Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 17

As soon as we stepped into the apartment, I felt him come up behind me, as something covered my eyes. I went to put my hands up to touch the object, but he grabbed my hands and pinned them behind my back. I smiled as he came close to my ear. "Do you trust me sugar?" He asked me. I nodded at him. "I can't hear you." He said.

"Yes Dante, I trust you." I said.

"Good girl." He picked me up bridal style and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I was sure we were headed to his bedroom. He sat me down on my feet and I stood there waiting for him.

"Just stay put sugar." He said, and I nodded. I could hear him rustling around the room. Then he took the blindfold off. He took a step back and I looked around the room. It was Dante's bedroom and there was candles lit and the room was sort of dark. I looked to the bed and there was a triangle wedge pillow in the middle of the bed and four cuffs in each corner of the bed. I smiled and looked back at Dante. He had a smile on his face. "Are you ready to play, naughty girl?" He said, in a deep voice.

"Yes." I said.

"Take your clothes off." He said. I started to remove my clothes and I did it slowly and seductively. I went to remove my black thong, but he stopped me. "Leave that on." He said.

"Now turn around and lay on that pillow on your stomach." I turned and did as he told me. Once I was positioned on the pillow properly, I realized what the pillow was for. It pushed my ass up in the air and gave full access to my vagina and ass. "That looks so nice sugar." I heard Dante say. Then I felt the object cover my eyes again. I could head Dante moving around the room. He took a hold of one of my wrists and I felt the soft cuff go around my wrist. After a second, he had both wrists and both ankles cuffed to each corner of the bed. This didn't hurt, but I also couldn't move around to much. "How do you feel sugar?" He asked me.

"I feel good." I said.

"You should see yourself, your absolutely beautiful." He said. "Just speak up if you don't like anything that's happening." He said. Great, what did I get myself into. I said to myself.

"Okay." I said softly.

"Don't be scared, I promise you'll like this." He said. I relaxed a bit. "Now, I noticed you wanted to play and interrupt my nice conversation with your father. You wanted to show me that sweet little pussy and ass of yours. It's not nice to turn me on like that." He said, I was just smiling to myself. "What should I do to punish you for your behavior?" I heard him say. I bit my lip. That's when I felt the smack sting down on my ass cheek. It didn't hurt, but it startled me. It actually turned me on. I took a deep breath and felt another one. I bit down on my lip. "You like that don't you sugar?" I let out a moan, as he touched my wet opening and then touched my clit for just a second. "I asked you a question." He said.

"Yes, I like it." I breathed out as he was teasing me. "Please don't tease me Dante." I said.

"You mean like the way you were teasing my dick in front of your father?" He said. I knew I was in trouble.

I kept my mouth shut after he said that. I felt him start to massage the backs of my thighs and my ass cheeks. I loved my butt rubbed, so I was appreciating his touch. I felt his face come down to my ass and he kissed me and bit me softly. I felt his hand move to my already wet opening. "Damn it sugar, your so wet." He said. I heard a buzzing noise and then he started to move an object up and down the back of my thigh. It was a vibrator and it was very strong. I knew what was coming. He slowly moved it up and down closer to my sex. He lightly placed it around my clit to help me get use to it. At least he knew a woman well enough to not just place it on my clit right away. That would've been agony. I started to move my hips as I could feel myself getting use to it.

Then he slightly and slowly started to move it across my clit without stopping right on it. It was driving me crazy. I tried my best to move with it to touch the toy longer, but he wasn't allowing that. "So eager." I heard him say. He was really enjoying himself. I then felt him enter a finger inside me. He started to move his finger around and continued to move the vibrator around my clit. I started to buck as I tried my hardest to get my clit to touch the vibrator. As soon as he placed it on my clit, I lost my mind it felt good, to good. I came immediately all around his finger.

I felt his face come close to me as he licked and sucked all my juices and stopped to lick my clit. He felt amazing and all I wanted to do was touch him, but I still couldn't move. All of a sudden I felt him move away from me. I couldn't see anything, so I didn't know where he went. I waited patiently for him to return. I felt the bed dip closer to my head. Then I felt his lips on mine. His kiss was intense and our tongues danced together. He pulled away from me and told me to open my mouth. I did as I was told, as I felt his cock touch my lips. I licked the tip as he pushed himself in and out of my mouth. I could hear him growling. It was so hot. I wish I could touch him, but tonight was all about what he wanted and I was just fine with that.

"Does my sugar want me inside her?" I heard him say and I moaned out around his cock. He moved himself and went back behind me. I felt the bed dip down and he pushed his cock deep inside me. I wrapped my fingers around the straps and held on as he slammed me from behind, hard and fast. It felt so good and I knew I was going to cum hard. His fingers dug deep into my ass cheeks. I knew in that moment I'd miss him so much if I left to Paris. He was making it harder for me to make a choice. "Tell me how much you like it." He said.

"Oh, I love it. Don't stop Dante." I hollered out. I felt him go even faster as my orgasm bloomed and I exploded.

He pulled out of me slowly. I knew he wasn't done with me yet, but I didn't know what was coming next. "I want to try something sugar. Do you trust me?" He asked me.

"Yes, I do." I said.

"Good, now don't be scared." Well, with those words, I got a little nervous. All of a sudden, I felt a wet substance fall in the crack of my ass. Then a finger went to my clit and he started to rub softly. Then a different finger started to rub the outside of my asshole. I tightened up and he shh me. I started to take a deep breath, because I now knew what he had in mind. I wasn't sure I was ready for this, but I did trust him, so I just tried to relax. "Good girl." He said. Then he started to enter a finger inside me. I grunted a little. "I can't wait to claim you here sugar." I bit my lip as he had a finger deep in me. It was very tight and burned just a little, but the longer he stayed there the more it went away. He then started to add a second finger and it got tighter and there was more pain. He kept rubbing my clit and like before the pain left. I had to admit I was liking this.

He was taking his time and being careful not to hurt. He was making me feel better about the situation and it was starting to feel good. I wasn't sure how many fingers he had in me at this point, but he had finger in both my holes. I was losing my composure as I felt him slip fingers from my ass and place his cock there. He pushed himself in me slowly and I hollered out. He slowed himself even more as my body relaxed to fit him. He kept more fingers on my clit and pushed himself in more. He leaned down on me and I turned my head to kiss him as he started to move in and out of me.

Once I was out of any pain, I told him to go faster. He of course listened to me and started to go faster. "Your mine sugar always." He said, slamming in and out of me. I gripped the sheets and held on He kept playing with my clit as he fucked me. I felt his body start to shake and he hollered out as he came inside of me. His body went limp and he laid down next to me as he started to remove the cuffs. I rolled over next to him and took the blindfold off. I blinked a couple of times till my vision came back.

"That was amazing." I said to him. He was breathing heavy and smiled at me.

"I'm very much in love with you." He said. I just laid there and smiled. I felt a little soreness, but it was worth it. Dante stood up and went in to the bathroom. I heard him start the tub. After a few minutes he came back out an put his hand out to me. I took it and he stood me up. My body felt like slush as he took a hold of me and we walked into the bathroom together. He helped me into the huge bathtub. It was nice and hot and felt good on my skin. I sunk right down into the water.

He climbed in behind me and pulled me into his arms. he reached over for the loofah and started to rub it down the front of my body. I turned my head on his chest and closed my eyes. "What's on you mind?" He asked me.

"You." I said.

"What about me sugar?" He asked me.

"Just how much I've fallen in love with you." His arms wrapped around me and he kissed my neck.

"I know how you feel." He said.

"Have I ever told you about Paris?" I asked him.

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