Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 20

Adriana's POV,

I tried to rollover to get more comfortable, forgetting where I was for a moment. The pain in my stomach reminded me of that. I looked over and realized I was alone. I didn't know how to get the attention of the person who has been caring for me. I had to use the restroom and I was hungry. I tried to see if I could sit myself up, but all that did was cause more pain. All I did was sleep because of the painkillers that were given to me and I didn't want them anymore. I was able to sit myself up, so I knew I must be feeling better. My legs were still wrapped up and I didn't know the extent of my injuries. I was nervous about trying to stand. What if they were broken? I said to myself. I kind of just sat there. Hoping for the person to come walking in for help.

I was just about to try and stand when I heard the door open. The person rushed over to my side and shook it's finger in my face. As if to stop me from standing. It tapped on my legs and shook it's finger again. "I'm sorry, I just need to use the restroom." I said, shyly. It nodded at me and picked me up bridal style softly. I wrapped my arms around it's neck and held on, as it carried me to the restroom. It sat me on the toilet and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind it. I pulled my shorts down and did my business. I could see myself in the mirror and I looked horrible. Both my eyes were black and blue, I had a cut on my lip and my hair was a rats nest. I also had a bruise on the side of my cheek.

I took a deep breath and hollered out that I was done. The person came back into the bathroom and picked me back up and took me back to the bed. I figured out that the person helping me had to be a man. Every time he touched me I could smell his cologne and this person was much to strong and muscular to be a woman. He sat me back down in the bed softly and then handed me a tray of food. "Thank you." I said. He went and sat down in the chair in front of me. I had soup and juice and some crackers. I was eating when he came over and sat a banana down on the tray. I smiled up at him and he reached out and ran his hand down the side of my face. I closed my eyes and he stopped. He looked at me for a moment and walked out of the room.

It was awhile before he came back in. He walked over and took the tray and started to walk back out. "Wait please." I said. He stopped not facing me. "I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but can I get a brush for my hair?" My legs started to ache, but I kept it to myself. He didn't even turn around as he just left the room. I guess that was a no. I took a deep breath and laid back down. I closed my eyes and tried to rest a minute. The pain was starting to get harder. Then I heard the door open again. I opened my eyes and he was back. He came to my side and handed me a brush and a hair tie. I smiled and tried to sit myself back up. He helped me and I started to work on the tangles in my hair. It was only causing me more pain. I think he could tell I was in pain, because he came over to my side with a needle. I grabbed at his arm. He looked at me. "Please, no more." I said.

That's when the door opened again. We both looked over to it. My breath caught in my chest. "You." I said.

Dante's POV,

Dawson, Reese and myself sat in the back of the limo, on our way to meet Damon and his wife and his men at the airport. Enzo and his men would arrive about two hours later. We pulled into the airport and drove into the back where the private jets landed. We were early and had to wait. His jet was landing as we all got out of the car. Dawson and myself stood there side by side with our arms crossed behind our backs. It was a sign of respect. Reese walked over to the jet and we watched as Damon Franco stepped out of the jet. Right behind him was his beautiful wife Brook. For her age, she was very beautiful with her long curly blond hair and soft features. I had only met her a couple of times during my time with the mafia, but she was very down to earth and kind. Nothing like a normal stuck up mafia leaders wife.

Reese and Damon exchanged hugs and then more men came off the plane. Dawson and I took a deep breath and stayed where we were. Two black SUV's pulled up and Damon's men started to fill them up. There was at least eight other men with them. Damon, his wife and Reese came back over to the limo. Both Dawson and I nodded at them when they approached us. "Good evening boys." Damon said.

"Boss, how was your flight?" Dawson asked.

"It was good, thank you Dawson. Dante my boy. How are you doing?" Damon said.

"I'm good sir, how about yourself?" I asked. Brook smiled at us. I smiled back at her and looked down. Also a sign of respect.

"This is my daughter's boyfriend." Reese spoke up.

"Aw, small world don't you think Dante?" Damon said.

"Yes sir." I replied. We had at least an hour or more to kill before Enzo's jet landed so we climbed back into the limo. We killed time talking about Adriana. Damon wanted to know if we were having any problems with anyone lately that we would think could do something to Beth.

"Do you think this could be the work of someone who knew you were part of the mafia?" Damon asked me.

"I've been out of the family for almost four years now and I've never had any problems with anyone, that I would think had any affiliation with gangs or the mafia." I said. I told him about the problems with my ex and he seems to think maybe she might be behind this.

We were informed that Enzo's jet was landing and I took a deep breath. We got back out of the limo and waited. His jet pulled up and Dawson and Damon went over to the jet to welcome him. Reese, Brook and myself stayed by the car. That's when I saw him. Enzo steeped out of the jet with about five men following behind him. He was welcomed be Damon and Dawson. Then he looked around and found me. I hadn't seen him since the day I left the family. I had chosen to do so when I wanted to marry Sierra. I was Enzo's right hand man, he trusted me more than anyone in the family. It was hard for him to let me go. This is why I was nervous. I also knew of his temper. I'll never forget the day I told him I wanted out. I swear he took it as betrayal, even though I would never have done that to him or the family. I just wanted to have a normal life with my new wife.

They started to make their way over to us as Enzo's men, including Alfonso, the man who took my place when I left. He was nothing but a suck up and I knew he was a two faced son of a bitch. Him and I never got along. He walked up along side of Enzo and Damon. Brook walked over to Enzo and kissed his cheek. He pulled her in for a hug. She then went back to the side of her husband. Enzo came over to me. "Dante, it's good to see you." He said. I nodded at him.

"It's good to see you sir." I said, and reached my hand out to shake his. He took it and nodded back at me.

"You remember Alfonso don't you?" He asked. I nodded and shook Alfonso's hand.

"How are you?" I said, trying to be respectful to this dick.

He just smiled at me and took my hand. He gave it a bit of a squeeze and stepped back. He knew I could kill him in an instant, but now was not the time to fight. We all piled into the cars and headed back to Reese's home. Once we were back everyone greeted everyone and Ivy walked around and showed everyone to their rooms. Brook and Ivy were lost in conversation in the dining room while Reese, myself, Damon, Dawson, Enzo and Alfonso talked in the living room. I stood by the fireplace next to Enzo like old times, not letting him out of my sight. It was a natural reaction for me to act this way around him. He seemed to take notice as he just smiled at me when I followed him around. I could see the jealousy in Alfonso's face, but he didn't dare say anything or do anything, but he did try to stay close by us.

There was nothing any of us could do this evening. It was getting late and everyone was tired. Brook and Ivy came back in to the living room. Both of them were yawning. "Dante, we want you to stay. You can stay in Beth's room." Ivy said, coming to my side. "Your a very big part of this. I want you here." She said. I turned at her and thanked her. I looked over to Enzo. He nodded his head at me and I left the room. I turned to see Alfonzo going closer to his side. I just took a deep breath and went to Beth's room.

I opened her bedroom door and walked in. I went to the bed and took a seat. I looked around her room. Where the hell are you? I said to myself. I heard a light tap on the bedroom door. "Yes." I hollered out thinking it was probably Dawson. I looked up and Enzo walked into the room. I stood up immediately. He closed the door behind him.

"Please Dante have a seat. You don't work for me anymore son." He said. I nodded at him and sat back down.

"Sorry sir, it's like a natural reaction for me." He nodded at me as he grabbed a chair and pulled it close to the bed. He sat down in front of me.

"Yes, I know, you were following me around downstairs like you did back in the day." He smiled and I smiled back at him. "Anyways, I wanted to talk to you. You have a personal place in all of this, I understand?" He asked me.

"Yes, Reese's daughter well, I'm in love with her." I said.

"And she returns you feelings?" He asked.

"Yes sir, she does." I said. He smiled.

"Whatever happened with Sierra?" He asked me. We sat there while I told him the whole story. He just shook his head. "At least you got out before you got really deep in." He said. I nodded at him.

"You know your still considered family in all our eyes Dante, and if you ever want to come back you can, in fact I would love to have you back." Enzo said. I took a deep breath and smiled at him.

"Thank you, but I don't think Beth would welcome that life, besides her father might actually kill me for that." We both laughed. "The problem is there is nothing to go off of with here. She just disappeared, car and all." I said. I felt the tears start to sting my eyes. Enzo placed his hand on my shoulder. I looked over at him.

"Son, I know it's been a couple of years for you, but don't forget who your talking to. We will find her." I knew what he said was the truth. No one has ever been able to run, hide or disappear from us.

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