Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 23

Unknown's POV,

"How long has she been like this?

"Almost two weeks."

"Your lucky she is not dead. She has had internal bleeding in her abdomen.

"Is she going to die."

"That's going to be up to her now."

"How long will she be out?"

"Like I just told you, it's all up to her. I'm hoping we got to it in time. She is full of infection. We have an antibiotic drip. I redid the casting on her legs, both of them are broken. Why didn't you guys call me in sooner?"

"It wasn't my call, but if I had known I would have."

"You need to keep a close eye on her."

"I won't leave her side doctor, thank you."

Dante's POV,

We're on our way to the warehouse Damon has in downtown Chicago. They have Sierra in lock up. This morning I got up to find Jacob and Allissa in the kitchen with Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Franco. I rolled my eyes when I went for some coffee. Of course Allissa found her chance to get me alone. "How are you doing?" She asked.

"Like you care." I said.

"I know you think the worse of me Dante, but I do care." She said. Whatever, I said to myself while sipping my drink. "I just want to let you know that I'm here for you." She said. I stood up and turned to her. I came really close to her face.

"Not even if you were the last piece of ass on this earth." I spit at her and walked off. I didn't even look back. Enzo called me to tell me to get my ass to the warehouse. As far as the rest of the family knew, Beth was safe in Paris. Damon made us tell everyone that in case it was someone in the family betraying us. We all thought that was ridiculous, but we did as Damon told us to.

I got down to the basement area and Reese was standing outside of the door. "She won't talk to any of us, she only wants to talk to you." He said to me as I approached him.

"Have they hurt her?" I asked.

"Well it's not pretty." He said. I took a deep breath and walked in. The room was dark with only one small light above her head. Damon and Enzo were on her sides and there were three other men in the room, including Dawson and Alfonso. I closed the door behind me and Sierra looked up at me. She had a busted lip and was crying. I stood there just eyeing her.

"Dante, please tell them to let me go." She pleaded to me. I kept my face straight.

"Where is she Sierra?" I asked her.

"I don't know what your talking about." She cried out.

"Adriana, I know you know something Sierra, so start talking." I spit out.

"I swear I don't know anything." She said.

I walked over to her and bent down to her level. "I'm warning you only this one time, start talking or I'll kill you." Her eyes got wide.

"You kill me Dante?" She asked. I just nodded my head at her. "But I swear, I know nothing about Adriana. I'm not the one who broke into your home and I didn't send that picture. I'm telling you it wasn't me." She cried. I looked up at Enzo.

"I think she is telling the truth." I said to him. Damon moved forward and covered her head.

"I'm not completely convinced." Damon said as we all moved ourselves out of the room. "Maybe some time alone down here with no food and water will make her talk." Damon said and walked off.

"You know how this works Dante." Enzo said as he followed Damon. I nodded at him and followed everyone out.

I was sitting next to Reese in the limo when his phone went off. Everyone always got tense, in case it was Beth trying to call us again.

"Hello princess." He said.

"We're on our way."

He hung up the phone and hollered to the driver. "We need to get to the hospital now. Jordan has gone into labor." We were at the hospital for almost five hours. Jordan gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Ivy Michelle, after her mother. At least this was bringing some joy to the family.

Adriana's POV,

My eyes cracked open and I was extremely thirsty. I was set up in a different room and was in a hospital bed. I looked around the room and saw Leo sitting on a chair across from me asleep. I tried to speak, but my voice cracked. It must have been loud enough, because his eyes opened. The moment he saw me, he jumped to my side. I tried to say water, but it wasn't coming out. He pulled his phone out and called the doctor. "Don't try to talk. Okay babe?" He said. I nodded at him. With in a few minutes the doctor and an older man came walking into the room. Leo and the older man went over to the side of the room and talked while the doctor looked me over. I had to admit the older man scared me a little. The doctor told me I looked good and left the room. Leo came back to my side and the man left the room as well.

Leo asked me if I wanted some water and I was very grateful when he brought the cup to my lips. I kept on drinking like I hadn't had any in months. He smiled at me when I moved my head away. "Your going to be okay Beth." He said softly to me. I was able to speak now that my throat wasn't so dry.

"Please Leo, I want to go home." I said with tears in my eyes. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Soon babe, soon." Was all he said. I knew I wasn't in a hospital, but I didn't know if I was in the same place. The room I was in was much larger than the last one and it was clean and fancy, with the exception of me being in a hospital bed with monitors all around me. The doctor had come in to see me at least three times today. He told me what was going on and that they had to open my stomach to stop the bleeding. I'd be down for at least a week or more.

I wish I knew what was going on with my family and Allissa and Dante. I hand't seen Allissa at all. Leo was the only one around me and that man came in a couple of times and talked with Leo. He never told me what about or who he was. All I did was lay there and sleep most of the time. I opened my eyes again to see that it was dark out and the only light in the room was a table light lit next to Leo. I looked over at him and even though he was a part of this, I felt bad for him. Knowing he was in love with a crazy woman who didn't love him back. It hurt my feelings. He was very kind to me. It was hard to be upset with him. I felt hungry and I was told I could eat when I was ready. "Leo." I said. He looked up at me and came to my side."I'm sorry to be a pain, but I'm hungry." I said. He smiled at me.

"Your not a pain. I'll be right back." He said and left the room. I took a deep breath and tried to sit myself up some. Yeah, that wasn't working. I saw the bed remote, but I couldn't reach it.

Leo returned with a bowl in his hand. "I'm sorry babe, but the doctor said you can only have broth for now." He grabbed the remote and started lifting me up. I took the bowl from his hands and started to drink it. It was delicious and I finished every drop. Leo took the bowl from me and handed me a glass of water.

"Leo, who is that man that comes in here with you?" I asked.

"That's the boss, his name is Dimitri. He got involved when you had to have surgery. We haven't seen Allissa since that night, and he is now on the hunt for her." He said.

"What do you mean by boss?" I asked.

"Your full of questions tonight, aren't you." He said smiling at me. "He runs the gang. I told him what you told me about Allissa and well let's just say, he is pretty upset." Leo said.

"I'm sorry." I said. Leo looked at me confused.

"Why are you sorry?" He asked.

"I know you love her and this must hurt you." I said. He just shook his head at me.

"Your amazing, you know that?" He asked me.

"Why is that?" I said smiling.

"Here you are broken and kept away from you freedom and your worried about how I'm feeling." He said. I just smiled at him.

"I believe your only doing your job and now that I know your part of a gang. I know it's true, but why am I still here is your boss know the truth now?" I asked him. Leo went and sat down.

"He has to make sure everything is as it was. I asked him the same thing." Leo said. So, he is trying to get me out of here.

Dante's POV,

"It's time I get a hold of the leader of the Serpents." Damon said.

"The Serpents?" I asked. He turned and looked at me.

"Yeah, he is an old friend of mine that runs a small gang here in Chicago. They're nothing huge and no threat to us, but he will have the inside information and knows Chicago better than us." Damon left the room to make some calls. I had been drinking a lot more than normal lately and Dawson and Enzo started to take notice. Dawson walked over to me and took my drink from my hands.

"What the fuck man?" I said trying to stand up.

"It's time you take it easy on the booze." Dawson said.

"What are you my father now?" I said.

"He is right Dante, relax." Enzo snapped at me. I sat back in my chair. "I think maybe you should go lay down." Enzo said. I didn't feel like having an argument. I got up and went to Beth's room. I laid back on her bed and passed out.

Adriana's POV,

The next morning Leo and I were talking while I was eating some soft scrambled eggs. Dimitri came flying in the room. He rushed over to me and it frightened me. Leo came over to my side. "What's the matter boss?" Dimitri looked like he had seen a ghost. He looked to Leo and then back at me.

"Who are you?" He asked me. I didn't know what to say.

"Adriana." Was all I could get out.

"No, I mean who is your family? Are you related to Damon Franco?" He asked me. I looked back up at him.

"He is my father's cousin." I said.

"FUCK!" Dimitri yelled. I started to shake. Leo looked at me and then at Dimitri.

"Boss, what's going on? Who is Damon Franco?" Dimitri looked back at me. He took a deep breath.

"She is related to the don of the Italian mafia. We are all fucked." He said.

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