what it is, the names and geography have been changed significantly. Imagine the conversation that might emerge otherwise. "Darling, did you know our local chemist was a bisexual cuckold?" Or, "O my LORD! THAT'S THE VICARS WIFE!" We can't have that can we? The characters here, to a varying degree are composite characters. There are a few whole persons. In other cases the acts of one character will be attributed to another real person to give the story continuity. In part one we follow Vicky from her secretly playful, but mostly conventional life into a whole new world she couldn't have imagined before she met Jeff. It is a world of passion, love, sex, pain, pleasure and self-discovery. If you are part of the Swinging, Poly, or BDSM lifestyles, you WILL see yourself on these pages. If not, you will see how the other half really lives. Swinging, Polyamory, BDSM, group sex.

His Dirty Little Whore

“You’ve come a long way my little slut”. Her Master’s voice was almost crystal clear over the car speaker. Her Bluetooth connection made it sound as if he was in the car with her. If only…

She imagined her Master, sitting in a hotel suite, tie loose, perhaps his shoes off. She wondered if he’d be fucking Carla tonight. The thought excited her and made her jealous on all sorts of levels.

“Where are you now?” He demanded.

Her heart was pounding. The butterflies in her tummy were increasing with every passing minute. Her teeth almost chattered and her jaw was quivering as she answered. “I am at Thomas Avenue and Ambrose Highway. There’s a 7-11 on my right.”

“That’s fine. Turn left. Go to the Parrish Homes sign. Then turn left again.”

Where was he sending her? What was he thinking? She was so overwhelmed with curiosity and excitement she could barely drive. Each time she looked at the speedometer during this twenty-minute trip she was far below the speed limit. Vicki had to concentrate to keep her speed normal. Stop signs and red lights were a challenge. Her pussy was tingling and she felt flushed.

All He had told her was she would be given an assignment tonight which she would follow it to the letter.

It was evening. The sun was dipping below the horizon, but the sky was still a bright, pale blue.

Vicki followed her Master’s instructions. “I am on the road into the Parrish development. It looks like it turns into a gravel road up ahead.”

“Very good. Go all the way to the end. Park near the office trailer,” He told her. Vicki Bright could hear a tone of satisfaction and menace in her Master’s voice. She sensed a slight smile behind his words.

After about one quarter mile of the slightly winding road, a very long trailer came into view. There was light coming through the single office window near the end of the trailer. Vicki brought her silver Toyota SUV to a stop at the furthest edge of a wide circle of gravel. She was facing a small river and a low bridge where Interstate 85 passed from near left to far right.

“I’m here, Daddy,” she almost whimpered, as if to no one.

“Good girl. Daddy is pleased. Now remove your shirt and bra.”

She hesitated, considered asking why, but thought better of it. She pulled her bright yellow tee shirt over hear head and tossed it in the back seat of the SUV. She blush intensely as she reached for the clasp of her bra and let it slide down and away from her breasts. She was now wearing a pair of cutoff jeans, sandals and her beloved choker.

“Done!” she blurted out, almost proudly.

“You really are a dirty little whore, aren’t you?”

His name was Geoffrey. Everyone called him Jeff. She addressed him as Sir or Daddy. He was chuckling. Vicki could imagine his sky-blue eyes twinkling. She loved seeing that. “Now get out of the vehicle and stand beside it with your hands behind your back. If you encounter anyone, you will satisfy them in any way they wish.”

“Yes, sir.” She could barely get sound through her throat.

“And you remember your orders for the remainder of time before I get home?”

“Yes, sir.” This time she spoke a little clearer.

With three impersonal tones, Geoffrey was gone. Vicki shut the engine down and did as commanded. The cool evening air caused her nipples to stiffen instantly. She watched the small window of the trailer. There was a man in a grey shirt moving around inside. She turned and looked toward the overpass. If anyone could see over the guardrail they would see a woman standing alone, tits out, on a gravel parking lot!

Considering the distance, she doubted anyone would notice.

She heard an office door or a locker slam inside the trailer. The occupant looked out through the small window. He was backlit and hard to distinguish in the little opening. Vicki struggled to keep her hands behind her and not cover her full, round breasts. Somehow she found she was smiling in spite of herself. On a whim she undid the top button or her cutoffs and slid the zipper down. I wonder what my punishment will be for that bit of improvisation, she mused. The thought of being punished right now gave her goose bumps.

The door on the side of the trailer finally opened and a very handsome man appeared and walked down metal steps to the gravel lot. He was tall, clean cut and in good physical condition. He wore what looked like brand new jeans and a fine, grey cotton dress shirt. He had dirty blond hair with a bit of grey. If this is what master had in store for her, she was all in. Then the others appeared through the same door. …Two, three, four, five! Five!

One, apparently the youngest, jumped into a pickup and drove away. The others walk toward Vicki, not one taking their eyes off her.

Vicki took two deep breaths and let them out slowly to keep her nerves steady. Daddy was right. This little slut had come a very long way. How, from where her Master found her - a married paralegal and researcher in the most prestigious law firm in the county - did she ever get here?

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