Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 13

I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.- Quote

I woke up the next morning still in Dante's arms. I snuck out of his embrace and headed to the bathroom. I came back out and he was still sleeping. I decided to go check on my father. I heard soft voices downstairs. I tip toed to the railing and saw my mother and father talking. I smiled and made my way back to my bedroom.

Reese's POV,

"Princess, please let me explain what happened." I looked into the eyes of the only woman I've ever truly loved. She had aged so beautifully and I was still so in love with her. Our babies had grown up so good and I was extremely proud of our family. She stood there with her arms crossed and her stubbornness spread across her face. I tried to explain everything to her, including the stuff with Adriana and Dante. She seemed to listen to my words. I finished talking and waited for her to respond. I tried to reach out to her, but she pulled away from me. That just killed me.

"I trust you Reese, I do. We have been through hell and back, but I will not tolerate another woman. I won't go through that again." I nodded at her and understood exactly what she was saying. The last time we went through something like this, we lost some of our light. Even though it has been many years since we lost Justin, I know she still grieves for him. I promised myself, I would never allow her to go through that kind of pain again, and here I go and allow someone to break that promise.

"Please princess, please know that I would never do that to you. It was a mistake on my part to allow her to get to close and use me." Ivy took a set and a deep breath. I watched her closely. She was my whole world and I would be lost without her. "I love you princess." I said softly. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

"Do you know how it felt to see that picture of your lips on her?" She asked me, as a tear fell from her eye. My heart broke. I didn't care, I went to her and pulled her into my arms.

"My lips and feelings and everything, only belong to you." I said. I felt her small body shake a little and I kissed her lips. She kissed me back and wrapped her arms around me. I reached down and took hold of her ass as she jumped into my arms and I carried her off to our bedroom.

Adriana's POV.

I returned to my bedroom with the hopes that my parents would work this out. I couldn't imagine some stupid woman destroying what my parents had. I've never known a stronger couple in my whole life. If anyone could over come this, it would be them. I knew that I really needed to let this one go and let my father and Dante handle this, but my own stubbornness wasn't going to allow that. My father and Dante really needed to sit down and talk. Things needed to be hashed out. My father got himself involved in this. He needed to be civil with Dante and figure all this out together.

I looked over and watched, as Dante still slept in my bed. I liked waking up to him. I liked seeing him in my bed. Did I love him? I walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Falling in love would really mess up my plans. I had planned to live my life my way. Involving someone else would mean compromise, something I never really thought about. I just shook my head. Who am I kidding? I was crazy about him. I needed him, I wanted him. I missed him every time we were apart. I took a deep breath and moved closer to him. As I reached out and touched him, his beautiful eyes opened up to meet mine. He smiled and reached out to touch me.

"I love you to." I said softly. His eyes became wide.

"Say it again." He said. I smiled at him.

"I love you to." I said. He jumped up and pulled me into his arms, like a happy child that just received a huge bag of candy. I giggled as he kissed all over my face.

"You do realize that this means your mine, you belong to me." He said. I giggled.

"But that means your mine as well." I said.

"I've been yours since the night I laid eyes on you." He said, as he bent down and kissed my lips.

I think it had been at least three hours and Dante and I finally came up for air. My body was wore out and we were both starving at this point. I got up and headed to the shower and he followed me in. After we were both washed, I decided it was time for the two of us to head downstairs together and face my parents. Dante took a deep breath. "Listen, no matter what happens down there, my parents don't rule my life and I choose you." I said. He smiled at me and we left the bedroom. I found my mother and father sitting in the living room holding each other. I knew they had worked this all out. It felt good to see them together.

I took a hold of Dante's hand and we went in to the living room. Both my mother and father looked up at us. My mother smiled immediately, but my father got a heated look on his face. "What is he doing here Beth?" He asked. I looked down at my father.

"Don't be upset daddy, you know he is innocent in all of this." I said. My father took a deep breath. He stood up and I was fully prepared to have this fight, but instead he looked at Dante.

"Can we have a moment in my office please Mr. Marks?" He said. Dante looked at me.

"I can handle this sugar." Dante said. I nodded at him and watched the two of them walk off down the hallway. I was a little nervous, but I knew this had to happen.

I took a seat next to my mother. "You love him, don't you?" She said. I nodded at her. She smiled back at me. "I'm very happy for you." She said. I looked at my mother.

"Your okay, right?" I asked her.

"Yes baby, I'm okay." She said.

"You know daddy loves you right." I said. She nodded at me. "He has been a mess since you left."

Reese's POV,

We walked into my office and I closed the door behind us. Dante took a seat and I went and sat behind my desk. "I'm sorry for all of this sir. I didn't know how far Sierra would take all of this, but I can assure you, that is has been over for me for a long time." Dante said. I nodded at him.

"I've only known here for a short time and in that time she has been a trusted and hard working employee for me. She played me over well." I said. Dante nodded at me. "She is very convincing. I didn't see it coming. She had me believing you were abusing her and she was a great actress, but she fucked with my family and for that I will make her pay." I spit out.

"I can assure you sir, this isn't the last time we have heard from her." He said.

"I didn't think it would be, but I'm sure it's you she is going to go after. What do you plan on doing about this?" I asked him.

"Well, she has already denied signing the divorce papers. My lawyer is going to take control of the situation now, but that's all I've got at the moment." He said. I eyed him for a moment.

"Well now you have my lawyers on your side. She won't get a thing from you or your company. She doesn't have the money to go up against me." I said to him. He smiled at me.

"That's very good of you sir, but." I cut him off.

"It's already done." I said sharply. He nodded at me. "Now, let's talk about Adriana." I said, he nodded at me.

"What would you like to know." Dante asked.

"What do you want from my daughter?" I watched him take a deep breath.

"I'm in love with her." He simply said. I took a deep breath. All though my feelings about Beth's choices in life were okay with me, I had to admit I liked Dante's words.

"Does she return your feelings?" I asked him.

"Yes, she told me this morning." He said. "I promise you sir, that I will never hurt her. I will protect her with my life. She means everything to me." He said.

"Good, because if I've learned anything when it come to dealing with crazy people, this is far from over." I said. Dante nodded at me. "I'm sure Beth has told you about my wife and I?" He cocked his head at me. "About how we ended up together and what we went through?" He shook his head at me.

"No sir, she hasn't." I sat back. I was surprised she hadn't told him about Justin.

"Well I'll let her decide if she wants to tell you that story or not." He nodded at me. I stood up and walked over to the door. "I guess we should get back to our women, I've still got a lot of making up to do." I said, as I opened the door. Dante stopped at me and put his hand out. I took it and he shook it.

"Thank you sir, for trusting me with Beth." He said. I had to give him some respect for that.

Adriana's POV,

I watched my father and Dante make their way back out to us. "Princess, come on let's go pack our bags." My father said. My mother looked confused at him. "Beth, your mother and I will be gone for about a week. Will you be okay here alone?" He asked me. I nodded at him. My mother's face looked confused."Come on princess don't you want to go back to the Bahamas?" He said. My mother's eyes lit up and she took off down the hall to her room. I giggled and I watched my father smile and follow her. I looked over at Dante.

"Is everything okay?" I asked him.

"Yes sugar, everything is good." He said. I smiled at him. "Listen, your parents are going to be gone for a week. Do you really want to spend that week alone in this big house? Or would you like to come and spend the week at my place?" He asked me.

I thought about it for a moment. I also thought about asking him to stay here with me, but I knew he had to work and it was easier for him to get back and forth at his place. I did want to stay with him for that week. "Let me get some things together and we'll head out." He smiled at me, as we both headed back to my bedroom. I packed up enough things to get me through the week. I kissed my parents goodbye and wished them a happy trip. I met Dante outside and we got in his car and headed to his place. He held my hand the entire drive back to the city. We pulled into the parking garage and headed up the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, we both noticed that his front door was cracked open. Dante pushed me behind him, as we both walked toward the door.

Dante and I slowly cracked the door open and took a walk inside. The place was completely trashed. I took a deep breath, as we both stepped inside his apartment. "Oh my god." I said. I had to admit that this was a little frightening, to think Sierra would go this far. Everything, and I mean everything was completely trashed. It looked as though someone came through with a knife and sliced every bit of furniture up. Dante's face was full of anger.

"Wait here, I'm going to make sure no on is here still." Dante said. I nodded at him and stood in the door way. He walked off to take a look around the apartment. I pulled out my cell phone and called the police.

As the police were doing their investigation around his apartment, he came up alongside of me and pulled me into his arms. "I'm sorry sugar." He said. His face looked pained and full of stress. It broke my heart to see him this way. "How about we go to a hotel for the week and let the police do their job?" He asked me. I nodded at him. He went over and said a few things to one of the officers, then he made his way to the bedroom to get some of his things together. For some reason I felt like I needed to keep an eye on my own back. I knew this was far from over. What I didn't know was just exactly how far she would take this. That thought scares me.

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