Twice Forbidden 2

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Chapter 24

Adriana's POV,

The three of us talked for a moment. "Look, just let me call my father. I'll let him know everything that's happened and we can let them all know that this was all Allissa's doing." Leo closed his eyes.

"But I'm the one that ran you off the road. Your the way you are because of me Beth." His face looked pained. I took a deep breath.

"Then I'm just going to leave that part out." I said. He looked up at me.

"You would do that for me?" I smiled at him.

"Yes." He smiled back at me.

"This is still going to be bad." Dimitri said.

"Well you guys could always drop me off at the hospital and then you could get back in touch with my family and tell them you found me." I said. Leo stood up.

"That sounds like a good idea." Leo said.

"If they ever found out we were a part of this, we will be slaughtered. Damon Franco is not one to mess with. I think her first plan is the way to go." I took a deep breath realizing this was all coming to an end.

Dante's POV,

I woke up a couple of hours later, feeling like shit. I got up and took a shower. I missed her so much it was killing me. I got out of the shower and took a couple of aspirin. I got dressed and made my way back downstairs. Jordan was back home with her husband and new baby. Help was hired to come and cook and clean. Ivy and Brook needed the help to feed and clean up after all these men. I could smell dinner being cooked and I was hungry. I found the main men in the sitting room talking. I walked in and had a seat. "Are you feeling better Dante?" Damon asked me. I nodded at him and Ivy walked in with some coffee for everyone. She wasn't looking to good and I felt for her. We all missed Beth and it was just starting to take it's toll on everyone.

Just then Reese's phone went off. We all got on the edge of our seats hoping it was Beth. It was an unknown number again. Reese answered the call and put it on speaker.

"This is Reese Jackson?"

"Daddy it's me."

"Adriana baby, are you okay?"

"I'm okay daddy, we need to talk. I know who took me. It was Allissa."

My heart started to race when she said that. Reese looked confused. "Allissa is the girl Jacob is seeing. The one Beth and I had a problem with." I said to Reese.

"Dante is that you?" I heard my sugar say.

"Yes love it's me."

"Has Allissa found you?"

"No sugar we haven't seen her. Baby where are you?" I asked.

"Where is uncle Damon?" She asked.

"I'm right here sweetheart." Damon said.

"Uncle, I'm here with Dimitri." Damon's face turned to anger.

"Why are you with him?" Damon said.

"It's not his fault, Allissa works for him and she lied to them all." She said.

"Daddy, both of my legs are broken and I had some internal bleeding. I can't walk." All of us felt the pain from hearing her words. My breath caught in my throat.

"Put Dimitri on the phone now." Damon hollered.

Ivy and Brook were standing by the door listening and Ivy was a crying mess. Reese ran to her side and held her. Dawson came over to my side and placed his hand on my shoulder. I wasn't really the crying type, but listening to her tell us what happened to her was to much for me and I felt the tears fall down my face. Damon got her location and we all geared up to go get her. Reese called his personal doctors to come to the house and be ready for them when we returned. Ivy argued with Reese about wanting to go with us to get her, but we all thought it was best for her to stay here. The doctors were bringing in a hospital bed for Beth and promised to have everything ready by the time we got back home with her.

I couldn't get the smile off my face. I was going to hold her forever and never let her go. We all piled up in the cars and headed out to get Beth home. The drive was long because Dimitri's home was on the other side of the city. It took us almost two hours to reach it. The place was heavily gated and full of security, a lot for a small gang as Damon put it. All four of our cars pulled in and there were men waiting outside for us. We were greeted by an older man. We all got out of the cars and I realized that this man must be Dimitri. "Where's my daughter?" Reese said.

"Please follow me sir." Dimitri said. We all followed him inside and he took us upstairs. "I want you all to understand we have taken good care of her. My best man has been by her side the entire time." Dimitri said. I felt some anger rise. Some man has been caring for my girl.

He opened the door and I saw her. She was laying in a hospital bed, both her legs were in cast and she had bandages wrapped around her stomach. Her face was a little beaten up and she looked sick. I rushed into the room, even before Reese could get to her. She looked over at me and that beautiful smile spread across her face. "Dante." She said. I tried to be careful when I wrapped my arms around her. I held on and wasn't letting go.

"Dante, can I see my daughter now?" Reese asked. I wasn't letting go. I felt Beth's finger's running through my hair. I took a deep breath and stood back up. Everyone took their time hugging her. I watched this guy step back away from her. That must have been the man that's been taking care of her.

"Daddy, I want to go home now please." Her sweet voice asked. The man in the room with her stood up.

"I've got a wheel chair for her. She can't bend her legs so she will have to have a seat to herself." He said and left the room. He came back in a few moments later with a wheel chair. I went to help her into the chair, but the guy got to her first. He picked her up bridal style and placed her in the chair. She cried out in pain. I went to her side and pushed the guy out of the way.

"Dante, please don't be rude to Leo." Beth said. "I'm okay, it's just my stomach. I haven't sat up this much." Just then the doctor who had been treating her came in. He removed Beth's IV and went to talk with Reese and Damon. Leo went and got her a blanket. He covered her up and kissed her forehead and left the room. She smiled at him.

I felt the anger for it, but I didn't let it show. I stayed by her side until it was time to go. Damon and Enzo talked with Dimitri, while Reese and myself stayed with Beth. She held onto my hand and when everyone returned we started to head out. "She is missing." Beth said to me.

"What sugar?" I asked her.

"Allissa is missing, she is crazy Dante. She took me to keep me away from you so she could move in on you." She said. I just shook my head and took a deep breath.

"I would never be with her." I said to Beth and kissed her lips. I missed her so much it was killing me.

Adriana's POV,

Dante got me in the car carefully. I had to take up a whole seat because I couldn't bend my legs. Dante sat behind me and held me while we drove home. I was so happy when we pulled into the driveway. My mother and sister were standing outside waiting for us. Dante slipped out from behind me and grabbed the wheel chair. My mother tried to hide the pain on her face when she saw me. Dante sat me down in the chair and I did my best to hide the pain in my stomach. Once they all got me inside, my mother wrapped her arms around me. My sister left the room and when she returned I saw what was in her arms. She came over to me and bent down to my side. Her new baby girl was beautiful, just like my sister. I tried to hide my tears, it just killed me that I wasn't there for her birth.

I looked up at Dante. "I need to lay down, I don't feel so good." I whispered to him. All the guys helped to get me upstairs to my bedroom. There were two doctors waiting for me and a hospital bed was put in my room. After they got me into the bed, the doctors checked me out and went over my paper work from the other doctor. I was given some pain meds that make me even more sleepy. Dante stayed by my side. My father was also here holding my hand. "Daddy, where's Jacob?" I asked. "Is he still mad at me?" I asked. My father's face looked confused.

"You know something, I've not seen or heard from him since I told him we found you." He looked to Dante and Dante looked back at him.

"Was he still messing around with Allissa?" I asked. My father ran out of the room. "Dante, what's going on?" He looked at me.

"The last time he was here, she was with him." Oh god. I said to myself.

"Dante, please go find out what's going on." I said to him. He came to my side and kissed my forehead and left the room. If Allissa knows my family found me, god only knows what she is doing right now.

Jacob's POV,

"Allissa, why are you doing this?" I hollered out. "I love you baby, why are you hurting me?" I said. She moved slowly around the room with the camera, not saying a word. I was tied to the chair and beaten badly. I could taste the blood on my lips. I didn't recognize the other person in the room. The world was spinning and I was having a hard time concentrating. My head was pounding. I remember sitting on her bed when my father called, letting me know they found my sister. After I hung up with him I told Allissa that Beth was found and we had to go. When I turned to face her, she reared back and slammed a bat at me. I then woke up here, tied to this chair. "Baby please, what's going on?" I heard laughter, but I didn't know who it was coming from.

"You think I love you?" I heard Allissa ask. I tried to look up, but my head was pounding so hard. I started to lose consciousness.

"What do you plan on doing with him?" I heard a voice say.

"I'm either going to get what I want, or I'm going to take away her whole world. I'll kill everyone she loves. Starting with Jacob." Was the last thing I heard before the darkness consumed me.

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