Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 2

Our kiss started to heat up. My hands flew in her hair and she tasted like strawberries. Our tongues dancing together. Yep, I'm gay. I said to myself. Who the fuck wouldn't be? She was amazing and I wanted her bad. We pulled apart and looked at each other. "I wanted to do that the minute I met you." She said. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back to my lips. I wasn't done. Her hand came around the back of my neck. She let out a little moan when I softly bit down on her lip.

"Fuck." I said. Here I was, ready to fuck her with all kinds of build up tension, that I got from her and Dante.

Both of them had me all sorts of frustrated. She pulled back again, both of us breathing heavily. "This will continue." She said. "But first I've got to ditch your brother." Shit! I had forgotten who she came with. Jacob will kill me if I steal his date. I watched her walk away. I straightened myself out and headed back to the party.

"There you are." A deep voice said next to me. I smiled because I knew it was Dante. I turned and looked him in the eyes. I'm screwed. I said to myself. Fuck, he is so hot too. My head was all over the place. "Why did you run off like that?" He asked me. I started to speak, but he cut me off. "Was it to go and make out with the hot blonde over there talking to your brother?" My heart stopped. I cocked my head at him.

"You saw that?" He smiled at me.

"I didn't know you swung that way Beth. So just females or both?" He asked me. This was the first time in my life that I couldn't answer him right away. I just stood there like an idiot lost in my thoughts. He took my hand and lead me back down the same hallway that I was just making out with Allissa in. We stopped in the middle of the hallway and he pulled my chin up so I was facing him. His lips came crashing onto mine. I wrapped both my arms around his neck and kissed him back with force. His arms wrapped around my waist. This was my first real kiss with a man, and fuck I was loving it. We pulled back and looked into each other's eyes.

"I'm guessing both." He said. I took a deep breath.

"Your the first man who had ever kissed me like this." I said to him as I stepped back just a little. He studied me for a moment.

"Wait, are you trying to tell me your a lesbian? Has a man ever been with you at all?" I got lost for words. Something new for me considering I'm such a chatter box.

"Yes, well, I um." He ran his hand down the side of my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand. "I'm a virgin when it comes to a man, but my life has been with women. Until tonight that is." He smiled at me and I bit my bottom lip.

"So, I'm in competition with that sexy blonde you were just with?" I shook my head at him.

"She is here with my brother, I just met her as well."

"Fuck Beth, you move fast don't you?" Great now he thinks I'm some sort of slut.

"It's not like that, she came on to me and by the way, your new territory for me. I don't know what's going on?" I said, looking down.

"Hey I didn't mean anything bad by that. I'm sorry." He said. "It's because your the most beautiful woman here tonight. I'm surprised it has only been her and I that have claimed your lips." I smiled up at him. "I'd like to see you again Beth?" He was waiting for an answer. I nodded at him. He went to kiss me again, but we heard footsteps coming down the hall. We both straightened ourselves out and started to head back out to the ball.

It was my mother. "Oh there you are. Your father is about to make his speech and we need to be at his side." I nodded at her and left Dante standing in the hall. I joined my father, mother, sister and brother on stage as my father started to make his speech. My eyes searched the crowd and found Allissa and Dante standing next to each other. Both of them had their eyes on me. I couldn't tell if they were talking to each other, but it did look like it.

Allissa's POV,

"She looks good up there, don't she?" I heard a deep voice say in my ear. I turned to see a very good looking man standing next to me.

"Whatever are you talking about?" I asked him.

"Beth, she looks good. Don't you think?" I kept my eyes on her.

"Yes, she does, but why do you care?" He laughed quietly.

"Because I'm going to claim her and you can just back off." I smiled to myself.

"She is not into men, you know," I said still keeping my eyes on her.

"I think different, but that's not what her lips were saying when I was kissing them." I reached up and touched my lips when he said that.

"You kissed her?" He moved his body closer to mine.

"Yes, and I watched you and her kissing as well. It turned me on." I took a deep breath.

"Of course it did. I believe I'll claim her before you do sir." I said in almost a whisper. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me even closer to him.

"I'd like to see more of it." He said, right in my ear. I felt him pull me away from the crowd of people. We were just out of sight when he turned me to face him. He pushed me up against the wall and I felt his hand rub up against my thigh under my dress.

"I don't think acting like this is going to help you win her over." I breather out, completely turned on by this sexy stranger.

He smiled at me as his fingers found their way past my panties. "I can tell your more experienced with a man than she is, I know you like this." He hissed out, pushing his fingers against my clit. I moaned out, this was so hot I couldn't even stop him. I felt his tongue lick the side of my neck. "Tell me to stop." He said.

"No, don't stop." I moaned out. Then his fingers started to dance with my clit. I gripped his shoulders as he crashed his lips into mine. My hips started to buck against his hand. Fuck! I moaned out as I came all over his hand. He removed his fingers and took a step back. I watched as he raised his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them.

"Mmmmm." Was all he said. I stood there trying to catch my breath. "She will be mine." He said as he left me standing there.

"We will see about that," I said.

Adrianna's POV,

I looked over at my father. He was proudly talking and when I looked back at where Allissa and Dante were standing. They were both gone. Well, that's weird. I said to myself. My father finished his speech and the room was alive with applause. I removed myself to go and find Dante and Allissa. I looked all over the place, but I didn't see either one of them. I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my table to have a seat. As I sat down I removed my shoes again. Ugh, I really have to remember that I hate dressing up. It is not fun. My brother and Allissa came back over to the table with my mother and they all took a seat. Allissa took a seat next to me. I blushed when I found her looking back at me. A smile spread across her face.

"Mother, do you think father would be upset if I called it a night and headed home? I'm really tired." Then Allissa spoke up.

"Yeah, me too." She said looking at my brother.

"But you can't leave yet," Jacob said.

"It's okay girls, why don't you both take the limo. Allissa the limo can drop you off wherever you need to go." My mother said. My brother bent down at Allissa.

"If Beth here doesn't mind, I can just wait for you at your parent's place till your done here," Allissa said to Jacob. He nodded at her.

"I won't be much longer if you don't mind Beth?" He said to me.

"No, I don't mind," I said, Allissa, smiling at me.

I slipped my shoes back on and stood up. I grabbed my things and kissed my mother on the cheek. Allissa followed me as we made our way out to the limo. James stood there waiting for us. He walked over and opened the door and Allissa and I both got inside. Allissa's dress wasn't as extravagant as mine. Her's was shorter and had less detail to it. I watched as she took a seat and her dress hiked up her thighs. James got in and started the car. Allissa hit the button to make the window go up behind James. We both sat there in silence, then she moved next to me. "I heard you kissed a man tonight?" She said to me.

"What? Who told you that?" She smiled.

"Is it true Beth?" I nodded at her. "Did you like it?" I nodded at her again. She moved herself to the floor in front of me. "Did it make you wet?" I caught my breath in my throat.

I watched her eyes intently, as she moved my dress up above my legs. She spread my legs apart and moved herself in between them. I bit my lower lip and continued to watch her. "If you're not going to answer me, I'll find out for myself." She whispered out. My body jumped as she moved my panties aside and dipped her fingers inside me. "So wet. He was very sexy wasn't he?" She asked me as she slowly pumped her fingers in and out of me. I moaned out.

"Yesss." As she continued to finger me.

"He was sexy when he fingered me." She said. My eyes flashed at her, then she moved her head down and her tongue found my clit.

I didn't even have time to ask her, what that meant. She was skillfully devouring my sex. My hand grabbed a fist full of her blond hair. I pushed her face deeper into me. My hips rocking against her. I closed my eyes as my orgasm bloomed inside me. I yelled out as I came all over her face. She lifted up and looked at me. I grabbed her face and brought her lips to mine. My hand found it's way between her legs and she was soaking wet. I rubbed on her clit and she moaned into my mouth. Both of us were on the floor on our knees.

I laid her down on the seat and she kept her eyes on me. I ripped her dress and smashed my face to her sex. Her legs immediately wrapped around my head as I sucked and licked her clit. She was losing her mind and moaning out loudly. I loved it. The louder she got the more my tongue fucked her clit. I knew she was close. So, I took two of my fingers and dipped them inside her. Her hips moved as she fucked my fingers, till she screamed out with pleasure and came over my fingers and face. I kissed her thighs and both of us were breathing heavily. I giggled as I sat back down next to her. She laid there smiling at me. "How the fuck did you learn to do that?" She said.

I just smiled at her and she moved closer to me. "We're going to be doing that again." She said and we both laughed.

"What about my brother?" I asked her.

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